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IOHK has recently announced they are delighted to be working together with #NervosNetwork on driving enhanced security, scalability and increased adoption. Join us on our monthly Cardano update show this Thursday to hear more about this important partnership, directly from the co-founder of Nervos Network and our own Romain Pellerin!

Join us for a new episode of the monthly #Cardano development show - our December end of year edition! 🎄
From everyone at the Cardano Foundation - we wish you, our Cardano Community, and your loved ones a very happy and healthy holiday.

Let's take a look back at 2020 and everything #Cardano, Cardano Foundation and the Cardano Community have achieved. It's been a big year for all of us - see all of the highlights in our video and Forum post: - how has Cardano impacted your year?
Join us on Monday & hear more about the practical implementation of transaction metadata on #Cardano, presented by IOHK and the Cardano Foundation. Understand the technology, see the potential & learn more about real use cases. And build your own!

Register here:
OUT NOW: Introducing the new Plutus Playground, an environment for writing and testing smart contracts before deploying to Cardano when Plutus hits mainnet later this year. 🖥

Today, as we continue the Goguen rollout, we’re announcing new dev tools & refreshed UI. 🔥
Quick video intro here:

We're calling on devs to get involved and help us finalize the playground as we head closer to primetime. To find out more, access the links, and also register your interest for our developer programs, you'll find all you need right here:
For a great number of Cardano Community members it was the "Cardano Whiteboard Video" that started it all...

On October 27th 2017 Charles Hoskinson posted a, now-legendary, whiteboard walkthrough of his vision for Cardano.

How did you first come to know about Cardano?
What got you excited?
Why did you join the Cardano Community?

We'd love to know! Let us know in the thread below:

(If you haven't already..) watch the legendary whiteboard video here:
Dear #Cardano Community. As said many times before there are no giveaways. Every giveaway is a scam, also if it is done with a bot on Telegram. #dontfallforscams #nofreelunch
Dear #Cardano Community. As said many times before there are no giveaways. Every giveaway is a scam, also if it is done with a bot on Telegram. #dontfallforscams #nofreelunch
Dear #Cardano Community. As said many times before there are no giveaways. Every giveaway is a scam, also if it is done with a bot on Telegram. #dontfallforscams #nofreelunch
Cardano D-DAY Confirmed: Earlier today, IOHK have just successfully submitted an update proposal to the Cardano blockchain, handing over full responsibility for block production to the stake pool operator community on March 31st. This is what Decentralization looks like. Onward! 👌
CARDANO SMART CONTRACTS: On tonight's earlier Cardano360 we shared the rollout plan for smartcontracts on Cardano. Here's more on the Alonzo roadmap from Charles Hoskinson. We'll bring you more clips from the show throughout the week ahead via our Twitter accounts, so stay tuned!
ANNOUNCEMENT: Blockchain comes of age. Announcing a very special event. #CardanoAfrica. Thursday 29th April 2021 @ 16:30 UTC. Join us? #Cardano $ADA #Blockchain
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To our new followers: Did you know that you can learn #Blockchain with a Cardano focus from one of the founding entities of #Cardano!

EMURGO Education offers an online course taught by experts through live online sessions.

Curriculum details & sign up here:

Follow our Education unit @emurgo_in on twitter for developments!
Join us for the first #Marlowe webinar: Explore the future of open finance

Hear @thompson_si talk about building a language for financial #smartcontracts & its built-in safety guarantees.

Save your seat:

#Cardano #Defi @Cardano
#Cardano360 June Edition is coming on Thursday 24th

Tune in for updates on #Cardano development, partnerships & progress reports. We'll talk about #Alonzo, P2P, our latest research, #NFT s, #Cardano summit & much more

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