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It wasn't long ago that we were celebrating hitting our 1 million mark and now we hit a whopping 2 million ada wallets!
Did you watch the #CardanoSummit2021??

There was A LOT to take in! And that's why we are happy to be answering your questions regarding the summit sessions during our #FiresideChat!

Go to Reddit and submit your SUMMIT RELATED questions 👇
NEW BLOG: EMURGO Africa and Adanian Labs will Help 100 African Startups Adopt Cardano. 🌍💪

Read more about how EMURGO's partnership with Adanian Labs - an African tech incubator for startups building on Cardano -will help to drive socially impactful solutions built on #Cardano in #Africa:
Forwarded from EMURGO Announcements (Keisha (EMURGO))
📣 SundaeSwap announces breakthrough integration while testing #Yoroi Wallet's dApp Connector - a platform that will allow users to interact with #Cardano dApps.


🔹Learn more about Yoroi's dApp Connector here:

🔹To read about Sundae Swap's breakthrough, see here:
Ask Us Anything!

CEO, F.Gregaard will answer your top 10 questions during the next Fireside Chat!

Go to Reddit to submit your questions. Deadline Nov. 19
Forwarded from Cardano Catalyst Announcements (Daniel Ribar - beware of scam)
🥁 #catalyst

📝 Fund7️⃣ proposal submission stage and voter registration is now officially O-P-E-N. Submit your DRAFT proposals directly via under the appropriate challenge of your choice.

🏁 Deadline: November 25th, 11am UTC


🎥 Last night's town hall where we break down all the basics of submission proposal process (timestamped video)

📝 Skip over presentation slides

☘️ Check out this reddit post with more details

🚀 Share Fund7 Launch Guide with everyone

🤝 Now - go off then & submit your amazing ideas for community to fund you! $8M dollars in ada to be distributed this round. 💙
⭐️ Developer Spotlight: Nami Wallet

Great spotlight interview with Alessandro, the creator of Nami Wallet - a browser-based wallet extension that interacts with websites & dApps and allows for smart contract interaction, multi signatures, and more!👏

Check it out👉
(EMURGO Africa) There've been exciting developments from EMURGO Africa partner Adanian Labs in driving blockchain adoption in #Africa.

Check out EMURGO's Q&A with Adanian Labs CEO John Kamara on the EMURGO Africa partnership and what it means for #Cardano adoption in Africa.

NEW IOHK BLOG: Here, research fellow Philip Lazos explores a tiered #Cardano pricing model that extends & clarifies the multiplier concept introduced in the stablefees idea. The result? Predictable & low fees that manage demand while remaining fair.