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NEWS. Crypto Mix&Mash
It starts feeling like spring in the crypto world – so why not to indulge yourself in our weekly selection of curious, fun and quirky news from the crypto industry?

Russia Bans Telegram
Telegram got banned in Russia after refusing to reveal its encryption keys to law enforcement. While the blocking itself is not a good news for users, some think that it can bolster the case for investment in Telegram crypto coin.

Telegram Bots Are After Tokens
While we are on Telegram topic – seems like some crypto groups have an issue with automated bots which are helping themselves to a share of the tokens during airdrops. That takes us to the question about how long this marketing tool will stay legit.

Travel for Crypto
Ever thought of spending your Bitcoins on a beach holiday? Good news for those planning travels - Caribbean Tourism Organization is planning to introduce cryptocurrency payments for tourism services and products in the region.

Master’s in Crypto Finance
While investing in crypto becomes mainstream, more people want to learn how to deal with it – and how to help others. If you are one of them, take a look at the Brazil’s first Master’s degree in crypto-finance at Fundação Getúlio Vargas university.

Bitcoin Voice from a 14-year old
A fourteen-year-old developer created a tool called ‘Bitcoin Voice’ to enable uncensorable voting for subjects within the bitcoin cash community.

Enjoyed our crypto digest? Stay tuned for more – and send a link to @Yoken to your friends.
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RATE. Bitcoin Price: Technical Analysis

What happened
Our expectations of BTC movements were right. Early last week it was going down to a $6400 minimum. But over the second half of the week, Bitcoin rate went up and tested a resistance level of $7800, which was exceeded over weekend.

What’s next
Now BTC is fluctuating around $8000. RCI indicator shows Bitcoin to be slightly overbought, while MACD signals of bull sentiment in the short term.
This week we might see testing of $7800 support level, and if Bitcoin jumps up, it will be testing $8500 resistance. And if this barrier is taken, Bitcoin open its way up to $10,000.

Our price analysis is for information purposes only. Please make the Bitcoin purchase and investment decisions independently at your own risk.

#rate #bitcoin
REVIEW. Meet Typical Cryptocurrency Owner – a 25-34 Year Old Man With a Bachelor’s Degree

How do you know that?
We are carefully reading all personal messages we get. Just a few days ago one of our followers shared a fantastic feedback about @Yoken – and a link to his own research about preferences of cryptocurrency owners.

Sounds interesting. Is it solid?
Yes, it’s a 19-pager with the poll data from a number of countries. The researchers surveyed cryptocurrency owners on how they bought their coins, how much they buy, how they use Bitcoins, etc.

⚙️ 69.5% of crypto owners are ICO investors: miners lead with 18.8%, 13.3% are the business owners who conducted an ICO, 9.4% - freelancers and 7.2% - service providers who got crypto for their services.
⚙️ The majority of surveyed have around $1000-$10000 worth of cryptocurrency.
⚙️ Only 21.9% regularly use Bitcoin to pay for goods and services, while 56.3% - never.
⚙️ Main blockers of mass crypto adoption are not regulatory issues, problems with payments or slow transactions, but wanting to hold onto investments (HODL), the volatility of crypto assets and the lack of payment acceptance points.

The research is conducted by RAD CARD blockchain project’s team – by the way, it’s a great option to gain attention and some free publicity ahead of ICO. A summary of survey and a link to the full document is here: https://goo.gl/YsJgU1.
#review #research
NEWS. Coinbase Buys Earn App for $100M

What happened
Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange has confirmed an acquisition of Earn.com, an app that allows people to make money by answering emails or completing other tasks, for an estimated $100 million.

How about the details?
The Earn team will join the company and, importantly, Balaji Srinivasan, a well-known former Andreessen Horowitz partner, will serve as Coinbase’s first CTO. The payment is made partly in cash, partly in stock, and partly – in crypto assets.

Why is it important?
For Coinbase, it’s a sign of maturity and aggressive talent acquisition to its development and C-suite. However, for Earn the estimate is not that great – at the latest round of financing in 2015, it was evaluated at $310 million.

What can we learn from that
⚙️ Even in crypto space, the companies are interested in acquiring not just ideas, but working products. With Earn, users pay the recipient (usually someone famous), if the latter replies to their note, and this paid email product is quite a real use case of crypto.
⚙️ Earn claims that hundreds of thousands of its users have earned digital currency so far, earning millions of dollars.
⚙️ Among the previous backers of Earn are Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, RRE Ventures and Srinivasan’s Andreessen Horowitz.
#news #coinbase #acquisition
TIPS. What To Do If Telegram Gets Banned
You may have heard that Russia has officially banned Telegram last Friday. As Telegram is one of the key channels for ICOs to talk to their community, we hope that other countries will never experience the same. However, if your Russian community is strong, use our tips to help them stay in touch with you.

Use proxy or VPN
There are quite a number of apps available – some more, some less reliable. Telegram might work funny when connected via proxy or VPN – sometimes it stops sending push notifications or sync between devices. A good temporary solution, but we hope that there will be more advanced apps over time.
By the way, Pavel Durov, Telegram founder, claimed that he “started giving out bitcoin grants to individuals and companies who run socks5 proxies and VPN.”

Update Telegram
There is a word online that Telegram has released an update, allowing users in Russia to continue using Telegram without VPN or proxy. If your users got a push notification – remind them to install it!

Use other channels
However, not all users in Russia know about VPN and proxy – or simply don’t want to use them. Maybe, it’s time to go back to a good old Slack (https://t.me/proYoken/56) or revive your other social media accounts.

Finally, here are a few useful links to share with your community. You’re welcome!
Proxy https://telegram.veesecurity.com/
VPN https://www.tunnelbear.com/

#tips #telegram
NEWS. Pornhub Will Accept Crypto Payments
What happened
Pornhub, a famous adult website, has announced that it will now be accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment for services like Pornhub Premium and more, on their platforms.

Finally a way to spend my Bitcoins...
Well, you’ll need to buy Verge tokens first. “Building on Verge's core values of security, anonymity and practicality, the introduction of this cryptocurrency as a means of payment Pornhub signifies an important foray into the future from the industry that is always on the cutting edge of technology.”

Why is it important?
It’s a big step towards crypto mass adoption. Pornhub VP Corey Price makes a point, saying that “the adult entertainment industry plays a critical role in adoption for innovative technology”.

What can we learn from this
⚙️ Crypto makes its way to its most logical industry – you might agree with us that anonymized payments for Pornhub content are potentially a preferred method of payment.
⚙️ It’s also for sure a huge deal for Verge – with a partner of that scope, the token is well positioned for growth in the short term.
#news #pornhub #verge
TIPS. How To Promote ICO On Facebook After Ads Ban
Since January, 30, ICO and crypto ads are banned on Facebook (https://t.me/yoken/287). The ban raised a waive in the crypto community – some got worried that it would be hard to promote their pages, others blamed the news for Bitcoin rate going down.

Is it bad?
In fact, no. Direct ICO ads on Facebook lost their effectiveness since late 2017. If during summer and autumn $1 was bringing $2-3 in return, in December the ROI fell to 1:1, and later continued to drop. At least, that’s what we heard from the marketers of a few ICO project. If you saw other results, please share with us!

What do I do?
⚙️ You need to work with your Facebook community with a regularly updated, relevant and diverse content about the project and industry, media tags, mentions of journalists, attractive pictures and gifs, as well as with the prompt responses to questions.
⚙️ Bounty can help to increase the page visibility. However, to make it work, you need to define the strict rules for liking and commenting, as well as to think through the system of tracking.

If you have any questions about promoting on other platforms – let us know!
#tips #facebook #community
TIPS. ICO Promotion During Ad Bans: What Else to Know
Apart from Facebook, other platforms like Google, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and MailChimp have also banned the ads of ICOs and cryptocurrencies.

So where do I go?
As you already know, the best thing about crypto industry is that a week here is equal to a year in regular marketing. Firstly, you need to achieve a lot in a short time. Secondly, everything changes rapidly – including the ROI and rules of working on different platforms.
While FB ads were becoming less attractive even before the ban, the same thing happened to Google Adwords – it’s just too expensive.

What to do?
⚙️ On Twitter and Facebook, invest in content and increase your visibility with bounty.
⚙️ Instagram and Snapchat weren’t the priority platforms even before the ban, so now they can be further de-prioritised.
⚙️ MailChimp is convenient, but not the only emailing service.
⚙️ Google Adwords can be replaced with an active work with other target platforms – for examples, listings and Reddit. Also you can try some other instruments like AirDrop and services of shared investments (Tokenator, Icosyndicate, etc.)
#tips #ban #ads
NEWS. Crypto Mix&Mash
Any plans for weekend? Whether you’re spending time out or Netflix&chilling, we always have a special treat for you. Here’s your weekly portion of fun, quirky and curious news from crypto industry.

How Cryptobillionaires Chill
Islands, cruises and private jets – find out how those lucky ones who made billions on Bitcoin spend their leisure time.

To World Cup With Bitcoin
We already wrote that some Russian cities made a move to accept crypto for various services ahead of World Cup. Now, there is also a way to buy actual game tickets with Bitcoin!

Blockchain Goes After VCs
Not everything is in ICO. We all remember a story about Coinbase which raised traditional startup-route VC money, now there is another one taking the same way. A few high-profile investors joined a $28M round in Harbor, a blockchain securities platform.

Nerd Culture Detected
Have you heard of Tron cryptocurrency? How about Ravencoin or Neo? We now live in the world where crypto projects are trying to get more attention using all those fantasy-world, TV series-born nerd culture references.

Tax-Free ICOs? Maybe Later
Since March, Belarus is a green-light destination for crypto enthusiasts with legalized smart contracts, cryptocurrencies – and no tax! However, not many seem to rush to this crypto heaven. Let’s see why.

#news #cryptodigest
RATE. Bitcoin Price: Technical Analysis

What happened
Just as we expected, BTC confirmed $7800 as the new support line and went up over last week.

What’s next
Perhaps, we’ll see $8500 level as the new support line this week. After that, BTC will be testing $10000.

Our price analysis is for information purposes only. Please make the Bitcoin purchase and investment decisions independently at your own risk.
#rate #bitcoin

ICO is always a team work. We have recently discussed whom do you need for a successful ICO, including PR people and community managers. Let’s look at a bigger picture – how the ICO dream team looks like.
Of course, each project is unique, and there is no single team structure to follow. However, as our experience shows, an efficient launch needs at least 20 people. Who are they?

⚙️ Blockchain engineers, smart contract developers. You are planning not just an ICO, but a good product, right?
⚙️ Marketing specialists. Those look after audience targeting, partnerships, market evaluation and competitor analysis.
⚙️ PR and SMM people responsible for promotion.
⚙️ Copywriters and editors. You’ll have a lot of texts to write.
⚙️ Community and bounty managers who respond to audience’s questions and work with bounty hunters.
⚙️ Designers are irreplaceable while working on product, landing page and branding.
⚙️ Project manager who coordinates the work of all above.
You don’t have to employ all of them full time or create a team from scratch. It’s often more cost-effective to outsource some pieces of work, for example, promotion or bounty, to an experienced agency with a ready team of PR, content, SMM and community managers.

#tips #team
NEWS. Hackers Stole $150K from MyEtherWallet in DNS Attack

What happened
According to the data from EtherScan, at least $150k worth of ETH has been stolen from MyEtherWallet (MEW) wallets in a DNS hack.

How did it happen?
MyEtherWallet warned yesterday that a “couple” of its DNS servers have been hacked and users risk being redirected to a phishing site. The company has confirmed that the issue is not on MyEtherWallet side. Later, MEW developers confirmed that the website went back to normal.

Why is it important?
Well, at least because MEW is one of the most popular crypto wallets, and now the users are losing wealth because of the platform’s technical flaws.

What can we learn from it
⚙️ Twitter users have a point saying that a website handling millions of dollars in transactions should invest in DNS security.
⚙️ While the developers confirmed that the issue was resolved, the users need to be aware of the basic safety rules: checking SSL-certificates, giving preference to an offline MEW wallets or using hardware wallets to store cryptocurrency. If you have a MEW wallet, read the team’s guide on how to stay safe: https://myetherwallet.github.io/knowledge-base/security/myetherwallet-protips-how-not-to-get-scammed-during-ico.html.

#news #myetherwallet #security
TIPS. ICO Team – Part 2
In the ICO world where the communication is the king, it’s not enough to have a dream team – it’s also important to showcase its expertise to community and investors.

How to do that?
⚙️ Place info about the team on your website and in White Paper. Good quality pictures, responsibilities, short bios and social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter) are a must.
⚙️ Interviews with team members and advisors on social media – introduce your key people and let them tell about their experience and input.
⚙️ Videos showcasing the process of work. A day of the team, packed in a well-paced 1 minute video is a great way to demonstrate team spirit, work ethics and a massive amount of tasks addressed daily. Don’t be afraid to add some fun – it’s important to show the real people behind the project.
⚙️ Social media reports about team members attending conferences, exhibitions, meetups and hackatons. Pictures, videos and even live streams can bring some life into a story even about a boring event.
⚙️ Many tend to undervalue live feeds on Facebook. While we see that a community loves them! Try this format for Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, events or mini-webinars with team members (for example, a 15-minute set with CTO about the new product features).

#tips #team
RATE. Bitcoin Price: Technical Analysis

What happened
Third week in a row, Bitcoin is trading in the range between $8700 and $9800.

What’s next
RSI indicator is in the neutral zone, MACD – in the positive zone. Now we are witnessing a downwards move towards $9000. However, we expect BTC to grow up to $10000 after that – if this line is taken, it will lead to the further growth.

Our price analysis is for information purposes only. Please make the Bitcoin purchase and investment decisions independently at your own risk.
#rate #bitcoin
RATE. Bitcoin Price: Technical Analysis

What happened
During the past week, bears were winning over and over again. At some point, they have managed to drop Bitcoin to $8200.

What’s next
The potential of Bitcoin decrease is now coming to the end. However, bears might take the last effort to get it down to $8100. After that, we expect an increase towards $9000 this week.

Our price analysis is for information purposes only. Please make the Bitcoin purchase and investment decisions independently at your own risk.
#rate #bitcoin