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Are you ready for the #Emurgo showcase and meetup in Tokyo tonight?
Join Emurgo with #YOOSourcing and three other companies building on the Cardano blockchain, on a panel discussion. Charles Hoskinson will also be speaking on future blockchain applications.
And it's a go! The #Cardano #Emurgo Showcase meetup in Tokyo with Charles Hoskinson is LIVE! Please enjoy the show and don't forget to like & subscribe!
След една седмица, на 28.09.2019, #Cardano навършва 2 години и празнува пускането на нашия Блокчейн. Тази година в Пловдив, България, ще се проведе специална среща. Ще вземат участие и изнесат лекции - Чарлз Хоскинсон (от #IOHK), и представители на #CardanoFoundation и #EMURGO! Елате и се присъединете към нас!
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New Release! 🏆 Today #EMURGO and #Ergo platform mark a historic moment for UTXO based dApps and #DeFi applications. Developers may now build and run Oracle Pools on the Ergo blockchain with the joint release of our smart contracts & off-chain "Oracle Core" 👀

Releasing the "Oracle Core" to the public provides all the code/tooling/smart contracts for developers to build and run one. Oracles are an integral part of allowing data outside the blockchain (off-chain) to interact and be used on the blockchain inside of smart contracts.

Ergo has already developed 2 public Oracle Pools, #Cardano ADA/USD and #Ergo Erg/USD. 🔥 Check out the pools on Ergo's explorer here:

Now that we have released our "Oracle Core,” we cannot wait to see how Oracle Pools continue to develop on Cardano during #Gogeun's smart contracts era - the bridge for Cardano (ADA) supported #DeFi products and services.

Read the full announcement here:
Forwarded from EMURGO Announcements (Keisha (Emurgo))
📣 As a global blockchain solutions provider and founding entity of #Cardano blockchain, #EMURGO is excited to announce that we are a new member of #Hyperledger!

Hyperledger is a world class open community enabling members with a wealth of experiences to strategically exchange valuable resources and collaborate on furthering the maturation of the overall blockchain ecosystem with real solutions to meet the needs of clients.