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Welcome to Zenotta's official Telegram channel
Visit our website -> https://zenotta.com
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Welcome to Zenotta's official Telegram!

Our channel is managed by Zenotta's dev team personally, which means we're always happy to chat, answer questions and talk about the latest and greatest updates on the tech we're building.

Here are some quick helpful links to get started:

If you're not yet part of the TestNet, register here: https://bit.ly/3fuP6Ta
To be on our Mining Network waiting list, register here: https://bit.ly/3SqW4az

Our social channels:
Discord – https://discord.io/zenotta
Telegram – https://t.me/zenotta_ag
Twitter – https://twitter.com/zenotta_ag
Website - www.zenotta.com
Hi Everyone
This is the first in a series of updates on the development of our Zenotta network & blockchain to version 2.

It's nothing short of a massive upgrade for Zenotta's Digital System and will provide the all-important groundwork for our mining client, wallet and development of new projects on our blockchain.

Excitingly, that means that when you sign up for our live TestNet you'll have a far better building experience in our dev environment.

Some of the recent technical improvements include:
• Consistent API structure for improved UX
• UNiCORN random number generation & storage on-chain
• Idempotent cache keys for faster responses and automatic recovery from connection failure
• Move to a single mining winner via random selection
• Leading zeros in block hash as a difficulty indicator

We'll keep this channel in the loop with new updates to our core technology as they're being delivered.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, or register for the TestNet here if you haven't already: https://bit.ly/3fuP6Ta
Hey Zeno Community!

JOIN US LIVE on Instagram or LinkedIn Live for Blockchain, Beer & Beats.

Thursday 13 October from 18:00 CET (live from Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland).

We'll have a panel featuring some of the brightest brains in blockchain discussing metaverse, new data economies and how it's all being built on Zenotta's ecosystem.

Learn about what's in store for the future of work, technology, money and how to leverage these in the future.

Herbert Sterchi, legendary investor, patron and founding member of the Crypto Valley will also be a guest of honour. His input was pivotal in the formation of Ethereum in Europe and now he's supporting Zenotta's historic development 💪

REGISTER to attend free here 👉 http://zenotta.xyz/bbb.html

WATCH more about Zenotta's Smart Data Economy 👉 https://youtu.be/peA1Z9bt2e4
Hey everyone!


Live from Hochschule Luzern in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, Herbert Sterchi, Crypto Valley & the Kanton of Zug are proud to bring you the next frontier of blockchain development.

Smart Data by Zenotta.

Zenotta welcomes you to Blockchain, Beer & Beats to discuss web3's missing link that will power metaverses and new economies of the future.

‘Zenotta’s blockchain is fundamentally different to all others, and is the most transformative innovation to Layer 1 protocols since Ethereum.’
#1 US legal technology advisory firm

REGISTER HERE: https://www.zenotta.xyz/bbb.html

We'll be live on Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn - see you there!

Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/zenotta_ag
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/zenotta/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/zenotta/
Hey Zenotta Community! 👋

We are now in the closed-alpha stage of our mining client testing phase.

More about our mining client:
• You will be able to use API routes to interact with the mining client
• The client will also run as a docker container

We will be moving on to the Beta phase soon, and this is where a select few members of our community will be able to join in on the testing of our mining client. Don’t miss out. 👀

To be on our Mining Network waiting list, register here: https://bit.ly/3fuP6Ta 💪

Many Thanks,
The Zenotta team
Hey Zenotta Community! 👋

Have you registered to join us on 17 November? 🤔

There are 20 Zenos in a Zenotta wallet with your name on it if you do! 👀

We will be at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Come on through to enjoy beers & snacks as we discuss the nature of ownership in our brave, decentralised future – or you can join us via livestream on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 💻

Featuring Herbert Sterchi, the patron of Crypto Valley who will be doing the introduction, and a live panel who will be answering your questions. 🎤

Zenotta is leading the charge in the future of digital ownership. Don't miss out! 😎

Register here to join us + submit your panel questions for next week 👉 https://www.zenotta.xyz/bbb.html
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Hey Zenotta Community! 👋

Zenotta's brand new podcast Crypto Hard Talk with Alex Searle is now live 🎧

Listen here now 👉 https://bit.ly/3G80jog

In our very first episode, we ask the central question: What is Smart Data? 💭

Aside from being an award-winning entrepreneur and cryptographer, Zenotta's CTO Andrew Kessler is the chief architect behind Smart Data, as originally put forward in Zenotta's whitepaper 'A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Trade System'.

Since then, Smart Data is part of the foundation of our two-way ledger system, which allows direct peer-to-peer trade, the hallmark of a truly digital economy of the future. 🌐

In this episode, we discuss the impact of Smart Data as the new revolutionary force in blockchain and crypto, how it will provide a basis for digital goods & services marketplaces of the near future and how to think about the concept of digital value.

Stay tuned for more episodes with thoughtleaders, renegades and change-makers in this space! 😎
Hey Zenotta community! 👋

What's the best way to ensure ownership of a digital asset or item?

Encode your digital identity into the binary code level.

That's what Zenotta's Smart Data does - binding digital files with an immutable fingerprint of their owner.

This enables you to own the asset itself from the blockchain, not only the token itself (like NFTs).

This is what we call an NFA (Non-fungible asset) 💎

Listen to Dr Alexander Hobbs explain how Zenotta's blockchain technology makes this possible here 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ0hfnKgEuA
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Hey Zenotta Community! 👋

▶️ What’s the future of tokenising digital goods & services?
▶️ How can traditional VCs embrace the brave new world of blockchain investment?
▶️ Where are the paths of regulation and innovation crossing and how can you benefit?

Episode #02 of Crypto Hard Talk with Alex Searle covers these questions and more. Listen here🎙 http://bit.ly/3YlXjLu

Lowell Ness from Perkins Coie LLP joins Crypto Hard Talk with Alex Searle to discuss the changing face of investment & trade in web3

‘Platforms like Zenotta allow you to trade anything at the speed of the Internet.’

Based in the US, Perkins Coie is a legal firm with decades of experience advising thousands of successful startups, notably their track record advising clients on tokenisation & digital assets.

With our impending listing taking place early next year, it’s great to have the support of partners like Perkins Coie behind the development of the next stage in blockchain: a basis for ownership & trading of digital value.
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Hey Zenotta Community! 👋

Ahead of Zenotta’s participation at CfC St. Moritz in January, we had CEO Nicolo Stöhr on our podcast Crypto Hard Talk with Alex Searle🎙

Nicolo’s astute perspectives on the state of crypto, regulation and DeFi are as frank as they are true.

Like all of us at Zenotta, he acknowledges the work to be done in these sectors, while keeping an eye on its massive transformative potential for the future.

Essential listening if you want to learn about the annual CfC St Moritz conference as the most exclusive hub for changemakers in the finance, technology and blockchain sphere.

Listen to the full episode here 👉 http://bit.ly/3BD2tsG
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Dear Zenotta Community.

On behalf of the entire Zenotta team, we'd like to wish our community a happy, joyous and restful holiday over the coming days. 🎉

We appreciate all your support and encouragement over the course of 2022. 👏

2023 promises to be a year of giant leaps, and Zenotta will be sure to have our space boots on! 🚀
Dear Zenotta Community! 📢

Welcome to 2023, the year of the Zeno. 😎 This year promises to be a big year not only for us at Zenotta, but also for our community as a whole. We’re kicking off with a bang as we will attend CFC this month from the 10th to the 14th of January. Read more about CFC here 👉 https://cfc-stmoritz.com/
'Web3 is not blockchain.'

CTO Andrew Kessler spoke at CfC St. Moritz last week about the critical need for a B2B blockchain, that covers legal, economic & compliance concerns.

This is at the root of our use case development in 2023, as we work to shape the elements of Web3 and blockchain into a decentralized, transparent and secure framework for to traditional finance & banking to begin to adopt.

We're excited to be making an impact in these industries and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what's possible. 💪

Watch here 👉 https://bit.ly/3XyNCbi
Last year's collapse of crypto exchange FTX cast a shadow over the crypto world, with many people losing their assets and trust among potential investors being dented.

It's important that the FTX was a centralised organization, breaking the promise of a decentralized blockchain world. 🌐

At Zenotta, we advocate for self-custody, where you own and control the crypto assets stored in your own private and secure wallet. However, there is not always a wide understanding of the differences between exchanges and self-custodial wallets. 🔍

In this article, we provide an overview on how to secure your precious digital assets, and understand the risks that come with exchanges, such as liquidity and poor management.

Read our article here 👉 https://bit.ly/3XL3tE1