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New ascii meme dropped.
My son's prompt for Stable Diffusion: a robot riding a dragon
The baby decided to fall asleep tonight, which means tiny bit of art time. Today was learning how to make mazes. First one is the intestine shaped one. Got a little more coherent with the next two.
Utilized loops to try and trap the solver.
OK, this one is coming along. Drawing mazes is very relaxing and fun because you make something new every time. I don't have to think while drawing the initial paths. Next you have to think about where to loop and which way the solver might go first and making sure you don't have any express shortcut to the end while attaching paths. Finally, you get to draw the walls, and it's a new piece of art that you could have never planned. Having been in an art funk because babies don't let you do much of any hobby, this has been a nice creative release.
OK, here it is. Get from the top hex to the bottom hex.
We filmed a cooking video
"No art unless we're cuddling"
Made a couple of art pieces for a local art magazine. This one was a mind bender to get all the paths going the right direction.
And this one is my brain on late night fumes coming up with the best ideas.
I'm totally going to make a big print of that maze.
Go outside and plant something
Labrynth design sketches
I bought a bunch of ping pong balls from dollar tree for this. Baby pajama backdrop