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Hello Cardano Community.

We regularly receive reports about scams, scammers and other malicious practices. Please be aware of the following;

- We will never give away ada
- We will never contact (DM) you first (Officials/Ambassadors/Moderators)
- We will never ask you to send your funds or ask for your recovery seed
- We will never promise any big returns

In case you get added to another 'Cardano Official' Telegram channel, we advise you to report and leave the group. You can change your settings in Telegram to prevent your account being added to any malicious groups by doing the following steps:

1- In your Telegram go to Settings
2- Select Privacy and Security
3- Select Groups & Channels
4- Under "who can add me to a group chats" select "My contacts"

Read more on our latest forum post:

And please report any scams you see at or

Thank you - and stay safe.

Cardano Foundation Community Management Team
Here everyone!
Here are a couple recently made updates you may find interesting:

We’ve rolled out a new RFP for another programming language for smart contracts on #Cardano. We will select and provide grant funding to one or more proposals. Make sure to get your entry in before August 31, 2020.


For Stake pool operators:

Did you know you can introduce your stake pool to the Cardano Community? Add it to our Cardano Forum here:


Shelley is here after a successful hard fork and the Shelley mainnet launch.
Interested in running your own stake pool?
Learn how to get started with stake pools, delegation and #ada rewards:
Hello everyone,

We've been notified of potential issues with the earlier released Daedalus Mainnet 2.0.1 wallet, with regards to the option for restoring ITN funds being disabled.

Kindly bear with us as we raise this with the teams and clarify further details.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
As per the IOHK team's response, the recent release of Daedalus Mainnet wallet (2.0.1) was intended to fix bugs and reported issues, not (yet) for allowing ITN rewards/wallets to be redeemable.

This functionality will be added very soon. Please read more details about "ITN Rewards - When and How to Redeem" and keep an eye out on IOHK's official social channels for more updates regarding this.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

PS: If you run into any Deadalus wallet issues, please submit a support ticket.
How to delegate on Shelley?

To delegate on Shelley, you'll need to start with the basics. Here's a short Daedalus guide to restoring your old wallet, creating a new Shelley wallet and safely moving your ada funds over.

More video guides coming soon!

Watch the instructional video here:

(PS: Not yet available for ITN rewards redemption...)
Cardano 재단 홈페이지가 새단장을 했습니다. Project Renovare의 마지막 단계로서, 새롭게 편성된 브랜딩은 스테이킹 및 위임을 통해 분산화 단계에 돌입한 Cardano 블록체인의 현상태를 반영합니다.
カルダノ財団の新しくデザインされたウェブサイトが公開されました。 Project Renovareの最後の成果物として、刷新されたブランディングは、ステーキングと委任の開始により分散化されたCardanoの準備状況を反映しています。
Shelley가 성큼 다가왔습니다. Shelley는 DApp 구축의 바탕이 될 진정한 탈중앙화를 제공합니다.
향후 5년 이내에 Cardano에서 가장 많은 수의 DApp를 보유할 업종은 무엇입니까?
"The Cardano Foundation updates its website and refreshes its brand identity as part of Project Renovare"

During the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020: Shelley Edition, we introduced the Cardano Foundation’s brand reappraisal—the last deliverable of Project Renovare.
In association with McCann Dublin, the Cardano Foundation and the website underwent a major refresh to coincide with the release of staking and delegation on the Cardano protocol.

This new era for developers and enterprise users of Cardano required a refreshed approach to the Cardano Foundation’s communications, a reiteration of our core missions, and a rethink of the way we begin attracting developer talent to the wider Cardano ecosystem.

Read more about our brand reappraisal on the Cardano Forum:
Cardano Ecosystem Updates on New Stake Pool School Course, IOHK Governance Blog & Charles' Security Foundations Video

Here's a couple more interesting updates from the Cardano ecosystem!


Update 1: "Stake Pool School"

Want to become a stake pool operator? Sign up for our FREE 5 day onboarding course on how to set up and run your own stake pool.


Update 2: New IOHK Blog on Governance:

Robust & effective community governance lies at the heart of our decentralized vision for #Cardano. And the future of collaboration, decision-making & tackling shared challenges. Project Catalyst will test the theory for real this summer. Read it here:


Update 3:

Security Foundations: How to Secure Your Wallet Recovery Phrase for Cryptocurrency Wallets

Educational video from Charles Hoskinson outlining the importance of developing a security mindset, and illustrating ways to secure not only your crypto wallet recovery phrase but enhance your personal digital security overall. Watch it here:
There is now another way to buy, trade, and exchange your ada as leading digital asset exchange Bitfinex lists ada trading pairs. Starting from 6 August 2020, you can enjoy support for ADA/BTC, ADA/USD, and ADA/USDT spot trading pairs and with more to come on Bitfinex. This important listing provides another on-ramp opportunity to purchase ada with fiat without first buying other cryptocurrency assets.
Read more:
主要な暗号通貨取引所である Bitfinex が ADA を上場させ、取引を提供しはじめました。暗号通貨トレーダー、投資家やADA保有者はこれで Bitfinex 上で更なるADAの売買方法ができるようになったことをお知らせいたします。

詳しくはこちら: (英語版)

OUT NOW: Daedalus 2.1.0 is the first major update to the Daedalus wallet and introduces two new features: Shelley ITN rewards redemption, and spendable rewards
on Cardano.

The “Redeem Incentivized Testnet rewards” feature lets you redeem ITN rewards to a Shelley wallet. This requires both the wallet recovery phrase (from the Daedalus Rewards wallet containing the rewards) and a #Shelley wallet with enough funds to pay the transaction fees.

Download today, only from the official site. Rewards included in the wallet balance are now spendable automatically when transactions occur. And completely transparent for users. Enjoy redeeming your ITN rewards. And happy staking!

Download it here:

Also check the "ITN Rewards: how to redeem them?" instructions here: