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XTblock is a hyper-capable network designed to power a high-performance blockchain, as well as decentralised Bot and AI. #dBots #doless #achievemore
Website: https://xtblock.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xtblockio
Telegram: https://t.me/xtblockio
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Two updates to our roadmap:

1. A token bridge to swap XTT-b20 (BSC) /XTT-e20 (Ethereum) and XTT on XTblock Network

-> Will consider a 3rd bridge
-> To be replaced by a backtest module for XTsunami client bots (stock, forex, crypto) to optimise the bot's strategies for users

2. Publishing dApp Framework

-> Will consider using Solidity
-> To be replaced by a distributed computing module for the XTsunami Master Bot, to distribute the computing to client bots in order to optimise the bot's strategies faster

We’re releasing the latest set of XTsunami bots:

- XTsunami Share CFDs Bot v2.0.0

- XTsunami Forex Bot v2.0.0

- XTsunami Crypto Futures v2.0.0

- Master Bot v1.0.0: To monitor XTsunami trading bots (Stock, Forex, Crypto) remotely. User guide: https://xtblock.gitbook.io/master-bot/

Download: https://xtsunami.com/download/
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JUST IN: Binance to delist & end support for its BUSD stablecoin in December 2023.


Over 12 months in #2023 in the US #Long/#Short #Equity market, our #XTsunami #Stock #CFD bot gave these results:

1. For multiple deposits over time: Net return 30.26%, gross return 60.57%

2. Flat net return on principal after latest deposit is 21.95%, gross return 41.57%
From 25 April 2024, we will host Binosaur only on https://stake.xtblock.io – Follow our guide here: https://github.com/xtblock/binosaur/releases/tag/v1.binosaur
if you choose to setup Binosaur locally on your own computer.