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Join a Discord Stage with on Thursday 9th Dec 4pm UTC

🗞 While our native smart contract language Plutus is in the news at the moment, through 2021, we’ve been collaborating with MuKn on bringing their DSL (domain-specific language) to Cardano as part of our mission to extend developer choice.

💡AVOUM is a technology that enables contracts to be written and used as per the account model made famous by Ethereum, on top of a blockchain built on the UTXO model like Cardano.

🗓 Tomorrow (December 9th) at 4pm UTC, François-René will share insight into AVOUM and the technicalities of the project on our Discord Stage.

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💡#CardanoCommunity would you like to take part in an ideation workshop to name a new IOHK product tomorrow at approx 3pm UK time?

🖊 NDAs required
Spaces very limited

If you're interested register here
Learn #blockchain from the biggest leaders in the industry!

@F_Gregaard will be delivering a captivating lecture on the evolution of blockchains.

Join @GBIglobal Academy so you can take your blockchain journey to the next level!

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NEW! Yoroi User Guide: How to Use Yoroi's Receive Menu.

Read about how Cardano $ADA holders using Yoroi Wallet can protect their privacy by using different addresses based on a single wallet.
NEW BLOG: Yoroi Wallet - A Year in Review.

The Alonzo Hardfork, Yoroi dApp Connector - and an NFT boom. Here's a look back on 2021 and what's ahead for 2022
🎉 New Partnership Announcement: The Cardano Foundation has partnered with
ecoage to empower the architects of the future!

ecoage will use #NFTs on the Cardano #blockchain to award the winners of the Renaissance Awards.

Full article:
🎊It has been an incredible year of growth, achievements and major milestones reached for both the Cardano Foundation and the #Cardano protocol!

We are happy to share some of the biggest highlights from 2021 with you!

Check it out👇
📣 A new #NFT marketplace, built by #EMURGO for #Cardano will be launching soon. Artists & creators interested in exploring #NFTs, pre-register for the upcoming launch of Fiborite!


🥁 #Cardano governance

LAST CALL: Less than 3 hours left till Fund7️⃣ voting power snapshot that takes place at 11:00 UTC worldwide

👉 Register your new wallets before then to be eligible
👉 Voting power will be determined based on how much ada is in your wallet at the time of snapshot - must have at least 500 ada
👉 Voting power will show 0 (zero) in Catalyst App until voting starts on Jan 13th, NOT prior
👉 You can move/spend your ada ~30 minutes after the snapshot to be safe it counted

🆘 Need assistance? 👉 click here
📣 EMURGO and the Cardano Foundation have launched a project to build a tool stack for developers in order to accelerate dApp development on #Cardano.

Read the full announcement:
As we enter the Basho phase of #Cardano development, we’ll be focused on optimization & scalability.

Here are some of the adjustments & innovations (11, in fact…) that will all play their part in steadily increasing capacity through 2022.
Fund7️⃣ Voting - Here We Come! 🗳

🛫 Jan 20, 2022 @11:00 UTC - VOTING START
🛬 Feb 3, 2022 @11:00 UTC - VOTING END

⚠️ Note: Please, reinstall your voting app now + re-scan your QR codes to make sure you have your app fully ready & synced!

Casting votes can be an intimidating task 😱 knowing there are so many proposals out there that are competing for your attention & votes.

PRO TIP: One of the easiest ways how to start browsing is via this community made voter tool that enables just that. It allows you to track, review, and easily make sense of what's available on the voting ballot. Give it a try! 💯

Have doubts? Questions? Got you. There's an updated All-You-Need-To-Know Reddit post that has it all (well maybe). Follow this link here: 🤝

Vote responsibly ⭐️

✍️ Read all about the latest Catalyst developments via Catalyst Weekly - Governace Week Ahead

Have a great weekend ahead. ⭐️