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今月と来月はコミュニティベテラン、そしてカルダノアンバサダーの宮武様がCardano Meetupを日本の数カ所に開催してくださいます。今回のテーマは、Cardanoの最新(開発)情報、Shelley・ステーキングやウォレットの使い方についてです。ぜひ次のリンクからご確認をください!
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한국 비공식 커뮤니티 중에는 Cardano에 관심있는 한국 개발자 분들을 위한 텔레그램 커뮤니티가 있습니다. 커뮤니티 개발자분들과 소통하고싶으시면 Cardano ADA Korea Developers Community 방에 참여해보세요!
Did you know a free #Udemy course has been published for #Marlowe recently?
You will learn how to code #smartcontracts with Marlowe programming language, and #Meadow, a browser based emulator where you can easily build and edit your contracts.
Did you know a free Plutus programming language course has been published on Udemy recently?
Alejandro Garcia, software developer at InputOutputHK guides you through the basics, to help you write secure and reliable #smartcontracts
Are you new to Cardano? Here is a quick overview and a good place to start your journey & to get answers to your questions!
The third Stammtisch or ‘regulars table’ meetup in Stuttgart, Germany was held yesterday! Organizer, Ruben brings together community members in an informal setting on a regular basis to discuss the Cardano project together. It’s a great way to start a community in your local area! #CardanoCommunity
IOHK recently signed an MoU with the Mongolian Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Association, and the Mongolian Fintech Association. Read Charles Hoskinson’s new blog post which shares insight into all the potential for blockchain adoption in this country:
Yoroi wallet, one of the #Cardano ecosystem's official wallets, has been updated. They now added paper wallet functionality, with a slick design!
Please check out Sebastien's Video Tutorial to see how!
At the recent IOHK Summit, one of the major announcements was Atala, an enterprise blockchain framework that provides a set of building blocks enabling governments and corporations to rapidly build products for millions of end users. Read more here:
To our French community, there's tons of French content on the Cardano Forum, like the Cardano Newsletter! 🇫🇷

La toute dernière newsletter de la communauté Cardano est sortir et vous pouvez aussi la lire en Français sur le forum Cardano ! Merci à notre membre et Ambassadeur Cardano, Malick, pour la traduction! #CardanoCommunity