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Hi there Zenfusians!

🚨 We’re happy to announce that we will do an AMA with DeFi Raccoons! 🚨

They’ve got a pretty big community with more than 12.1K followers on Twitter and more than 9k members at their Telegram channel. 🦝

Date + time: Sunday Dec 6, 6PM CET 🕖

➡️ If you want, you can join us at: https://t.me/DeFiRaccoons ⬅️

Also, don't forget to follow them on Twitter too: https://twitter.com/DeFiDiscussion

Enjoy your day!

Zenfuse Team 💙
Hi again Zenfusian!

Россия, привет! 🇷🇺

We’re impressed to see that after RonBubble crypto and BitBoy, Богатейший Ди made a video about Zenfuse. He is a very well-known and big crypto-Youtuber from Russia.
How big? Well, he has 83.000 subscribers and around 18.000 viewers per video in one day. 💥

If you don’t speak Russian, I wouldn’t advise you to watch it (😅), but if you do so, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq89eNBL6x4

Enjoy your weekend! 🍻🥂🥃

Zenfuse team 💙
Hello Zenfusians!

🚨 Important statement! 🚨

As you guys know, there will be two more $ZEFU token releases soon. The first one on December 12th and the last one on January 12th. 💥

Because we have heard a lot of our community members ‘complaining’ about a ‘dump’ that will/might happen on the day(s) the tokens will be released all together, we made the drastic decision to do a ‘slow token release’ for these two last releases, which means: instead of releasing all tokens together (in one day), we split it up in 10(ten) days. ⚡️⚡️

So, from the 12th until the 21st of both months, there will be a release of 10% each day (this will be around 750k $ZEFU and in January around 670k $ZEFU). Regarding our current trading volume, (we expect) this amount won’t damage the price. By doing this, we expect both private investors and the (rest of the) Zenfusians don’t have to be afraid of a big price drop. 📉 📈

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Lovely community,

🚨We’re VERY EXCITED to announce our next AMA, this time with: TehMoonwalker. Thanks for inviting us! 🙏

💪🏽 tehMoonwaLkeR is one of Binance’ Influencer Award nominees. He has more than 62,5k followers on Twitter and almost 10k community-members on his Telegram channel.

💎 Also, tehMoonwaLkeR is well known in the crypto community for his #moonranking, with which he shares his crypto picks (of course we hope to see Zenfuse in this ranking as well 😉)

Date + Time: Wednesday December 9, 5PM UTC/ 6PM CET.

👉🏼 Join: https://t.me/tehMoonwalkeRs 👈🏼

Don’t forget to follow us and tehMoonwaLkeR on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tehmoonwalker

Have a noice day! 🌞

Zenfuse team 💙
📢 Today’s AMA with tehMoonwaLkeR was fun: thanks!

Announced/coming up:
⬛️ A bank
🟦 Exchange(s)
⬛️ Zenfuse music album
🟦 Merchandise
⬛️ MVP
🟦 Website update

🏦 During this AMA we announced our new BIG partnership with a European bank. It’s something really big for us and our community. This bank will help us bringing millions of people to Zenfuse and help us with all details around the Crypto-card. Since this partnership is hot of the press, we announce more information about it soon. 🏦

📈 We also mentioned again that this month, $ZEFU will be listed at (at least) one exchange and we’re negotiating with another one. So, maybe not one, but two exchanges this month! 📈

🎧 Than we also announced there will be a Zenfuse music album: full with our own music (yes, for real! 😁). A professional producer/dj is working on it and it will be distributed through Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud (etc) to bring more awareness about the Zenfuse brand. 🎶

👕Also, less important, but a fun fact. Soon we will open our own merchandise webshop. This, also to create awareness. For now, our designer designed a Zenfuse hoodie (which is limited: only 10 ever exist for the first 100k+ $ZEFU token holders). 🪢

At the end of this month, our MVP is ready. We are very exited for this moment! Visit our website and fill in your email address to make a chance to become a tester.

🌐 Also, we are busy updating our website. It will be finished around this weekend. There will be more pages with more specific information (regarding the team, careers, partnerships etc) and things will be/work some ‘smoother’. 🌐

The whole team is working very hard to deliver the product on time with the highest possible quality.

Stay safe, stay Zenfusian! 💙
Dear Zenfusians,

🚨 Today, we have a special announcement for you

We’re very excited to announce that Zenfuse will be listed at Bithumb Global: the Global platform for Bithumb - South Korea's top digital asset exchange. Bithumb Global has become one of the only exchanges established in 2019 that was ranked among the top trading platforms in the world and is growing incredibly fast.

Trading pairs:

Trading will be available on: Dec 18, 2020 at 17:00(UTC+8)

It’s the first big CEX listing for Zenfuse and we’re very happy with it. As you know, we go on building 24/7 and more news and announcements about listings and partnerships will follow up soon. Stay updated by following us on Twitter and to be the first one to receive our updates, please leave your email address on our website.

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Enjoy your weekends! 🌈

Zenfuse Team 💙
ZEFU Trading on Bithumb Global starts now!

Dear Zenfusian,
Zenfuse was listed on the Bithumb Global exchange. Founded in 2014, Bithumb Global ranks among the most trusted and liquid cryptocurrency exchanges. Bithumb Global facilitates tens of million in USD trading volume every day and the exchange lists only the most promising cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

The market for the ZEFU token will also become more liquid. Trading in and out of the ZEFU token will become a frictionless process for all Zenfuse users. Zenfuse is delivering an all-in-one trading platform that gives retail traders the edge they need.
Being able to quickly acquire ZEFU on a liquid marketplace will be essential for those that wish to secure this edge.

TOKEN unlock is (almost) DONE

Today all the $ZEFU tokens from the private round have been released for the penultimate time.
The very last release will be from January 12 till 21.

Also, one of these days our updated website will be online and we will launch our MVP at the end of the month! Follow us to stay updated. 👀

Zenfuse team 💙
We are happy to announce that the updated version of our website is live! 💯

We have added several tabs, like: 'About us' and 'Partners'. Furthermore, we have changed a number of things on the main page and made it look some 'smoother'. Please have a look at it (zenfuse.io) and don't mind to give any feedback.

Know that we constantly update our website (about once per quarter).

❗️Don't forget to leave your email address on our website for a chance to be one of the first beta (MVP) testers.

Have a nice day!

Zenfuse Team 💙
Dear Zenfusians,

We’re happy to announce that from now $ZEFU partnering with $PIE for marketing purposes and to explore potential collaboration in #DeFi space.

This is just the beginning. Soon you’ll see more exciting updates.

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Dear Zenfusians - dear crypto-community,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!🎄

Wishing a happy and blessed Christmas to everyone celebrating it. 🎅

Thank you for all your support and patience. Stay safe and take care of your family and friends! 😷

2021 will be a great year for all of us! 🎆

With love,

Zenfuse team 💙
🤔Trading platforms or trading directly via exchanges?

‼️If the answer is obvious for you, we are eager to know why!

👉 Answer a couple of questions and we will feature your story in our upcoming article (or we'll straight up invite you for an interview)
🦋 Dear Zenfusians,

It's finally time to talk!

We've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions as well as projects news and announcements.

🔥What's up with MVP?

We've launched a first MVP version of Zenfuse to a group of preselected experienced testers, motivated to provide fulfilling feedback for future product development.

🙈 Why is it a closed testing?

Long story short, I'll quote one of our members
"This strategy targets avoiding building products that customers do not want, minimize the publicity dmg of releasing an overly buggy platform and seeks to maximize information about the customer with the least money spent." © Oboi

⁉️ When Binance are we going to share some of the results?

- We're planning to post the first public MVP report with screenshots this Saturday ( January 9)
- Public MVP version with major bugfixes and additional features should be deployed in February

🙊 Why have we become a bit more quiet in social media?

Apart from the development, we've started working on other major tasks:
- Team expansion and integrity
- A long term marketing strategy built on firm foundations of knowledge, experience, market analysis and collective creativity
- Internal processes optimization

⭐️ What's next?

Apart from product development

- We will take an approach of maximized communication: Weekly reports, active social media coverage, AMAs (On our platforms), feedback collection and analysis, etc.
- Various marketing tests ranging from special projects to basic campaigns

🆘 Is it really THAT big?

Yes, it is. Yuriy's monitor, that he posted in his twitter, is actually wider than the Grand Canyon.
MVP progress report

While we continue working on the platform, our testers have gathered a lot of feedback - mostly good, but the whole thing wouldn't be useful without their bug reports and personal opinions regarding things that are missing or are a bit off.

So far we’ve introduced for testing:

1. Authorization/ Registration / Email and password recovery
2. Referral system
3. Connecting exchanges to your account
4. Getting data from those exchanges to show your balances (total, for a single exchange or coin)
5. Graphs
6. Display of your current and past orders
7. Swap

And here are some bugs that the group of testers have reported:

1. Balances aren’t showing as fast as they should
2. 2FA process isn’t smooth and lucid
3. P/L are not calculated as intended
4. Some coin images are missing
5. Cross-browser bugs
6. Night/day mode feature was requested by everyone and it’s almost done already
7. Typos

As the platform is being developed, tested and tailored, we don’t want to spoil every bit of it, so I hope that the progress report should be enough for now (we will post other progress reports later).

Enjoy your trading and may the Zen be with you.
We'll make sure that testers deliver more sneak peaks😜

In case you've missed:




Today we start the week off with some absolutely amazing news.

As we have stated we have decided to let our actions speak louder than words for everything that we promise to deliver. We alerted our community a few days ago that we would contact CoinMarketCap officials, to adjust and correctly display our token statistics. For quite some time information was missing which did not allow new investors to be fully aware of what the statistics for certain important information such as token “Market Cap”. As mentioned earlier, not being able to see information for a new asset can be quite unappealing, and we pushed this out to be corrected as soon as possible. We anticipated Monday (today) and as promised that information is now pushed live, and we are now waiting for the fully diluted market cap to be refreshed and updated as well. As promised, we delivered.


Next up,

Clarification on past statements in regards to the Music aspect of Zenfuse. I wanted to take the time to go in-depth into this topic. Everything regarding Zenfuse is completely organic and from scratch. When information regarding music was made we did not take the full approach which we should have to explain what this meant. This statement is going to be filled with everything that those who never got a clear understanding of what we meant have concerns for.

Zenfuse as you all know is a legitimate Revolutionary Trading Platform. However to get where we are, it isn’t just programming. Everything from our animations, artwork, designs, platform, website, framework, network, is completely organic and unique. One thing you all may have not noticed, is even the video that was used for Zenfuse, we have a dedicated team for art work (this includes music creation). The overview video which is displayed on our website consists of just one of many soundtracks the Zenfuse Team has made. (Organically). When we discussed a music album, our plan is to allow public audiences to use our customized sound tracks that will be available for other use cases. This allows better marketing tactics, strategies, and opportunities for everyone to take part in. Influencers can use our sound tracks without the worry of copyrights, and so forth. Music is just a VERY small aspect of our company outline. We have a dedicated team, an official office, and each member has a role they play on continuing to help prosper our vision. Our Team is actively growing, and the conclusion of this is that Zenfuse is anticipating to be a larger company as time continues to move.

Everything we take part in, is done organically and from scratch. Expect more artwork, more designs, more promotional videos that consists of organic artwork, soundtracks, and so on. We even plan to one day soon, allow our community members to participate in representing the company itself and by creating a store to let users buy hoodies, shirts, jackets, etc. All of this is part of a big vision of ours, which is just merely one of many. We are actively working, barely any of the team members get days off. Zenfuse continues to break barriers daily, and getting this far would not have been possible without the strength of the community we have.

This is only the beginning, and all of you are in for a long prosperous ride. We will continue to let our actions speak louder than words, and continue to deliver.

Hope everything above gives everyone the confidence and reassurance that we are much more than just a team, we are all one family.
Bonus Information:
Team Zenfuse plans to push forth multiple marketing strategies, advertisements, promotions, and contact large number of influencers in the coming weeks. We are preparing our offices to host live AMA’s with the team, we are contacting multiple groups via telegram to even host events with them as well. We are on-going exchange listing discussions (NDA; please do not ask what exchanges, but do know, that our goal is to deliver what the community wants, and what is best for us).

Every action, every statement, we plan to commit. Our communication with the community is going to be one of our top priorities, and we push to alert anyone who isn’t in our telegram to be invited if you know they are holders. This will be one of our direct areas of contact.

Token Releases:
Many of you had concerns that we would take large price impacts from the releases in the last few days, but the community has shown nothing but positive trends, and we cannot say it enough.

Thank you.

The last day of pre-sale released tokens will be the 21st of January. Expect more information regarding our future to also be alerted around that time.

Once again,

We would not be here without the on-going support of our amazing community.

Best Regards,
Zenfuse Community
Here is also a preview to the limited 10/10 Hoodies for the first 10 Holders of Zenfuse who had applied that met the criteria.

Our Team has now sent out the delivery to each holder and investor.

Thank you.
⚡️Zenfuse Media Exposure Continues: 🚀

Chico Crypto has been taking a closer look at Zenfuse lately. His community has constantly been bringing it to his attention the potential our project has. Slowly but surely we are gaining the right traction from the right community. Thank you to everyone who has been participating in the growth of our project. With our public beta mvp to be released early February, this is just one of many accomplishments.

The Zenfuse Community