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💡 Did you know that you can manage a couple of chatbot scripts under one telegram account by switching among spreadsheets?
👉 Create another Google spreadsheet
👉 Copy the structure from an existing chatbot and replace telegram token
👉 Run /register_spreadsheet command and follow the steps

You can always switch the chatbot back to the old spreadsheet.
This could be helpful for testing new features or new ideas 🙂
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⭐️ The new 'button_mode' setting was added to Telegram version.
Now you can control if you want to hide inline buttons after clicking on them or keep them active (this is a default behavior).
For this open the Settings sheet and add another variable=button_mode and value=remove|keep.
🔗 Release notes: https://doc.xlsheetbot.com/release-notes#v-2-1-0-2020-09-25
🐞 Now old active Telegram inline buttons work after bot update has finished. To solve this issue for your chatbot, you need to upgrade your chatbot version first.
🔗 Release notes: https://doc.xlsheetbot.com/release-notes#v-3-0-1-2020-10-01
▶️ New video - how to set up a bot (new version) is live now
🔗 https://youtu.be/Wfqlo0-LBss
💡Lots of people wonder what's the best way to store collected data.
Use the "saveRecord" action to store data in a separate sheet. This action accepts the following inputs:

👉 table - a name of the sheet where data should be stored;
👉 variables - a list of variables to store;
👉 fields - names of the columns for storing the data from variables (number of fields should be equal to number of variables);

There is a good example for this action in the docs called "Lead Generation Form" on this page:
💡If you need to notify yourself about any specific event that occurs in a bot, like a new user subscription, or a new order is added to a table, etc. use "notifyAdmin" action (without any fields), the notification will come into your telegram instantly.
🔗 Find a full list of available actions here: https://doc.xlsheetbot.com/other-blocks/action
⭐️ If you ever wanted to add a "share" button for you chatbot, check out the new feature 🎉
More at the Release notes: https://doc.xlsheetbot.com/release-notes
🔔 New website is live now!
💡 The best practice in sending broadcasts is by using tags.
Tag is a short title of a receiver (user), like male, age20-30, cold_lead, hot_lead, etc. So by marking your users, you make your message destination the most accurate, prevent spamming and improve marketing efficiency.
To reach out to your target audience:
👉 Apply tags for users in the scenario by using addTag action.
👉 Setup a new broadcast in the Broadcasts sheet, set a date and input comma separated tags in the tags field. More in the docs and video.
🔔 This week we've optimized the /upload_info function and updated the promo video
🔔 Next weeks we're going to add more cool features, which will help us all to be more productive and build more complex chatbots!
For now, please, support us on Product Hunt and Indie Hackers 🙏
⭐️ The validation rules are live! They are designed to validate user input with ask block.
Available rules: number, numeric, digits, url, email, phone, image, file, video, audio, location, confirm, min:10, max:2, non-free-input, free-input, size, /<regexp>/
Also it's possible to combine them. E.g. if you need to validate zip code which consists of 5 digits, just put validate:digits|size:5 into a proper ask block.
Release notes and a new example.
⭐️ Data Sanitization. With a new output field for an ask block, it is possible to clear inserted data from unneeded symbols and phrases.
For instance, if we need to store a phone number and users type in (555) 555-1234, we can save it now like this 5555551234. More about the new feature in the version v3.0.3
▶️ In this new video learn how to switch a spreadsheet with your chatbot to a new one, and return it back if needed. This could be useful when you test new scenarios and try new examples.