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DNA barcodes help to detail the genomic architecture and sequence of an unbroken cell or even an entire embryo. #dna #genetics #genome
Pancreatic cancer is particularly resistant to chemotherapy and radiation. The tumors rarely shrink, even after exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation. #cancer #pancreas #healthcare
he gut microbiome is a key modulator of both our physical and mental health. In recent years, numerous studies have revealed that the gut microbiome can significantly influence our cognitive functioning, leading many to refer to it as the second brain
Thermogenic adipose tissues markedly improve glucose and lipid homeostasis in mouse models, although the extent to which brown adipose tissue (BAT) influences metabolic and cardiovascular disease in humans is unclear
Manipulation of mutant RNA can be achieved using synthetic antisense oligonucleotides (AONs), which are short, synthetic, single-stranded DNA analogs, either by modulation of splicing (to induce splice switching) or by inactivatio
Stem cells have the ability to build every tissue in the human body, hence have great potential for future therapeutic uses in tissue regeneration and repair. #stemcells #healthcare #regenerativemedicine
In less than a minute, a new app on a phone or a computer can scan an X-ray for signs of tuberculosis, Covid-19 and 27 other conditions. #biotech #ai #tuberculosis
The wearable, which is called a thermoelectric generator (TEG), directly turns your body’s heat into electrical energy. #science #energy #biotech
Access to vast health and genomic data sets allows scientists to advance understanding of many complex diseases and traits #dna #ulcers #depression
Studies have shown that stem cell therapy can help reduce knee pain and improve function using isolated MSC+ stem cells to regenerate cartilage tissue in the knees. #kneeinjury #stemcells
Early detection offers the potential to save many lives. This promising blood test could therefore be a game-changer in cancer care, helping thousands more people to get successful treatments #cancer #biotech #earlydetection
HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen treatments can stop the aging of blood cells and reverse the aging process. In the biological sense, the adults' blood cells actually grow younger as the treatments progress #aging #biology #HBOT
By comparing writing samples the algorithm was able to predict the onset of Alzheimer’s disease years in advance with 75% accuracy potentially providing us with a new tool for spotting Alzheimer’s and other serious neurodegenerative conditions before they would have otherwise developed #Alzheimers #biotech
Recent studies show that cardiac stem cell therapy not only improves the primary heart function but also helps to avoid further decline in the functionality of the heart #stemcells #heartdisease #healthcare
Kidney stones under the microscope look like jagged spikes of pain #kidneystones #electronmicroscope
Learning to ride a bike can lead to memorable tumbles. It's the brain's "time cells," scientists now say, that help organize and seal those experiences in our minds. #brain #memory #biology
If dna editing can knock out the Angptl3 gene, they can let the lipases do their work and reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood. #CRISPR #biotech #cholesterol