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⭐️ The validation rules are live! They are designed to validate user input with ask block.
Available rules: number, numeric, digits, url, email, phone, image, file, video, audio, location, confirm, min:10, max:2, non-free-input, free-input, size, /<regexp>/
Also it's possible to combine them. E.g. if you need to validate zip code which consists of 5 digits, just put validate:digits|size:5 into a proper ask block.
Release notes and a new example.
⭐️ Data Sanitization. With a new output field for an ask block, it is possible to clear inserted data from unneeded symbols and phrases.
For instance, if we need to store a phone number and users type in (555) 555-1234, we can save it now like this 5555551234. More about the new feature in the version v3.0.3
▢️ In this new video learn how to switch a spreadsheet with your chatbot to a new one, and return it back if needed. This could be useful when you test new scenarios and try new examples.
Hello everyone! We continue our effort to bring new values for telegram communities, and this time we prepared and launched the PRO version πŸŽ‰
Very soon we will improve bot's performance, release πŸ†• general and game changing features πŸ˜‰, so stay tuned!
πŸŽ‰ The new release is out!
πŸ‘‰ Now we can create multiple chatbots from one Telegram account! This feature is PRO though, so make sure you're subscribed πŸ’«
πŸ‘‰ Also we've reworked the @xlsheet_bot workflow, so it's more simple and supports multiple bots
Stay tuned, more things are coming... πŸŽƒ
Guys, we are currently working on a HUGE πŸŽ‰ update, and hasten to announce that it is already in testing! Meanwhile we've prepared another thing which will help you with managing your bots - it's the DELETE bot button.
This is especially important for those who can't afford having a PRO version but need to erase an old bot and register a new one.
The big update is coming next! Stay tuned 🀟
πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ’₯ The Big Update is out!
Now it is possible to convert your Google Form into a telegram chatbot in one minute, this video is a proof https://youtu.be/TktQ7XaY9Ug

It works as simple as this:
πŸ‘‰ Open @xlsheet_bot
πŸ‘‰ Send to the bot your google email and a link to your google form (make sure it is shared with bot's google account xlsheetbot@gmail.com)
πŸ‘‰ Open @botfather and register a new bot
πŸ‘‰ Copy a token from @botfather and into @xlsheet_bot
Voilà! You have a bot-copy of your form 😎
⭐️ Quick update
Stripe is online for XLSheetBot.
This should fix all issues with international payments πŸ˜‰
⭐️ We added a possibility to search data in the table as was requested by the community πŸ₯³
There is a new action find with fields table, pipe, variable. For instance, if we need to find a phone through My Contacts sheet (with columns: Name, Phone, Info) by name 'Rick’, we can add:

table: My Contacts 
pipe: find(Rick).column(2)
variable: phone

More in the docs: https://doc.xlsheetbot.com/other-blocks/action/find-action
πŸ”” Here we have a new Free vs Pro comparing table https://doc.xlsheetbot.com/free-vs-pro
Now you can grasp what advantages you get from a Pro version.
Also there are some new fixes were rolled out in version v3.4.2, among them there is a broadcast fix and a reworked commands limit
⭐️ The new transfer ownership release is available
Click 'Transfer Ownership' under the bot's menu and follow the instructions
P.S. don't forget to transfer the bot in @BotFather and share the spreadsheet with the new owner πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό
Channel name was changed to «XLSheet Bot 🌡 News»
Hi Guys,
If you need help with your bot please don't hesitate to schedule a meeting with an expert πŸ‘©β€πŸ«
Just run /help within @xlsheet_bot and follow the link
Hello everyone, we launch the discussion group for XLSheetBot.

Please join the group @xlsheetbotgroup

There are some common sense rules to follow:
- The group language is English
- Stay on topic
- Advertisement or posting as channels is disallowed
- No meta questions (e.g. "Can I ask something?")
- Only mention or reply to users directly if you're answering their question or following up on a conversation with them.
Hello Dear Community 🌡
New search options available with find action in the new release. Now find works with any regexp, e.g. find(/^test.*$/) and column and row could return a range of records, e.g. row(1:5).column(1:2). So now you can easily search sheets for data by any keys and limit the result by number of records, here is an example Search Contacts Table
You could try this example working with the test chatbot @test_xlsheet_bot
Also, please, join discussion group @xlsheetbotgroup
Hey guys, we've added Open AI 🧠 completion to XLSheetBot. To try it out create a new action openai without additional parameters, it takes the last message being sent to the bot and replies back to chat, very simple example is here: Open AI
Also you can try how it works with demo bot here: @ai_gpt3_bot
Action openai was improved and now keeps conversation session for 30 minutes after being unused.
Also you can try how it works with demo bot here: @ai_gpt3_bot