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I AM a Visionary Mentor inspiring Heart-Led Life Design for the Healers, Parents and Path Finders who are called to shape OUR NEW EARTH.
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VOICE of the I AM
Godfre [continued] We need Perfect Balance, Inner and outer, because people need to have this Understanding of the "I AM Presence," where and what It is, and how each one can call It into action thru the outer self or into conditions. Then each one must make the application and thru that the Power is gathered, or the momentum built by which the Powers of that Presence can act in Full Mastery thru the physical form; and nobody can make that call for the other person. We can make the call for Perfection within and around individuals to protect and help them, but each Life Stream's own Talents and Attributes have to be drawn forth at the conscious desire of the individual himself or herself.
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Repurposing the petals that fell from the roses my husband picked me…
… with Gratitude For the Love of Venus… 💫
You can check out my latest blog "Envisioning a 'New Earth' Health System by following the website link above... Enjoy! 🌏
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Our sunset tonight! 😍
When you are squeezing your morning lemon juice and it gives you back a heart!… Love in the Little Things 😍
My Beautiful Quan Yin enfolded in freshly picked Jasmine…. The Grace and Beauty of Spring has arrived! 🥰
Couldn’t resist getting amongst the Spring flowers while out walking today 😄
Must be my Inner Child at play… having just completed my book draft… “Inner Child Rescue - Your Compassionate Guide to Embracing Personal Freedom and the New Paradigm of Family” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I have been enjoying doing some visioning work for my new website platform "" which I hope to have up and running in the New Year. It will be a learning and development platform to inspire and nurture those called to bring in the New Earth Healing Paradigms. I was woken at 3am yesterday morning with the following heavenly jingle download. [audio track to follow]

When the Grace from above chooses you to come through…
Heal your Heart. Heal their Heart. Heal by Heart.

When the day slips away and the hurts seem to stay…
Heal your Heart. Heal their Heart. Heal by Heart.

Feel the Joy and the Peace, it is Love’s Sweet Release…
Heal your Heart. Heal their Heart. Heal by Heart.

Let it go, Let it flow, flood the Earth, watch it grow…
Heal your Heart. Heal their Heart. Heal by Heart.
Have a Miracle 2023!!! 💗💗💗
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Rainbow Rays blessing our evening! 💗😇🙏
This is a brilliant reminder of the truth of what happens each night while we sleep 😴
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The miracle of our body’s renewal process…
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