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Tonight we’re doing a tournament but instead of choosing slots for the brackets we’re choosing viewers and they go head to head picking slots each round and the winners advance.There will also be a bracket you can make predictions as well to receive a prize!

See you all tonight at kick.com/Xposed at 11;30 PM EST! Be early!
Tonight! We are doing a special tonight where I’m choosing 16 users to be apart of a Bonus Buy Tournament! Not only will you have the opportunity to choose a slot each round and win some money if you do not get chosen you may submit a March madness style bracket on my website to potentially receive a prize as well! Come watch Live! Www.kick.com/Xposed

Picking 16 Competitors as well as you (the chat) can place brackets to win a $ prize.

$250,000 Bonus Hunt. + Halloween Costume Contest

Tonight at 11:30 PM EST

Meet in the Community Discord at 11:00 PM EST.

$15,000 in Prizes, Must have a Costume. Top 5 Costumes will receive a prize + Top 3 in Placings with Receive a prize.

Looks like the Randy Marsh giveaway bot we were using was compromised resulting in a link to a scamming Telegram being broadcasted. If you joined the Telegram that was posted please report it and leave. The link itself wasn’t malicious so no worries if you did click/join it.
Following a bunch and tipping people on Stake who follow XposedHQ on Twitter. Post a screenshot for proof as well as comment your Stake username (.com only) for a shot at some cash.

This X Profile will be posting daily updates and Clips of my Channel.


Here’s the post.
Haven’t used this in awhile. Show me it still works, I’m opening 55 Bonuses right now live on Kick.

Come watch me www.kick.com/Xposed
Tipping a bunch of people who comment there Stake Username or Bitcoin Wallet under my latest TikTok clip.

Had to make a new one.


Follow it even if you don’t care about the cash! Thanks fellas. See you tonight.