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We are excited to finally be able to work with TrueNAS SCALE version 22.12 "BlueFin," however this version includes a new feature called "hostPath validation." This feature is designed to ensure the stability and security of TrueNAS SCALE systems by preventing the use of any datasets for apps where that dataset is also used for shares....Read more ⬇️
We are excited to announce that we have completely reworked our "TrueTool" tool to improve its functionality and reliability....Read more ⬇️
We're started the process of moving some more of the core parts of TrueCharts to our Enterprise train. These Apps are important for most of our users and should get the priority treatment the Enterprise Train is known for....Read more ⬇️
As Linus TechTips recently discovered, Jellyfin is a fantastic solution for watching your media from anywhere and our app makes it incredibly easy to install on TrueNAS SCALE....Read more ⬇️
TrueCharts is proud to announce some exciting changes to our core team in light of our rapidly growing project. With the growing needs of our community, we have decided to switch positions for two of our team members, @JagrBombs (Steven) and @mintyCrackers....Read more ⬇️
At TrueCharts, we are always striving to make our platform more accessible and user-friendly. That's why we are excited to announce the release of our comprehensive guide on using NFS shares to bypass TrueNAS SCALE hostPath validation....Read more ⬇️
At TrueCharts, we are grateful for the support of our partners, especially during the festive season. We were thrilled when iXsystems reached out to us during the holiday season to show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our staff to both the TrueNAS SCALE and TrueCharts projects in 2022....Read more ⬇️
One of the core components of TrueCharts is our "common" chart, which serves as the basis on which all other charts are built....Read more ⬇️
Two and a half years ago, we started as nothing but a fork of the k8s-at-home project with added support for TrueNAS SCALE. But since then, we've grown quickly and surpassed k8s-at-home in many ways with our fresh custom-made common-chart....Read more ⬇️
Channel photo updated
We are excited to announce that the TrueCharts project has undergone a makeover with a fresh new look! Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a new logo, logo animations, and headers is clean, modern, and easily recognizable, making it a perfect representation of what TrueCharts is all about....Read more ⬇️
After a lot of work by @xstar and review by our staff, we've finally officially released our new fancy charts list....Read more ⬇️
While most of our migration to new common worked out reasonably well, we've recieved many issues with regards to another change....Read more ⬇️
We're glad to finally announce the end of our code-freeze. Since a few days we've re-enabled our automatic updates and within a few weeks everything should balance out again automatically!...Read more ⬇️
Previously we've warned users against using the stop-botton on TrueNAS SCALE. At the same time we also understand, that users expect platform uniformity between Helm and SCALE. That's why we're happy to announce our own solution stop our Charts: TrueCharts Stop-All!...Read more ⬇️