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New Zealand under highest "Covid alert" as of 11.59pm last night.

This is due to a grand total of 84 cases.

US orders families of all American embassy staff in Kyiv to leave Ukraine by using "commercial or other privately available transportation options" due to “threats of Russian military action and COVID-19”.

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🔥🔥🔥 Croatian MEP and former judge Mislav Kolakušić SLAMS Macron - declares mandatory vaccines murder due to adverse reactions and deaths caused by the jabs!

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I have heard talk that it is because those who issued them were not Biosecurity Officers or authorised officers under the Biosecurity Act, however my understanding is that the SOE overrides this requirement.

Does anyone know more information as to why these fines were deemed ‘invalid’?

We may be able to assist a lot of people with this info.

News broadcast from 19.1.22

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Fauci, Moderna CEO @ CO at #DavosAgenda2022:

• There will be more variants
• Moderna ramping up with goal to make 2-3 billion doses for 2022
• Flu + COVID vaccine goal for 2023
• Single annual booster “so that we don’t have compliance issues” (Moderna)
• They call vaccine hesitant people “non-believers”
• Fauci says those give them a “real problem”
• Fauci contributes to the mass formation tactics of pulling together against the common enemy - the virus
• Bangle backs this by reassuring everyone the enemy isn’t a company or a group, it’s the virus
• Fauci blames the failure of the vaccines on the public failing to comply with health measures
• Host recommends vaccine education in schools
• Wilder-Smith claims the scientific community are part of the “conspiracy theories”
• Normalising the “New Normal”
• Part of that is a “global production capacity” for more vaccines
• We have the ability to make the vaccines available to everyone in the world in 2022

This is the charge sheet posted by Velvet Revolution. They have obtained this event number from NSW Police.

For the people asking about NOVAVAX tonight on my live (I get a lot of Q’s about this vaccine), I’ve uploaded the video from Dr. Richard Fleming from July 2021 (but still very important) onto my ‘Other Videos’ page.

Scroll down to the ‘COVID-19 VACCINES’ section:


Qantas and Jetstar workers fighting the mandates. Let’s see if they have the same success the airlines in the US did!

Regional QLD Council holding separate citizenship ceremonies for vaxxed and non-vaxxed.

Let’s call it Segregation Day, shall we?

So how much of taxpayers’ money is really going into the construction of our concentration camps?