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The social media purges are starting, so here'smy own channel where I'll post realities I find insightful.
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Forwarded from Vanessa Beeley
In Kiev, SBU officers reportedly killed priest Sergiy Tarasov, known for his pro-Russian views. SBU officers raided his home. They accused the priest of "treason", although he was not a civil servant and did not take vows in Ukraine..
Comments whitewashing Israel or saying it's "complicated" or "its an age old conflict", or citing Israel's lies as excuses for murdering Palestinians, or any crap like that will be deleted.
Reality Theories, Eva K Bartlett pinned «Comments whitewashing Israel or saying it's "complicated" or "its an age old conflict", or citing Israel's lies as excuses for murdering Palestinians, or any crap like that will be deleted.»
Forwarded from Vanessa Beeley
32 Palestinians were killed, of which 6 children and 210 were wounded by #Israel's bombing of #Gaza following the Israeli initial beginning of the round of violence, assassinating Tayseer al-Jaabari.
Gaza Electric power plant has ceased working and hospitals may stop in 72 hours.
Forwarded from Vanessa Beeley
“I think the latest Israeli unprovoked aggression on Gaza which led to the assassination of top Islamic Jihad commander&killing of 31 others so far and injury of 220 across Gaza, first: was aimed at gaining credit for Israeli defence minister and the current ruling poltical party, second: to cause split between Hamas and Islamic Jihad and deepen the geographical separation between Gaza and the West Bank, Third: to change the rules of engagement and to regain the so-called “power of deterrence” Fourth: to test the response of the so-called international community and regional Arab governments whether those friend’s or foes of Israel”.

Yousef Alhelou
Palestinian Poltical Analyst.
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В подразделении 1539 имени Архангела Михаила состоялся концерт, где выступил хор, который приехал на Донбасс с группой священников. Также выступил Пётр Лундстрем, который передал бойцам бронежилеты, активные наушники и другое оборудование, необходимое для выполнения боевых задач.
Спасибо, было здорово!

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Media is too big
Ура! Мы запустили пекарню! Теперь мы будем привозить бесплатный хлеб нуждающимся жителям Мариуполя! До 20000 батонов в месяц! И поверьте, мы сделали очень вкусный хлеб 🥖
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Forwarded from Vanessa Beeley
💥 Gaza health ministry: death toll has risen to 41 including 14 children and 4 women. Number of injuries risen to 311 so far.
I'll update this article I wrote last week (delayed publishing because of Ukraine's bombing of central Donetsk & the hotel I was in, slaughtering 6 people ).

Ukraine has fired still more missiles w butterfly mines onto Donetsk districts, more people have feet/legs blown off.
Reality Theories, Eva K Bartlett pinned «I made a longer version of the clip I shared on August 4, after Ukraine heavily bombed central Donetsk, a massacre killing 6 and injuring 13, tearing bodies apart on sidewalks in the heart of the city. 155 mm NATO-standard weapons were used, according to DPR…»
Reality Theories, Eva K Bartlett pinned «…»
Aside from Ukraine's relentless bombing of civilian areas, tearing people into pieces...& it's firing of missiles containing petal/butterfly mines onto areas we walk, it has also repeatedly targeted water infrastructure.

For days there's been no running water in Donetsk...

This is how we get water: Emergency Services delivers, we line up & wait for our chance to fill up bottles & buckets.

I used 1 5 litre bottle to bucket to "shower" yesterday, another to finally hand wash laundry. Goes quicker than you think, even if being v careful...