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Want to learn more about 🎲 POA Mania and how you can use your current POA stash to increase your total POA holdings? POA Mania is a daily no-loss savings lottery, and is not considered gambling as you cannot lose any of your funds through gameplay.

POA Mania is currently in beta, so give it a try at your own risk, and enjoy 🤑. Currently paying out over 6,000 POA per day (from a portion of the emission fund), plus an ever-growing jackpot 💰. Get in early and win big!

📘 Docs: https://www.poa.network/for-users/poa-mania
🎲 DApp: https://www.poamania.com/
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A newly released BlockScout feature displays transaction volume (TX/day) along with Price and Market Cap. It's easy to see the huge transaction bump that corresponds with 🎲 POA Mania launch (~5000 to 30000+ per day).

Another new explorer feature is the ability to search verified smart contracts by name directly from the search box. Check it out!  

👉 https://blockscout.com/poa/core
🔥🎉 First POA Mania Jackpot hit on Round 15. Congrats to the Winner!

 🎩    0x7...55
💰     10,969.65 POA

Note that the average jackpot on our testnet has hit every 92 rounds, so we expect jackpot #2 will be much larger.

All rounds winner details: https://www.poamania.com/winners
Play here: https://www.poamania.com/
The POA April 2020 Governance Report is now available on Binance Info.


We invite you to follow POA on Binance Info to receive automated updates and help increase POA project visibility.
Binance update: In their latest Notice of Removal, Binance announced that they are removing 15 trading pairs, including $POA / $ETH.  Effective 2020/04/24 12:00 PM (UTC)

This is disappointing news, however POA/BTC (which accounts for a large % of trading volume) will remain available on Binance.

As always, you can trade POA20 on various DEXs on the Ethereum Mainnet. Aggregators like 1inch.exchange and dex.ag are useful for finding the best available trades.

It's no contest! If you want to engage in a loss-free savings lottery with daily prizes, and jackpot potential, POA Mania is the clear winner.

Forwarded from Igоr Barinov
We are preparing POA Mania production deployment after the audit and asking your input about max deposit parameter.

Now it is set to 100k POA per account. One play can have many accounts. Should this parameters be lower or higher ? (anonymous voting)
Anonymous Poll
Between 25,000 and 50,000
50,000 to 100,000
100,000 (as it is now)
More than 100,000
🎲 POA Mania Smart Contract Audit Completed

Quantstamp has completed a thorough security audit and review of the POA Mania no-loss savings lottery. 

0 high risk issues found
1 medium risk issue fixed
0 low risk issues found
3 informational issues acknowledged
2 undetermined issues acknowledged

All issues were addressed by the team. We plan to make several adjustments related to deposit amounts and jackpots to benefit players based on community feedback. Will let you know about these exciting changes soon!

Audit Report: https://www.poa.network/for-users/poa-mania/poa-mania-security-audit

POA Mania: https://www.poamania.com/
🎉Funding Announcement

POA Network is pleased to announce a funding award from the Ethereum Foundation Ecosystem Support Program for the TokenBridge project!

The grant will be used to expand and enhance the Arbitrary Message bridge capabilities.

More info: https://blog.ethereum.org/2020/05/07/ecosystem-support-program-allocation-update-q1/
📗POA Mania Announcement:

🎲 POA Mania is upgrading to version 2.0. This update will occur in approximately 1 hour.

New contracts will be deployed to https://www.poamania.com and the previous version will move to beta.poamania.com.

All funds contained the previous version are safe, and will remain available indefinitely, but will need to be withdrawn and re-deposited into the new version to continue participation.

More info, details and instructions here: https://www.poa.network/for-users/poa-mania/news-updates

👉 Upgrade details:

• Quantstamp completed a comprehensive security audit: https://www.poa.network/for-users/poa-mania/poa-mania-security-audit

• Rules were adjusted based on community feedback:

◦ Max deposit lowered to 50,000 POA to encourage more participation (was 100,000 POA)

◦ 15% of rewards are added to the daily jackpot (was 10%)

◦ 0% now goes to lottery administration (was 5%)

• With the update, POA Mania is decentralized and funded by automated network emissions. The reward contract has been updated to send POA to the lottery. Each block, 2 POA are emitted. 1 goes to the validator who seals the block, 0.5 goes to the POA Emission Fund, and 0.5 goes to the POA Mania savings lottery. This change was voted on and approved by the POA Network Validators.

👉 If you have deposits in the previous version of POA Mania:

Your funds are SAFU! However, you must withdraw them from the old version of the application. Following the update, go to beta.poamania.com, connect your wallet and start the withdrawal process. If needed, more instruction is available here:

You can then redeposit POA (noting the new 50k max limit) into the new version.

The new version replaces the prior version at poamania.com, with new rules and reset jackpot.
POA Mania is now optimized for mobile!

We’ve created a tutorial using Trust Wallet which shows how easy it is to play from a mobile device.


If you are a POA token holder, give it a try! Winners receive a portion of POA emissions, and if you don’t win you also don’t lose any POA.

This is not a new emission of any kind, but a way of redistributing emissions to token holders. You can participate in a pseudo-staking environment to receive a portion of these emissions but with no-risk and an opportunity to win daily POA as well as a growing jackpot!

Play here: https://www.poamania.com
The FlipSide Crypto FCAS tracker provides useful information about blockchain projects. Recently Generation Crypto highlighted POA as a top 15 project according to the Developer Behavior metric. (Graph courtesy of G. Crypto)

FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score, a single, consistently comparable value for measuring cryptocurrency project health. FCAS measures User Activity, Developer Behavior and Asset Maturity.

CoinMarketCap recently added FCAS to all projects. POA currently has an overall Health score of 655, with a B rating and an upward trend.  Learn more here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/poa/ratings/
BlockScout, the premier open-source explorer for POA Network, continues to improve through UX enhancements and functional advancements.

Recent updates include:

Smart Contract Write Functionality: Users can interface directly with contracts using the BlockScout Write Contract functionality. Verified contract methods are accessible and users can connect through a web3 wallet (such as MetaMask) to access and execute contract functions. This includes proxy contracts, and is a very useful feature for developers.

Dropdown App Menu: POA apps are now accessible directly from the dropdown menu. This increases awareness of applications like POA Mania and the POA Bridge, and allows users to easily find validators and on-chain voting records.

Transaction History Chart: The homepage displays a visual chart of Txs per day along with Price and POA Market Cap info.

Visit BlockScout at https://blockscout.com/poa/core/ to see and interact with the latest features.
POA Network is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner. In this article, POA collaborates with Amazon Web Services to detail processes for deploying a custom event token (using the xDai chain as an example) and spinning up a node on AWS. The POA maintained open-source block explorer BlockScout is featured in the article, and is available on the AWS Marketplace.

Attention POA Community & Blockchain Developers!

With Blockscout’s new “Apps” integration; comes a more convenient way to obtain sPOA within the Blockscout UI. Check out POA’s new Sokol Faucet integrated inside Ethereum’s first & most feature-rich open source block explorer, Blockscout.

You can now request 100 sPOA per address-every 24 hours-making life that much simpler for Blockchain Development. All you need is to complete the secure captcha to receive your sPOA on the Sokol Network & the will to develop the next big thing!


You should also check out: POA’s updated 2021 Roadmap including the upcoming Berlin HF Update & the upcoming AMB/OmniBridge implementation between the POA & xDai chains which opens up a whole new world of POA use cases!

⚠️ Sokol POA Test Tokens being Sold as POA by Scammers.

POA Sokol Tokens are used for testing purposes on the POA Sokol testnet. https://blockscout.com/poa/sokol

They are free and can be obtained easily from the Sokol faucet.

Alpha Wallet is reporting scammers are obtaining free Sokol POA tokens and selling them to unsuspecting buyers as POA Network tokens. Please use vigilance when purchasing tokens and double check that you are purchasing POA tokens and not Sokol POA tokens.

Alpha Wallet Alert:  https://alphawallet.com/faq/sokol-poa-tokens-have-no-value-beware-of-scammers/
The Sokol testnet faucet has been upgraded to include SMS phone verification. This discourages faucet draining and unintended usage.

The faucet can be accessed from the Sokol BlockScout Instance in the Apps Menu.

To learn more, see the docs at https://www.poa.network/for-developers/getting-tokens-for-tests/sokol-testnet-faucet
🔔Merger Announcement: A new phase for POA Network has arrived as it joins the xDai ecosystem.

POA holders can now swap their POA for STAKE on xDai. The POA for STAKE exchange is available at a rate of 466.6163443 POA per 1 STAKE. This price was derived using a TWAP (Time-weighted Average Price) for the both tokens between October 21, 2021 and November 3, 2021.

This initiative allows POA token holders to bridge POA to the xDai chain, where it is converted into wrapped POA (WPOA).
WPOA can then be swapped for STAKE.
Swapping is available now and can be completed over the next 6 months.

Learn more about this initiative here https://www.poa.network/for-users/about-poa-token/poa-merger-and-stake-swap

Questions can be asked in the #poa channel on Discord https://discord.gg/mPJ9zkq