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With Cardano Foundation's support, the IOHK China team was invited to the Intl. #Fintech Innovation Conference (#IFIC) in Sanya, to introduce #Cardano & #IOHK to the #Chinese #crypto space and listen to the latest developments in China.

China's #blockchain industry is set to exceed US$116m (Rmb800m) amid a current shortage of more than 500k employees. More than 600 blockchain enterprises will be established in the world’s most populous country this year alone, according to #IFIC speakers.

As such, #IOHK, the Cardano Foundation’s ecosystem partner, is in discussions with Chinese universities to design and implement a #Haskell language training course. Adding to recent courses taking place in Barbados, Ethiopia and Greece, and more in the planning.

Read more about it here:
Hey all!

Here are several Haskell and Marlowe related updates from IOHK:

#Haskell provides the bedrock for #Cardano development. So we're excited about some important new developments to be shared by Simon Peyton Jones in his opening keynote at Haskell eXchange 2020, earlier today at 12:00 UTC. Free to watch here:

IOHK also recently launched the #Marlowe Alpha program, kicking into high gear.
Watch the demo by Simon Thompson ⬇️ & check out a brand new Playground including a suite of tools & docs for building ACTUS-approved financial smart contracts:
Marlowe Alpha Demo starts here:

Last but not least, another NEW BLOG:
IOHK believes in the power of functional programming, open-source and open governance. So they’re sponsoring the Haskell Foundation, a brand new independent non-profit dedicated to broadening the adoption of the Haskell language. Read the full blog here: