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**Nextcloud Issues** The last few days, some might have noticed some broken Nextcloud releases. A new, fixed, version of Nextcloud will be available in 1 hour and will include support for enabling Ingress after the initial install as well :)
**New Nextcloud App** We're close to release our new major (possibly breaking) Nextcloud App. Moving a more "microservice" based deployment based on nginx, php-fpm and the nextcloud high-performance backend. First releases might be buggy, so watch out!
**Breaking changes in new Nextcloud release** Besides splitting the containers, we are also splitting the storage to allow for easier mounting of userdata seperately from other data. We've implemented a simple migration script, but we heavily advice to migrate manually.
**Migration instructions for new Nextcloud release** As our new Nextcloud release splits the "html" and "data" PVC's from just "data". Please be aware you would need to move all content from `/var/www/html/data` to `/var/www/html` accordingly.
**new Nextcloud Appreleased** We've just released our total rework of our Nextcloud App. Please be ware we consider it a "breaking change", if it doesn't work correctly after update we heavily advice to reinstall.
**New Nextcloud App Initial Results** The initial results for our Completely reworked Nextcloud App are in: - Some are having issues with migrating, please report those to our dev channel - The speed increase is significant - We want to highlight: Ingress is required
**Nextcloud App version 14.x.x to 15.x.x support** Due to many community requests, we've decided to allow support tickets for the recent Nextcloud App Breaking Change in version 15.x.x.
**Multiple Ports on services** After @TrueNAS finally added support for multi-port-type services, we've finally been able to start combining some ports and cleaning our UI on TrueNAS SCALE. If one of those patches hits you and you changed a port, just hit edit! :)
**Service changes reverted** Sadly enough we had to revert our previous announcement regarding serviceports. It seems that due to a miscommunication with iX developers, we assumed that the fix on their end was already applied, which was not the case for 22.02.02
**New Website Work** We've put online an initial (still not fully finished) version of our new website at But no worries, you can still find everything from our old website over at:
**New Website Update** We're hard at work on connecting our CI to the new website... Some super cool new features are in the works, like: - Automatic Charts List - Automatic Port (conflict) List - Improved linking - Faster deployment - Improved processing of Chart Guides
** 400 Charts and Apps Milestone** We're glad to announce we've finally reached our goal of having 400 Helm Charts and @TrueNAS SCALE Apps in our Catalog/Repository. On towards many more we go!
**Container pull issues** Due to migrating to another container backend, we're having some issues with images not being pull-able. We've already fixed the issue, but it might take up-to 2 days to be fully restored for each-and-every App.
**700 Apps and Charts Milestone** We're glad to announce, we've reached the milestone of having more than 700 Helm Charts and @TrueNAS SCALE Apps in our Catalog. Check them out!
**Docker Pull Issues** We've temporarily switched our docker backend back for the next two weeks, so the previous patch can correctly propagate. This should ensure all Apps in the Stable train function correctly. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.
**Container Pull Issues update** We've managed to fix most of the remaining container pull issues for all our Trains. Please be sure to update to the latest versions and refresh the catalog on TrueNAS SCALE
**Github issues** As some might have noticed we're having issues due to @github blocking our access to Github Actions without any comments. Sadly enough, we seem to not-get any response from @github and thus cannot say when we're able to work on code again.
**Github issues update** We've tried paying for @GitHub and have build our own self-hosted @github runners. Yet @github still blocks our access to @github actions without any explaination. Till this is fixed, we sadly cannot provide updates and fixes.
**Github issues fixed** We're glad to announce the previous github actions issues are now fixed and we're back up-and-running!
**Ads on our Website** To, marginally, increase the amount of funds we can work with as a project, we've started to experiment with adding advertisements to our website. If you encounter any issues, be sure to drop us a message :)