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A deflationary token built for the future. Join us on our journey to the moon! 🚀 5% forced liquidity and 5% token redistribution to all existing holders.

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LAST BUY competition starting in 15 minutes 🚀

1 BNB Prize
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🎉 Last Buy Competition (LIVE)

04:33 remaining time!
Minimum Buy 0.05 BNB
💰 Winning Prize 1 BNB 🚀

🎖 0xa1cc…4455 | 0.0519 BNB | Txn
💎 Winner must hold at least 24 hours

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🏁 Biggest Buy Competition Finished

🕓 Start at 23:58:00 UTC
🏁 End 23:58:00 UTC
Minimum Buy 0.10 BNB

🥇 0x5eff…27f8 10.0991 BNB
🥈 0xa1cc…4455 7.7891 BNB
🥉 0x1290…81c6 7.1537 BNB
4️⃣ 0x2156…7e85 6.40 BNB
5️⃣ 0x729f…a5a1 4.40 BNB

🎊 Congrats to 0x5eff…27f8 wins 3 BNB
🎖 Winner address 0x5eff54e8381d2d75940f767f8e3bae86341c27f8
#️⃣ Waiting payment txn as proof... /winners

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Congratulations to the winners! Well done!

We’ll run some more last buy giveaways soon.

Tomorrow is a big day.

- AMA with Gem Hunters
- ZUNA AMA/100 Trillion $ZUNA burn 🔥
- End of 15k anniversary giveaway

Be safe tonight and Happy Halloween!
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LAST BUY in 20 mins

Prize: 1 BNB

Min buy: 0.10 BNB

Prize bump to 1.5 BNB 🚀
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🎉 Last Buy Competition (LIVE)

09:01 remaining time!
Minimum Buy 0.10 BNB
💰 Winning Prize 1.5 BNB 🚀

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One hour from now ZUNA will be celebrating it’s one year anniversary with a 100 Trillion #tokenburn!

Tune in for our live video AMA: us02web.zoom.us/j/84998775695

8PM ET, don’t miss it!
The recorded version of ZUNA’s one year anniversary AMA & 100 Trillion Burn is now available to watch! 🚀

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Emails have been sent to winners 🚀

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(Might be in spam folder)
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🎉 Biggest Buy Competition Started

🕓 Start at 15:24:00 UTC
Ends in 23 hours 59 min 11 sec
Minimum Buy 0.10 BNB

💰 Winning Prize 1.5 BNB (2nd 1 BNB, 3rd 0.5 BNB) 🚀
💎 Winner must hold at least 24 hours

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Busy week behind the scenes for ZUNA, and a crazy week for crypto as a whole.

I’m sure most have heard or read about the issues with FTX and have felt the results of fear in the market.

This will undoubtedly bring about change in the industry, and as it evolves (whatever that might look like) it’s clear that decentralized transparency is more important than ever.

This is, in our opinion what crypto is all about. Freedom of finance, which is what we’ve always stood for and aimed to build.

Undoubtedly there have been heavy losses across the board recently regardless of chain or project.

Most of us have at some point thought or said “if only I had bought Bitcoin or ____ coin/token when it was “this” price… I’d be set for life”

We’re approaching/already in one of the greatest opportunities to build holdings that will provide life changing returns in the future.

We’ll continue to build and remain on the side of decentralized finance and transparency.

This week we’ve been working closing with the tech team on many backend upgrades that were needed before starting on secondary marketplace sales and handling other currency integrations. Progress is coming along nicely, and things are being done to a high standard.

We’re working to roll out new incentives/campaigns to push holder generated content and marketing. A new portal/page is nearly finished that will provide several graphics and material for holders to use, as well as a community upload option so that you can share your created content with other holders.

With the market we’re in marketing dollars are better spent giving back to our community and incentivizing everyone to be actively promoting ZUNA on a daily basis.

Your voices are ~30,000 strong, and you are our greatest asset.

In this market.. we win by working together as a community. We will do whatever we can to support that goal.

Get loud ZUNA crew 🚀

- Blake

Quick reminder: Never invest what you can’t afford to lose, do your own research. This is not financial advice.
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Happy thanksgiving!

We will be forever grateful for each an every $ZUNA holder

Shill Masters marketing portal now open - looking forward to seeing what our community creates 🚀

Tech team is running tests on secondary marketplace integration and it looks GOOD 🔥🔥 everything should be live in a few days time

Finishing buildout of upcoming 🎄12 Days Of Christmas Event🎄 and will be dropping info late tomorrow

Couple hints for you regarding event:

2. 50/50 Raffle Components
3. Multiple ways to earn and/or win

Separate from the event but happening on same time frame: ZunaNauts are getting some rocket fuel 🚀 (will expand on this tomorrow but rewards are going up for everyone and future supply is going down)
🎄Nearly ready to drop our #12daysofGYFTs EVENT!

Stay tuned for info on how to play, earn and WIN🎅

❄️Up to 120 BNB in grand prizes❄️
🎁Collect the set prizes🎁

12 days to grab as many GYFT's as you can!
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🎅 #12daysofGYFTs Grand Prize Winners!🎁

🔽 1st wins 11.5 BNB (~$2,787)

🔽 2nd wins 5.75 BNB (~$1,393)

🔽 3rd wins 5.75 BNB (~$1,393)
💤 ZunaNauts Reward Upgrade + January Rewards 💤

1) Had the tech team go ahead and make the upgrade to the ZunaNauts reward program ahead of schedule, hence the delay in rewards this month.

2) The upgraded reward plan will go live in the next day or two and you will be receiving the new upgraded amount.

3) We are resetting the 12 month clock on all ZunaNauts already minted, meaning if you have been receiving rewards up until this point.. consider those months a bonus for being an early supporter. (You will begin receiving 12 months of the increased rewards starting this month)

Reminder: Just over a week left to collect any additional ZunaNauts before the vault closes. You will not get a second chance.
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💤Rewards Update💤

The new upgraded reward plan didn’t trigger correctly, sorted the contract issue so it won’t happened again.

Tiers 1 - 2: paid twice on old reward plan (overpayment for the new 1.5x reward plan)

Tier 3: paid twice on old reward plan (correct payment for the new 2x reward plan)

Tier 4-6: paid yesterday once on old plan with another payment dropping this evening bringing them to correct payment for new 2x reward plan

Apologies for confusion! Changes always bring about new surprises :)

for those asking: 10% transaction fee’s still apply to new plan

Separate update coming soon on secondary marketplace integration (it is live and being tested live now) plus other features that have been deployed/being deployed.
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