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HTML Templates for User Manuals

If you want to create and most importantly design your documentation quickly, download this free ZIP package by ClickHelp that contains 6 different documentation templates, style files, fonts, and images for all templates, and much more!

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Content Is King!... Or Queen?

It’s officially springtime! The spring is always filled with bloom, hopes for better days, and beauty. So today, we decided to talk about women in technical writing. They inspire, motivate, surprise, and compel us with their determination, creative approach, and intelligence.
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March 30, 2021

➡️The technologies that support the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) promise numerous benefits when it comes to single-source and multi-format publishing. DITA is supposed to save us a lot of time creating, maintaining, and updating content. Those improvements come with substantial costs (significant energy and time spent implementing DITA solutions) that make creating content more difficult than it ought to be.

No single technology will suit the needs of every organization, this is true of tools that support the creation of DITA-based technical documentation.

Join us for a discussion about the online product documentation creation platform, ClickHelp. We'll take a peek at the simple-to-use ClickHelp WYSIWYG editor that supports the production of single-source dynamic content without the need to learn a complex technology. Discover why some documentation teams find ClickHelp to be more cost-effective than a traditional DITA implementation while providing the functionality required to produce exceptional product content experiences.


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Tips to Make Instructional Videos

Do you know that 90% of users prefer instructional videos when they want to learn something? More than 50% of people watch video tutorials at least twice a week. Isn’t that impressive? Surely, it is!
So, let’s go on learning HOW to create video content for your tech docs!
10 Free Markdown Text Editors

Due to the growth of the Markdown language, every basic platform has a fair scope of Markdown editors. We have gathered editors platform-wise - for Mac, Windows, Linux, and of course, online editors. Here are some of the FREE finest editors with their unique features.
Standard operating procedures, or SOPs, are documents that contain a set of instructions on how to perform a task in a correct and safe way according to all the regulations. What are the best practices? Read in this post!
Nowadays, most people have smartphones so that they can read the QR code. Add QR codes to marketing materials, business cards, device labels, packaging and instructions for medicine, the front/back cover of manuals, and any other place where you want to.
Read this post to get more information about QR codes to make your technical documentation user-friendly➡️
ℹ️We have great news for you: following our article about DITA we had the honor to participate in the “ClickHelp as a DITA Alternative” webinar organized by Scott Abel.

Discover why some documentation teams find ClickHelp more cost-effective than a traditional DITA implementation while providing the functionality required to produce exceptional product content experiences.

▶️See the webinar to learn what ClickHelp has to offer and to discover whether it might be a good fit for your technical documentation teams' needs.

Good luck with your technical writing!
Technical drawing today is an essential part of technical documentation. Those technical writers who work on documentation in such industries as civil engineering, architecture, shipbuilding, aerospace engineering, etc., should be able to create technical drawings using special software.

If you have never created technical drawings, I hope this post will inspire you to start your journey to the world of modeling.
Virtual reality absorbs us so much that it makes sense that such technologies as AR, VR, MR, and XR are emerging and developing at a fast rate. No wonder that these realities affect almost all fields, and technical communication is no exception.

Read in this article the connection of VR and AR to technical writing.
Remote onboarding is a specific process due to the feeling of isolation. To make it successful for newcomers, one should be ready to increase the number of contacts and organize communication efficiently.

Learning materials such as FAQ and knowledge base play an important role in this process too.
Let's see how technical writing tools can help you improve virtual onboarding.
New words and phrases tend to penetrate our everyday life. Did you know that a snippet was once a second-rate newspaper item? And a “Bug” is called a bug thanks to an actual insect?

Read about the technical authoring terms origin in our new article.
Is that hard to start a business from scratch? Of course, it is not easy. But if you have the right tools at your disposal, you can cope with anything! SaaS can help you with any initiative. You need to find a SaaS product that meets your needs!

Read this post to learn more about SaaS products
Technical writers use a lot of supplementary tools, not just technical writing software. It all depends on the phase they’re in during the process of making technical documentation.

In this article, we cover the first steps of content creation; read to learn more.
Are you a tech writer who creates documentation for the global market? I am sure you know that this process is different from writing for the local market.
Read our article to learn how to properly prepare technical documentation for translation and help a translator.
Localization is a significant step in documentation when your organization expands into international markets. And single-sourcing gives technical writers the ability to write once, translate, and create multiple outputs for as many languages as needed.
➡️Read the tips in this article on how to localize your single-sourced content.
Very often, software integration becomes a game-changer, and businesses benefit from it: repetitive processes remain in the past, employees pay more attention to what they are supposed to do - increase sales, improve customer experience, create high-quality documentation, etc.
Does your business need an integration solution?
➡️Read in our post ➡️
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