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It’s NOT fat shaming, its about being honest and realising that normalising obesity only hurts those that are obese - its dangerous, destroys the quality of your life and keeps you hooked into the system that created this in the first place. So if this is you, don’t be deceived by the lies. - seek help. There are so many natural ways that you can use to reverse this, without using more harmful pharma products that will make it worse in the long run. If you need help reach out to me or another Holistic Practitioner and make today the first day of your new life… lets not stay helpless & stuck anymore…

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What ‘lid’ and limitations have we placed on ourselves? We ALL have - but often we can’t see them ourselves. This is why we get triggered when people challenge our self-imposed limitations and those limitations that we have been programmed with, without our knowledge or permission, from parents, society and the Matrix 🤫😵‍💫- for example, look how triggered many people get when we say that we all have the ability to heal ourselves (there are so many examples that show we can), that we can cure cancer, that we can be abundant, that we can leave our job and do something that fulfils us… if you want to know where you ‘lid’ is look for area’s of your life that you feel trapped, or when you feel triggered… and then ask why you feel you cant do anything about it? It all starts with having an open mind and being willing to ask questions and hear different opinions… a closed mind is about as much use as a closed parachute 🪂

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I LOVE the fact that ‘mainstream’ is catching up with holistic / traditional medicine. It is so true that our emotions affect our physical health - a great place to start dealing with this is to see which of these emotions shows up most for you, and then support that organ naturally with herbs. Natural products WHILST implementing lifestyle changes to help release the stress and the negative emotions. Its NOT about hiding or suppressing your emotions, quite the opposite, its about recognising them and making lifestyle changes to make sure you don’t hold onto them … if you need help please reach out via DM 💫❤️

Video creds @laviahealth

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So true - to avoid burnout it’s so key that we also allow ourselves down time- we can’t be on the go 24/7 💫

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Forwarded from Zeee Media 🎙
Wow. Extremely important insight from a man living in Iceland who is already under Digital ID tyranny.

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There are so many hidden dangers- if it doesn’t look like real food- it’s not real food and there is always a downside.

Video credits : @drpompa 👏

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