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💡 Did you know that you can manage a couple of chatbot scripts under one telegram account by switching among spreadsheets?
👉 Create another Google spreadsheet
👉 Copy the structure from an existing chatbot and replace telegram token
👉 Run /register_spreadsheet command and follow the steps

You can always switch the chatbot back to the old spreadsheet.
This could be helpful for testing new features or new ideas 🙂
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⭐️ The new 'button_mode' setting was added to Telegram version.
Now you can control if you want to hide inline buttons after clicking on them or keep them active (this is a default behavior).
For this open the Settings sheet and add another variable=button_mode and value=remove|keep.
🔗 Release notes: https://doc.xlsheetbot.com/release-notes#v-2-1-0-2020-09-25
🐞 Now old active Telegram inline buttons work after bot update has finished. To solve this issue for your chatbot, you need to upgrade your chatbot version first.
🔗 Release notes: https://doc.xlsheetbot.com/release-notes#v-3-0-1-2020-10-01
▶️ New video - how to set up a bot (new version) is live now
🔗 https://youtu.be/Wfqlo0-LBss
💡Lots of people wonder what's the best way to store collected data.
Use the "saveRecord" action to store data in a separate sheet. This action accepts the following inputs:

👉 table - a name of the sheet where data should be stored;
👉 variables - a list of variables to store;
👉 fields - names of the columns for storing the data from variables (number of fields should be equal to number of variables);

There is a good example for this action in the docs called "Lead Generation Form" on this page:
💡If you need to notify yourself about any specific event that occurs in a bot, like a new user subscription, or a new order is added to a table, etc. use "notifyAdmin" action (without any fields), the notification will come into your telegram instantly.
🔗 Find a full list of available actions here: https://doc.xlsheetbot.com/other-blocks/action