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Forwarded from DPR MFA
Fake: The West has isolated Russia, making it an outcast country. This was a topic of constant discussion among senior officials from the US, the EU, and Ukraine, as well as in Western media.

Truth: Vladimir Putin's current visit to the Middle East convincingly shows that there is no question of isolating the Russian Federation.

On December 6th, the President of Russia arrived in the UAE, where he was warmly and grandly welcomed. Planes flew in the sky, leaving trails painted in the colors of the Russian flag. The President of the UAE personally met Vladimir Putin on the plane ramp. The delegation was accompanied by a cavalry motorcade.

The reception of the Russian delegation in the UAE was observed by both the US and Ukraine. For example, Bloomberg directly stated that Vladimir Putin's trip to the Middle East refutes the popular propaganda narrative of "isolation".
Forwarded from Resistance News Network
Since October 7th, 470,000 settlers have left the zionist entity, according to zionist sources. The rate of incoming settlers has plummeted by 70% to just 2,000 monthly.

This decolonization in real time is a direct result of the actions of the regional resistance and stands in stark contrast to Palestinians, firmly rooted and steadfast on their land.
Forwarded from Quds News Network
Israel Hayom Newspaper: In a private meeting, Netanyahu expressed his concern about "huge demonstrations in western capitals" against the Israeli war on Gaza: " Political pressure overseas might threaten the US arms shipments.”
Media is too big
Последствия обстрела Буденновского района г Донецка, в результате которого погибли два сотрудника МЧС и тринадцать получили ранения.

Повторный удар был нанесен целенаправлено по спасателям, которые приехали на пожар, возникший в результате обстрела.
Forwarded from Russia in Canada
In response to 🇨🇦 GAC's post:

Yet, another Trudeau’s piece of fake news😹
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"New massacres in south Gaza, unimaginable losses, heroic Palestinian hospital work.
Dr. Mads"

"...Hopes that the fascist-Zionist regime ruling Israel would not return to full-blast genocide have been disappointed. The Palestinian victims, temporarily moved from one circle of hell to another, are back to seeing their civilians, women, children slaughtered with abandon, while the West – that “garden” (Josep Borrell) of “values” (Annalena Baerbock) does not simply stand aside. Make no mistake. Despite the popularity of dividing those present in or at a genocide into perpetrators, victims, and bystanders, in reality, genuine bystanders are very rare.

To begin with, being a “bystander,” while a horrific crime is taking place in front of you, is not anything to be proud of. While for some the word may signal genuine helplessness (of those who simply do not have any power to make a difference), more realistically it points to moral failures, such as indifference or cowardice. But, depressing as it is, the truth is even worse: Most bystanders usually are really perpetrators as well. They do not provide the cutting-edge or the “brains” of the mass murder, but they have their contributions to make. In the current case, they can be, for instance, “ordinary Israelis” posting videos that help dehumanize the victims; or “ordinary Germans” tweeting about “Pallywood” and thereby denying the victims’ suffering.

While the perpetrators of the genocide against the Palestinians often use absurd, vile, murderous phrases such as “there are no innocents (or civilians) in Gaza,” in reality, there are no genuine bystanders in either Israel or the West. Yes, it is that stark and unforgiving: You either are against a genocide or you are for it. And the horrifying but also clarifying fact is that, as a whole, the West is for this genocide. While there is a wave of protest and resistance, our, Western, governments, media, and representatives mostly are co-perpetrators..."

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"People in Gaza are starving and have nothing to eat, and when they do find some, prices have skyrocketed. The price of a bag of flour costs around 500 shekels ($150).

People have testified going up to 3 days without food. This footage shows hundreds in line for food in the south of Gaza, while no supplies reach the northern part of Gaza and its remaining 700.000 Palestinians inhabitants."
Forwarded from Euro-Med Media (EN-FR)
Gaza death toll has increased by 40% compared to before the temporary humanitarian truce

Geneva – Israel’s escalation of its violent bombing and deadly attacks in the Gaza Strip since last Friday, following the collapse of the one-week temporary humanitarian truce, was strongly denounced by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor today.

Euro-Med Monitor said preliminary statistics show that the daily death toll prior to the humanitarian truce ranged between 300 and 350 deaths per day, but has now risen to more than 500 since Israel resumed its attacks for the sixth consecutive day.

Press release: http://euromedmonitor.org/a/6009
Forwarded from Marwa Osman--MidEaStream
Israel is in full force in a war of extermination against the Palestinians.
Zionist Israel is capable of enforcing unthinkable destruction and committing heinous massacres, but mark my words, in this war of Palestinian extermination, Israel will be scripting its own demise.
Forwarded from Fiorella In Moscow (Fiorella)
My new channel I just started is already getting attacked after I posted an interview with Eva Bartlett . YouTube has removed my video for “misinformation”. In the description I stated that the opinions of the interviewee were their experience and were not calling for any ethnic cleansing or promoting war. They still removed it. I appealed their decision and within 5 minutes they said it STILL violated their misinformation policy.

What exactly is misinformation when Google owns YouTube and takes money from people profiting and promoting the deaths in Gaza? Are a journalist’s experience also “misinformation”? But Israel can call for the genocide if Palestinians and MSM can lie about “beheaded” babies and that’s fine?

The U.S. doesn’t support free speech. And it hasn’t for a long time.

Btw Eva’s entire YouTube has been deleted. Notice those who are persecuted by YouTube and those who aren’t. There’s a reason for that.

Be sure to follow me on rumble. Here’s link to it on rumble.

Eva Karene Bartlett, Reality Theories
That was quite fast, removing my interview from Fiorella's channel...

I did appeal, twice, Youtube's deletion of my entire channel (no, it wasn’t monetized, that's not the issue)...to no avail

I haven't gone back to Canada out of concern for my safety: Canada openly supports the Nazis in Ukraine; Canadian state media did a (crappy, try harder) hit piece on me last summer--drawing from Ukraine's KILL LIST entry on me.

I feel safe in Russia. @CanadaFP 🤮🤡

Pathetic attempt to deflect from
@CanadaFP support to Israel which is genociding Gaza, including at least 73 journalists/media workers.
Thank you for advice, friends/followers. 🙏

I won't be starting a Tiktok. I do have Odysee, Rumble, Twitter/X (pointless, heavily shadow-banned there), other social media, my blog In Gaza (on which I don't actually blog, contrary to detractors [and supporters]' claims but merely post my articles and interviews, and a few other platforms.

I do plan to get more active on my empty Substack, also to have a proper website, also to develop a proper podcast.

...but, since I do everything myself (writing [obviously], research, video editing [clearly, it's basic 😁], maintenance, etc...I don't have time to be on every single platform.

Thank you in advance to those who might offer support, but I prefer to control my output.🙏