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След една седмица, на 28.09.2019, #Cardano навършва 2 години и празнува пускането на нашия Блокчейн. Тази година в Пловдив, България, ще се проведе специална среща. Ще вземат участие и изнесат лекции - Чарлз Хоскинсон (от #IOHK), и представители на #CardanoFoundation и #EMURGO! Елате и се присъединете към нас!
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New Release! 🏆 Today #EMURGO and #Ergo platform mark a historic moment for UTXO based dApps and #DeFi applications. Developers may now build and run Oracle Pools on the Ergo blockchain with the joint release of our smart contracts & off-chain "Oracle Core" 👀

Releasing the "Oracle Core" to the public provides all the code/tooling/smart contracts for developers to build and run one. Oracles are an integral part of allowing data outside the blockchain (off-chain) to interact and be used on the blockchain inside of smart contracts.

Ergo has already developed 2 public Oracle Pools, #Cardano ADA/USD and #Ergo Erg/USD. 🔥 Check out the pools on Ergo's explorer here:

Now that we have released our "Oracle Core,” we cannot wait to see how Oracle Pools continue to develop on Cardano during #Gogeun's smart contracts era - the bridge for Cardano (ADA) supported #DeFi products and services.

Read the full announcement here:
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📣 As a global blockchain solutions provider and founding entity of #Cardano blockchain, #EMURGO is excited to announce that we are a new member of #Hyperledger!

Hyperledger is a world class open community enabling members with a wealth of experiences to strategically exchange valuable resources and collaborate on furthering the maturation of the overall blockchain ecosystem with real solutions to meet the needs of clients.

Forwarded from EMURGO Announcements (Keisha (EMURGO))
🌟 With Yoroi Wallet surpassing more than 500K downloads and counting (!), we are putting a spotlight on the community contributors that have helped us achieve success.

Meet Gabor. Learn how his efforts have helped #EMURGO build the #Cardano ecosystem 👏

📣 A new #NFT marketplace, built by #EMURGO for #Cardano will be launching soon. Artists & creators interested in exploring #NFTs, pre-register for the upcoming launch of Fiborite!


Big News!

Wave Financial Launches ADA Yield Fund to Support Cardano DeFi Ecosystem Growth

The $ADA Yield Fund aims to provide liquidity and other resources to Cardano's rapidly expanding DeFi platform startups.

#Cardano #EMURGO $ADA

Read all about it, here:
Find out everything that happened on March on the #EMURGO Newsletter.

Wave Financial ADA Yield Fund + Genesis Artist #NFT Minting on Fibo + More.

Read all about it here:
#EMURGO just announced a partnership with leading digital identity verification provider Blockpass to provide On-Chain KYC to #Cardano blockchain ecosystem.

For more information, visit this link: