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Attendance at Dubai conference
A global summit gathering all the most important players in AI, IoT and blockchain will be held in Dubai for AIBC, we will be there!
We are pleased to announce that our updated white paper is now online. You will find everything about the SDI ONE and our roadmap for the SYL ecosystem
KYC in the XSL Labs ecosystem

KYC in the XSL Labs ecosystemIn our previous articles we discussed in detail about “Verifiable Credentials”. At the core of the ecosystem developed by XSL Labs, these identification and certification’s informations will verify the integrity and validity of an SDI subject’s data in the Internet of Trust. 

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Data theft (3/3): the numbers by sector

Data theft (3/3): the numbers by sectorAfter reviewing what were the costs of data theft for the global economy in previous articles, we will deepen your comprehension of the damages inflicted by cybercrime by looking at the numbers by sectors in this last article of the series. We will look at the private sector, the…

The role of public-key cryptography in the SYL ecosystem

The role of public-key cryptography in the SYL ecosystemTo continue our series of articles explaining the technical aspects of XSL Labs’ technology, we will now focus on cryptographic protocols. Indeed, the XSL Labs ecosystem will be in part based on public-key cryptography, which will allow trust to be established between the different entities in the…

La cryptographie asymétrique au service de l’écosystème SYL

La cryptographie asymétrique au service de l’écosystème SYLDans la continuité de nos articles visant à expliquer certains aspects techniques des travaux de XSL Labs, nous nous intéresserons aujourd’hui aux procédés cryptographiques. En effet, l’écosystème de XSL Labs reposera en partie sur des principes de cryptographie asymétrique, ce qui permettra d’établir la confiance entre les différentes…

Cryptographic hash

Understanding cryptographic hash functionHash functions are part of our daily lives even if we don’t realize it. For example, it is frequently used when we create a password on the Internet or when we electronically sign data or when we download certain files.

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Hachage cryptographique

Hachage cryptographiqueLes fonctions de hachage font partie de notre quotidien, sans même que nous en soyons conscients, c’est par exemple fréquemment le cas dès que nous créons un mot de passe sur Internet, quand nous signons électroniquement des données ou encore lorsque nous téléchargeons certains fichiers

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実は、ハッシュ関数は私たちの日常生活の一部です。私たちが気づかないところで、インターネットでパスワードを作成する、データに電子署名する、または特定のファイルをダウンロードするときなどにハッシュを使用します。XSL Labsで使用されるテクノロジーについての多くの記事で、特にIPFS、非対称暗号、暗号化ハッシュ関数の概念について説明しました。

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To engage in a communication of trust and transparency, XSL Labs has decided to contact and share its documentation with Xangle.

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Benefits Multi Secure Digital Identity

Protect and isolate your digital identity with the Multi SDI

XSL Labs is developing a decentralized digital identity (Secure Digital Identity) to ensure better control of personal data and prevent identity theft on the Internet.The SDI acts as a real identity card that can be used on many online services. We have already mentioned its…