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The Cardano Foundation will be presenting the exclusive Cardano brand film at the Cardano Virtual Summit. It is a Summit-only exclusive about Project Renovare, the brand reappraisal exercise led by the Cardano Foundation. The video features individuals behind the brand reappraisal, the purpose, the rationale and the inspiration. Watch the Cardano brand film on demand at the end of each Summit day. Go to and do not miss this Summit-only exclusive.
Forwarded from Maki Mukai
We hope you all enjoyed day 1 of the Cardano Virtual Summit… and we’ve got plenty more to come today! Like yesterday, we’re gathering questions ahead of time for a few of our sessions. If you have any questions for the following presentations, head over to the respective Cardano reddit threads!

- Delegation and Stake Pools: Account Management:

- Delegation and Stake Pools: Incentives:

- Haskell and Functional Programming:

- ZK Proofs and Privacy:

- Privacy and Smart Contracts:

- Science in building blockchains:

- IOHK and Cardano:

- Cross chain communication and interoperability:

- Security of blockchains:
Here's the complete Cardano Virtual Summit Agenda (PDF):
There is still time to watch the EXCLUSIVE #Cardano brand film. Watch this Summit-only video on demand at the end of all sessions in the Main Auditorium. Go to and find out about Project Renovare, brand reappraisal led by @CardanoStiftung. #Cardano2020
Cardano 재단에서 준비한, Cardano 브랜드 영상을 Cardano 온라인 서밋에서 만나보실 수 있습니다. #Cardano2020
Join us in the second day of the Cardano Virtual Summit: Shelley Edition. The first presentation will start in about 10 minutes at the Main Auditorium. Enjoy!
Please head to the "Main Hall" to see Charles speaking in less than five minutes!
Missed the Summit-only EXCLUSIVE Cardano brand film? Watch it on demand in 30 minutes in the Main Auditorium or the Main Hall. Go to and find out about Project Renovare, brand reappraisal led by @CardanoStiftung, and much more! #Cardano2020




OUT NOW: New Daedalus Shelley Testnet Release! 🎉

IOHK has just released a brand new #Daedalus for the Shelley testnet. Now you can try out new #Shelley Shelley features in a sandboxed environment using test ada - including delegation, stake pools & seeing how real rewards will work on the mainnet later this summer.

Check Darko's Quick explanation video here:

IOHK will release have a full video walkthrough for you later this week, digging into the features in-depth. We'll also be adding new Daedalus testnet functionality incrementally during the Shelley roll out, over the weeks ahead.

Remember, no 'real' ada is involved on the testnet. But please always be vigilant against scammers. Never respond to 'giveaways' and never send your real ada to anyone claiming they are a stake pool. Delegation happens within your own wallet - your ada never goes anywhere.

The new Daedalus wallet (1.2.0-STN1) is now available from the Cardano testnets site; remember, for your own security, only download Daedalus from official IOHK or Cardano sites:
We hope you enjoy trying these features out! More information is available here.

Have fun - and please contact us via the support desk if you spot any bugs or have issues!
Cardano Virtual Summit 2020 Recaps: Charles Hoskinson’s Opening Keynote - 02/07/2020

Thanks all for your patience. The following is a distilled write up of the keynote speech delivered by Charles Hoskinson at the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020: Shelley Edition containing some of them juicy announcements and updates. 🤩🚀

"Beginning with questions

This is a humbling moment in the life of Cardano. Over 9 thousand people have registered for this event. Almost 10 thousand people have signed up for something we pitched to the general public a month ago. It’s been a long journey to get here. We have all experienced many long sleepless nights with too much work. But after five years in the making it is worth it...."

Please enjoy the full "Opening Keynote Recap and Video" here:
"Cardano Virtual Summit 2020 Recaps: Charles Hoskinson’s Closing Keynote - 03/07/2020”

The following is a distillation of the closing keynote speech from Charles Hoskinson at the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020: Shelley Edition

"Three goals"

"We’d like to thank everyone for coming to the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020: Shelley Edition. We put this conference on with 60 days notice and 45 days of execution. We expected a few thousand people if we were lucky. Originally, before the Coronavirus hit we wanted to go to Kyoto to celebrate with Japan’s Cardano community. Regardless we developed an event which brought almost 10 thousand people together.

This event was about three things at its core. First it was a celebration of the end of the era of stating what we will do. It is now the dawn of the time of ‘Cardano does.’ For a long time people said that Cardano will one day have a capability. In the next 150 days as we turn on capabilities it is no longer the case that we will do something, it is the case that Cardano does something..."

Watch the video and read the full recap here:
Cardano Community Newsletter - 8th July, 2020

Please note, we will be taking some time to refresh our newsletter. This will be the last one you’ll receive for a short while. You can still keep up to date with us on our socials, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. We’ll also be sending some critical announcements via email over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Our main topics for this edition are:

- Cardano Virtual Summit 2020: Shelley Edition Recaps

- Cardano Foundation releases new Cardano website

- McCann Dublin’s Guest blog: All about Cardano’s brand reappraisal – Project Renovare

- Cardano Foundation appoints Maryam Mahjoub to strengthen its marketing efforts

- IOHK blogs: “Iterating for growth with IOHK research” and “The Ouroboros path to decentralization”

- EMURGO blog: Partnership with Online Travel Agency to Drive the Adoption of Cardano’s ada

And more! 🚀

Read it all here:

Cardano コミュニティニュースレターが出ました!このニュースレターはCardano財団 、EMURGO 及びIOHKから、プロジェクト全体からの最新情報をお届けします。今回も気になる発表などが続々と!

しかし、このニュースレターは、Cardanoコミュニティチームによって2週間ごとに公開され、皆さんにプロジェクトについてのニュースやアップデート、イベントをお知らせします!ですが、ニュースレターはしばらくの間保留となりますのでご了承ください。 今回のニュースレターは、しばらくの間最後の出版となります。 Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebookなどのソーシャルメディアネットワークで最新情報を入手できます。 今後数週間にわたって、重要なお知らせをメールでお送りしますので、しばらくお待ちください。


- Cardano Virtual Summit 2020:Shelleyエディションのまとめ

- Cardano財団、新しいCardano Webサイトをリリース

- Cardano財団、マーケティングの取り組み強化のためにMaryam Mahjoubを任命

- IOHKブログ:「IOHKの研究で成長を反復する」と「Ouroboros分散化への道のり」

- EMURGOブログ:オンライン旅行代理店Travala.comと提携して、Cardanoのada採用を促進する


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