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[Charles Hoskinson Brief Update on Bittrex Exchange - 07/09/2020]

On September 7th Charles Hoskinson sat down to give a brief update on Bittrex.

"We (IOG) wanted to give our supporters an update on the relationship with Bittrex. Our team has been working on an end to end analysis of the wallet backend of Adrestia. This has given us insight into some cascading issues with Bittrex. We have now enhanced our testing and we are walking through every aspect of the wallet backend. This has led to some massive improvements and these updates should be pushed into the wallet this week. We are also working closely with Bittrex to help fix their difficulties.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that we will eventually solve Bittrex’s concern, but the improvements will also work their way into all other Cardano wallets. This will improve performance across the board which was a fortunate accident in this process. We believe that there will now be a strong chance of resolution soon. We will then continue with benchmarking and performance improvements."

Read and watch the full forum recap here:
Charles Hoskinson’s Whiteboard Presentation on the Atala & Cardano Symbiosis 07/09/2020

On September 7th 2020 Charles Hoskinson also sat down to discuss the symbiosis and difference between Atala and Cardano in a whiteboard video.

"The Symbiosis between Atala and Cardano"

"We would like to discuss the difference between Atala and Cardano. This includes the difference between enterprise\non-enterprise, permissioned\permissionless systems. We would like to clarify the complementary strategy of these two things. Years ago we were building Cardano and many enterprise clients wanted to work with us. They could not go onto permissionless infrastructure because of their lack of control over the platform. However, they wanted to work with partners on a blockchain-like structure. Normally, people will use Fabric for this because of the control over consensus and its chaincode or smart contract logic contained within it..."

Read and watch the entire forum post with video here:
Yoroi Wallet Extension 3.5.0 released! New features:

- Withdraw your rewards on the dashboard (supports hardware wallets!). It also allows undelegating of your ADA

- You can now claim rewards from a private key directly. Useful for pool operators!

Yoroi Wallet - a simple, secure and fast #Cardano $ADA wallet:
The Cardano Foundation is leading global industry bodies to design legislative drafts and discuss their implementation with regulators to ensure regulatory clarity for stakeholders in the #Cardano ecosystem and the broader #blockchain community.

Earlier this year, the Cardano Foundation and our Proof of Stake Alliance (POSA) allies sent the US SEC a whitepaper outlining how stake networks provide infrastructure services rather than financial products.

We are happy to report that our efforts are driving positive results and now, a bipartisan group of US Congressmen have written to the IRS to explain why proof-of-stake block rewards should not be taxed as income.

Read the full article here:
📣 As a global blockchain solutions provider and founding entity of #Cardano blockchain, #EMURGO is excited to announce that we are a new member of #Hyperledger!

Hyperledger is a world class open community enabling members with a wealth of experiences to strategically exchange valuable resources and collaborate on furthering the maturation of the overall blockchain ecosystem with real solutions to meet the needs of clients.

Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 08/09/2020

On September 8th Charles Hoskinson sat down for a surprise AMA to address some of the progress emerging from Cardano.

"Moving forward"

Things are moving in the right direction for Cardano. Many updates are on their way at the end of the month for Goguen. Currently we are trying to parallelize workstreams with Daedalus and more will be revealed shortly. On The Voltaire side we are working to have ballots come out before the end of the month. We believe that October will be the voting season for the dcFund. We are currently broadening the scope of things that we are looking at including GitCoin."

Read and watch the full AMA here:
In the last two weeks, our community has taken valued actions towards ensuring that the Cardano project continues on the path to becoming a global social and financial operating system.
We appreciate all feedback and we are committed to leveraging your feedback for the betterment of Cardano, its reputation, and widespread adoption.
Please read our latest communiqué on recent conversations with the community and our response.
SCAM ALERT! There is currently a link being distributed which is not from Cardano Foundation and is false: ⛔️“cardano-event(.)info”⛔️

Neither Cardano Foundation nor IOHK are giving out free ada.

Please help us spread the news & help prevent fraud.
⚠️Basic scam/fraud awareness⚠️

🔴 If you get approached by someone over DM and look official, they are NOT. They are impersonating someone and you may be getting scammed.

🔴 There are no deadlines with sending/redeeming/claiming your ada. Your ada is always safe as long as you know the seed words to your wallet.

🔴 Never put your seed words into a website, no matter how official it looks.

🔴 Giveaways are often a SCAM!

🔴 We will never ask you to send ada to us or to a wallet you do not own. Don't do it.

🔴 Never tell anyone your seed words.

🔴 There is no online Live Chat Support website.

🟢 Always STOP and double check before making any decisions and/or ask an official on the public platform.

‼️Transactions are NOT reversible‼️

More info:
On Wednesday Sept. 16th, IOG (Input Output Global) will launch the first-ever community Catalyst Fund for #Cardano. Get involved in an exciting new experiment in innovation, and let's build a platform to shape the future of Cardano together.

Register for the Crowdcast today
9月26日(土)に、CardanoアンバサダーであるHideki Takeshiは都内でステーキングに関する勉強会を開催する予定です。アンバサダーのYuta (Twitter上の@yuta_cryptox)も参加する予定なので、是非どうぞご参加くださいませ!

このミートアップに興味のある方は以下のURLから登録できます。 #Cardano #Meetup #Japan
Flipside Crypto’s Data Cooperative and real-time Chainwalking brings superior on-chain visibility to Cardano

ZUG, 15 SEPTEMBER 2020. The Cardano Foundation is pleased to announce its collaboration with blockchain analytics firm Flipside Crypto, to enable next-level on-chain data visibility for the Cardano protocol.

Through Flipside Crypto’s proprietary Chainwalking process, every block on Cardano is decoded in real-time into a universal data set. Flipside’s data science team then uses statistical and behavioral modeling to track and label Cardano’s on-chain activity. The collated blockchain data is then used to power insightful data visualizations made public on the Flipside Data Cooperative.

Read our press release here:
Check it out!

From building knowledge & participation to liquid democracy & nurturing an expert class. Learn more about the fundamentals of #Cardano governance, and how the system will evolve and grow in this latest educational whiteboard video from Charles Hoskinson:
Exciting updates! 🤩

ICYMI: Earlier today, Charles Hoskinson & Dor Garbash announced the launch of the first-ever public "Catalyst Fund" for #Cardano - this is an important first step into the world of decentralized governance & community innovation on Cardano!

We welcome everyone to check it out!

Here's the replay:

Participate here in the "Catalyst Fund" for Cardano: