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I AM a Visionary Mentor inspiring Heart-Led Life Design for the Healers, Parents and Path Finders who are called to shape OUR NEW EARTH.
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A journal entry of mine from March 2014....
What a sunset! 🤩
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Here are a few beauties I captured on a visit to the botanical gardens last week. 🤩
A Sunday afternoon creatively spent! 🥰💝🌸
Here is a reading that resonates with my inner feeling that SHARED Leadership and Collaboration is the way forward for Our New Earth. It also aligns with my approach of EMPOWERING YOUR SELF as the only true expert on matters relevant to your own Life… Enjoy! 💕

VOICE of the I AM

Now the Blessed Saint Germain gave you, in those early Dictations in the "I AM" Discourses, a Statement which very few understand. He made mention that some had Treasures of Light stored up; some had stored up Treasures of energy; some had stored up Treasures of gold and jewels; some had stored up Treasures of Power, and now that was going to come forth to release and bless you all. One person may have the capacity to render tremendous service in one channel; someone else in another channel; someone may have the Power to design and render that service; someone else the Power to heal; someone else the physical energy to supply your daily needs; someone else the Power of Music­; someone else the Treasure-house of so-called wealth; someone else the Treasure-house of Light. All of these, My dear ones, are contained within the Action of the Sacred Fire.

From Our Octave what do you suppose happens? We are building a Divine Pattern of that which is to be the Permanent Condition of the Golden Age. Therefore, We need every one--We need each one's Life Stream's Constructive Accumulation to build that which protects the whole Nation and becomes the pattern upon which the future activities of the Nation are modelled.

So do not always expect everybody else to do just what you do. You are going to have to be very generous, very forgiving and very kind, because one of you can do one thing, someone else can do another thing. Someone else can do something else, but because the other person does not do what you do, please do not have the slightest feeling of criticism, condemnation or blame; because if you do, you will shut the door to These Treasures which are so near into your outer use.

If a person is able to do one thing or several things well, then that one should be very grateful, but not look down on someone else who cannot quite do the same thing. People are not too generous in these activities when it comes to working together from a co-operative standpoint, so that which We wish to accomplish, is brought about in the most Perfect Way, and is held in the Greatest Protection; because precious ones, do you know what has happened thru the centuries?

Each Life Stream depending on Its own Divine Pattern has drawn forth from within the Higher Mental Body thru outer use in many embodiments, various Qualities. These Qualities are now in their accumulated momentum, expressing thru you all as what you might term your talents; or the things you have done in this Life time which you have done well, and perhaps what you have done the most. Well, those are the Powers which of your own Free Will you chose to draw forth from within the Flame of your Life Stream. Others chose to draw forth some other Powers, and they have the capacity to do other things.

Well, do you know what the Masters' Work is? We have to take you all in order to get all the Qualities and build that which affects your Nation. We have to have every one of you and every one of your Qualities, and each one is just as important as someone else. Everyone has a certain thing which he or she can do that no one else in the Universe can do, but just you; because you were the one which drew those Qualities from within your Life Stream. Nobody else can draw those forth for you, and you only gather a momentum of any particular Quality by use. That is how you gain power. Energy becomes power thru use, so if you do not draw forth these talents, and if you do not use them in the outer to build a momentum of power, well then to just sit back and wish for a thing, will never bring it to you.
VOICE of the I AM
Godfre [continued] We need Perfect Balance, Inner and outer, because people need to have this Understanding of the "I AM Presence," where and what It is, and how each one can call It into action thru the outer self or into conditions. Then each one must make the application and thru that the Power is gathered, or the momentum built by which the Powers of that Presence can act in Full Mastery thru the physical form; and nobody can make that call for the other person. We can make the call for Perfection within and around individuals to protect and help them, but each Life Stream's own Talents and Attributes have to be drawn forth at the conscious desire of the individual himself or herself.
Forwarded from Caroline Beazley
Repurposing the petals that fell from the roses my husband picked me…
… with Gratitude For the Love of Venus… 💫
You can check out my latest blog "Envisioning a 'New Earth' Health System by following the website link above... Enjoy! 🌏
Forwarded from Caroline Beazley
Our sunset tonight! 😍
When you are squeezing your morning lemon juice and it gives you back a heart!… Love in the Little Things 😍
My Beautiful Quan Yin enfolded in freshly picked Jasmine…. The Grace and Beauty of Spring has arrived! 🥰
Couldn’t resist getting amongst the Spring flowers while out walking today 😄
Must be my Inner Child at play… having just completed my book draft… “Inner Child Rescue - Your Compassionate Guide to Freeing Your True Self and Claiming Your Divine Destiny” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻