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Here are a couple of #Cardano Meetups you may be interested in!

On Jun 17, our #Cardano Community members, Matthew Consolo and Hassan Michael, will be holding an online Community #Meetup.

Please check out the details of this event here:


The second one is on Jun 19, where our #CardanoAmbassador, Mr. Brinker, will be holding an online #CardanoCommunity #Meetup.

Please check out the details of this event here: 2/2
7月2・3日に開催される#Cardano Virtual Summitに参加していただきながら、Charles Hoskinsonがシェリーの立ち上げとCardanoの未来について語ってくださいます。お見逃しなく!
#Cardano2020 #ShelleyEdition
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, #Wyoming State Representative and BeefChain co-founder, discuss how #blockchain is currently being used in Wyoming. Join us at the #Cardano Virtual Summit: Shelley Edition July 2-3, 2020.
Last chance to register for the #Cardano Virtual Summit: Shelley Edition! Join us July 2-3 (FREE) to learn about the Shelley roll-out, global blockchain innovation, the Cardano Community and so much more! Sign up today to not miss out. #Cardano2020 #ShelleyEdition
#Cardano 온라인 서밋 : Shelley Edition에 등록할 마지막 기회! Shelley 롤아웃, 글로벌 블록체인 혁신, 및 Cardano 커뮤니티에 대한 열띤 논의에 참여하시려면 7 월 2-3일 양일간 열리는 무료 온라인 서밋에 오늘 등록하세요! #Cardano2020 #ShelleyEdition
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new #Cardano website! This is one of the deliverables of Project Renovare, the brand reappraisal exercise led by the Cardano Foundation, ahead of the smart contracts rollout later this year.
The Cardano Virtual Summit: Shelley Edition is about to start in 30 mins. Get ready to enjoy the two-day virtual event. Simply log in here and see you soon at the Summit.

If you have any problems logging in please try to register again or use the lost password function. See you soon! #cardano #ada
There is still time to watch the EXCLUSIVE #Cardano brand film. Watch this Summit-only video on demand at the end of all sessions in the Main Auditorium. Go to and find out about Project Renovare, brand reappraisal led by @CardanoStiftung. #Cardano2020
该通讯每两周由#Cardano 社区团队发布,将为您提供有关该项目的新闻,更新和活动! 如果您想取消订阅Cardano新闻通讯,可以点击此电子邮件底部的“取消订阅此列表。 #CardanoCommunity
"Rolling out Shelley and Preparing for Goguen + Learning more about Atala PRISM: Cardano's Identity Management Solution"

ICYMI: #Shelley lays the decentralized foundations for #Cardano. Meanwhile, #Goguen development continues apace. Starting to rollout Q4 2020, Goguen will empower our community to create new value, utility & adoption.

Learn more, fresh from the Cardano Virtual Summit:


In today's world, verifying your digital identity will be crucial for economic inclusion & access to government or business services.

Find out how Atala PRISM can build an ecosystem of trust between users and organizations: