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Cardano 개발자 포털 론칭! 🕺 💃

Cardano 개발자 포털이 새로운 내용과 자원으로 여러분 곁에 찾아왔습니다. . 포털에서 여러분의 프로젝트를 시작해 보세요!

개발자 포털의 론칭을 축하하기 위해, 재단은 Cardano 블록체인에 민팅 된 첫 NFTA를 소개합니다 😀 총 10가지의 NFTA는 차차 공식 채널을 통해 소개 될 예정입니다!

지금 바로 참여하세요! 여러분의 프로젝트를 꾸밀 수 있는, 바로 여러분의 포털입니다!

주요 웹페이지:

- Cardano 개발자 포털:

- 포털 시작하기: :

- Cardano 통합(Integrate):

- TX 메타데이터로 빌드하기:

- 네이티브 토큰이란:

- 프로젝트 펀딩:

- 스테이크풀 운영하기:
It's finally here! And we are accepting all builds 🙌

Find out more about the topics covered in the #Cardano Developer Portal and how we minted the world's first (10) minted NFTAs on the #Cardano #blockchain 😍
We minted the world's first NFTA's on the #Cardano #blockchain 🌍🚀

What an awesome contribution from Mercy 👏
And great fun for us to create this too!

This is just ONE of the MANY things you can build on #Cardano by using the tools and resources in the Developer Portal.

Check out the portal and start building:
#Cardano #blockchain 최초의 NFTA가 발행되었습니다 🌍🚀

Mercy의 도움으로 만들어진 NFTA 비주얼을 확인해보세요 👏
NFTA는 Cardano 개발자 포털에서 구현할 수 있는 많은 것들 중 하나일 뿐입니다!
지금 포털의 멋진 기능들을 확인해보세요!
Not Cardano’s Portal…

It’s Perkins’ Portal!

This NFTA (Non-Fungible Token of Appreciation) was minted on the #Cardano #blockchain to give thanks to Perkins for his great contribution to the Developer Portal.

Explore the portal, make improvements, start building..


Make the portal yours too!
Want to operate a stake pool?

Learn what it takes to become a stake pool operator from a technical and marketing perspective.
이것은 Cardano의 개발자 포털이 아닙니다...

바로 Alex가 만드는 개발자 포털입니다!

지금 보시는 이 NFTA(Non-Fungible Token of Appreciation)는 개발자 포털에 대한 Perkins의 기여에 대한 감사의 표시로 #Cardano #blockchain에서 발행되었습니다.

지금 바로 Cardano 개발저 포털을 경험해 보세요!
Get started on the Cardano Developer Portal!

Learn the Cardano Basics - An overview of Cardano, the components, discover builder tools, learn technical concepts and connect to the developer community.

Cardano 개발자 포털을 지금 시작해보세요!

Cardano의 기초지식을 포털에서 배울 수 있습니다. - 개발자 커뮤니티와 함께, Cardano 개괄, 요소, 빌드 툴, 기술 컨셉을 배워보세요.
Jesse’s Portal!

Thank you Jesse for your contribution to the Developer Portal and for sending us a big smile and thumbs up! 👍

Ready to jump on the portal and start building?


#Cardano #blockchain #CardanoCommunity
Want to mint an #NFT like Mike's?

Discover Native Tokens, mint an NFT and more by using the #Cardano Developer Portal!

Check it out:

Thanks for the thumbs up, Mike 🙌
#CardanoCommunity #blockchain
We may have built the portal but it was the amazing feedback from the #Cardano Developer community, such as Giovanni who gave us two thumbs up and helped us with the final pieces.

And now it’s handed over to you #developers to improve it and make it yours!


#CardanoCommunity #blockchain
Looking to fund your project?

Understand #ProjectCatalyst and how you can use it to fund your projects if you build on #Cardano.

To the developer portal 👉

It’s Juliane’s Portal and can be yours too! 🥳

Learn the basics, discover native tokens, operate a stake pool, build with tx metadata, integrate #Cardano and fund your project.

Spread the word to awesome #developers like Juliane 🚀🙌


#CardanoCommunity #blockchain
Explore #Cardano wallets and learn how to integrate Cardano into applications and websites.

Integrate Cardano 👉

#CardanoCommunity #blockchain
Charlie approved the developer portal, will you??

The best resources, all in one place, to help you on your journey with building on #Cardano #blockchain.

Spread the word to #developers around the world!

You rock, Charlie! Thank you 🙌
#Developers - Are you looking to build with transaction metadata?

Go to the developer portal to learn what transaction metadata is, how to add it to a transaction, how to view the metadata and what potential use cases are.


#CardanoCommunity #Cardano
Can we get a thumbs up? 👍

If you haven't had a chance to explore the portal, check it out and let us know what you think.

Accepting builds, improvements and feedback.


Thank you, Lucas! 👊

#CardanoCommunity #Cardano #blockchain
Discover Native Tokens 👌

Check out the developer portal to learn about:
🔹what native tokens are
🔹how to mint them
🔹ways to create NFTs
🔹why you don't need smart contracts for all this


#CardanoCommunity #Cardano #blockchain