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The #CardanoFoundation is still looking for additions to our team. A new opening that was posted is for a #CommunityManager in #China. Feel free to apply or forward it to someone who is fit for the job. Please see our #careers page here!
След една седмица, на 28.09.2019, #Cardano навършва 2 години и празнува пускането на нашия Блокчейн. Тази година в Пловдив, България, ще се проведе специална среща. Ще вземат участие и изнесат лекции - Чарлз Хоскинсон (от #IOHK), и представители на #CardanoFoundation и #EMURGO! Елате и се присъединете към нас!
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Happy Holidays! The #CardanoFoundation & #CardanoCommunity Team wishes you a very happy holiday season, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.
- The Cardano Foundation & Community Team -
🤩 It's been a very active past two months, to say the least!! And we are incredibly happy to see the progress being made. 🎉

New partnerships formed, the #CardanoFoundation team spotlighting events from the #CryptoValleyConference in Switzerland to #Conensus2022 in Austin to #WITGS in Paris, and many more...

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