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Update 3.7.1

• The work on updating the CDN has been completed. This will affect the speed of loading content.
• Fixed bugs in the Explore menu.
• Fixed other minor bugs.

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This is a beta version. Please report bugs to us.
Added new categories:

• Webcam
• Addicted (includes content related to people with alcohol or drug addiction, as well as the consequences)
• Unsorted

We have reached a record for the number of stored files. Two hundred thousand files at the moment. Next year we will increase this number by another 50%.
Version 4.0 — P2P, channels, messages, etc.

The Xexle service continues to evolve. We strive to add more and more features for interaction between users. This is a gradual process and we have taken another step forward. This is the biggest update in the entire 6-year history of the project.

A preface is needed at this point. Due to the fact that replenishment of the balance is possible only through cryptocurrency, a sufficiently large number of people cannot do this. They are more familiar with PayPal, CashApp, etc. In this update, we tried to resolve this issue. How? We have created an infrastructure that will allow people who know how to use cryptocurrency to help all other users replenish the balance and earn at the same time. The following innovations should be considered in this context:

Private messages

Added a system of private messages between users. Now you can send messages to anyone and about anything. The private messaging system is inspired by modern instant messengers and will not cause any difficulties for users to use.

• For convenience, chats with users can be hidden. They are not deleted, but simply do not appear in the list until one of the users sends a message.
• Links become clickable automatically.
• Message status label: sent and read.
• Notifications about new messages appear in a pop-up window on any page of the site.


Help is becoming more available. Previously, technical support was provided through e-mail and Telegram. This is not very convenient and creates a lot of difficulties. Now you can get a response from the Support via the internal chat.

In the ↯ Live section there is a new "Channels" tab where you can find channels where users can chat with each other on related topics. In simple words, Channels are chats by topic.

• The channels have a familiar chat view, the functionality is adapted to smartphones.
• The page does not need to be updated, new messages are added "live".
• All post history available.
• Users can reply to messages of other participants in the conversation
• Message text can be copied
• If another user answered you, then a notification will be displayed on top of any page of the site. If you click on it, the corresponding channel will open.
• Channels are moderated.

In the future, the functionality will be expanded, including the ability for users to create channels without restrictions, upload files, share them, and so on. So far, channels created by the administration are available.

The first available channels are:
• Bulletin board
• Ideas for service
• Chatter
Coin transfer

Users can now transfer coins to each other. Conditions:

• No commission.
• Available for users who have replenished their balance with at least 3000 coins ($30).

New benefits for Premium

• Premium users are guaranteed to receive a response to their support message within 12 hours.
• Premium users in Channels have a Premium sign next to their username.

P2P balance replenishment

Added a new way to replenish the balance - P2P. Any methods of replenishment are available, which users agree among themselves.

User page

Added ". . . " button to interact with the user. Also added the "Details" section. There you can get information about the user, as well as data for P2P interaction.

Coin Settings

The financial settings page has appeared. Options:
• The status of the ability to make transfers of coins.
• Make the balance public or private.

The notification system has been rethought. Previously, notifications were displayed only as a list in the corresponding section. Now there are "hot notifications". This means that while using the site, a notification box will be displayed at the top, as everyone is used to in smartphone applications.

For example, when you replenish your balance or when you receive an incoming personal message, you will see a notification on top of any page of the site and by clicking you can immediately go to the corresponding page. It's incredibly convenient.

Balance replenishment

• Added Worldcoin cryptocurrency.
• Now your current balance is displayed on the page with the cryptocurrency address, so that it is more convenient to calculate how much you need to replenish for a purchase.
• In the list of replenishment method, a mark about the commission has been added.
• A label about the recommended method has been added to the list by replenishment method.


Some elements have been changed. For example, pop-ups now blur the background and make text more readable. And other minor changes.


Added verified user icon. The badge is currently available to a limited number of people. In the future, this policy will change and this feature will be available to everyone.
Version 4.0 is beta. Please report any problems to us.

This update is very large and complex. We expect bug reports from you and more. We'll fix it.
New categories, Premium Gifts, New ways to earn coins

Version 5.0 will give users a new and enjoyable experience.

New categories

We present new categories that will appear gradually over the course of the month.
• Humiliation
• Masturbation
• Cartoon

Adding new content

A new system for adding content will be launched soon. Now new files of the same category cannot be added for more than 24 hours. So there will be different categories every day. We are still working on this system and will improve it.

A new section Store has been opened. Everything that can be bought at the present moment of time is placed there. The list of goods and services will expand.


The Purchases section contains a list of everything purchased from the Store.

Premium gift

Users can now gift Premium to each other. The number of purchased subscriptions is not limited. Gift and sell!


We have collected the most frequently asked questions and created a section with answers. The FAQ has been translated into all languages supported by the service.
New payment methods

• Cryptocurrency DASH
• Cryptocurrency Zcache
• Cryptocurrency DAI (Ethereum network)
• In August, PayPal introduced its PYUSD stablecoin, with which you can make transfers from your PayPal wallet to crypto wallets. In connection with this event, we have added Paypal USD to the balance replenishment methods with instructions.


Now you can learn about all the innovations in the stories everyone is familiar with, just like in other popular services.

Earning coins

• The reward for inviting via links has been increased to 10 coins. Invite other users and save coins.
• As you know, the service supports many languages. This translation is from artificial intelligence, which is not always correct. You can send comments about the translation via the contact form or support service. The reward amount is up to 100 coins.
• You can receive a reward for reporting bugs, errors, or security problems on the site. The size of the reward depends on the scale of the error.

Offer for copyright holders

Now content copyright holders can send us a link to their website and it will appear in the description so that users can click on it and buy goods and services.

Premium tariffs

The Premium purchase page has become more modern, clearer and simpler. At the same time, the changes affected tariffs:
• Subscription periods have changed from 1, 6 and 12 months to 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. This will allow users to save on the subscription period.
• The cost of a 1 month subscription has changed from 499 coins to 699 coins. This is due to a number of economic and technical reasons. Prices for 6 and 12 months remained unchanged.


• Added privacy policy. You can see what data we store.
• Now, when reporting content, it is possible to close it for specific countries, thereby not deleting the file for everyone. Illegal content continues to be removed completely and for everyone.


• When scrolling the content list in portrait (horizontal) screen position, the bottom menu is hidden. As soon as scrolling stops, the bottom menu returns. This will allow you to use your device's screen to its fullest potential.
• Updated "Menu" tab. Now the icons are sorted into categories, rather than piled up in a heap.
• A lot of minor bugs have been fixed. The site is more stable.
The next updates will affect content filtering, as well as the video player. We're already working on it.

10,000 registered users

In less than a year, we have grown from 700 registered users to 10,000. Thank you for using our service.

Version 5.1: Content filter, coin transfer, security

Global content filtering

We have received messages about how to hide some content. But based on the fact that there are no categories that our users do not complain about, we grouped them into 6 categories:

• Not porn
• Porn
• Hardcore
• Unsorted
• Sissy
• Shocking

You can hide any of the 6 categories by unchecking the corresponding box.

For convenience, two buttons “All content” and “Regular porn” have been added, which set the appropriate settings.

Attention! This setting does not apply to specific search results, but to the entire Explore section. Use it carefully, otherwise you won't see a lot of content.
The filter is located in the Settings section.

Coin transfers

We strive to develop interaction between users. Now, in order to be able to send coins, you need to top up your balance one-time with only $10, instead of $30. Participate in P2P and sell coins to other users, now it's even easier!


We continue to add features for security-conscious people. You can now delete your search history.

Also, but no less important

• In the search menu, some buttons received icons instead of text. There are more and more settings and there is a need to save space.

• The system for saving the history of search queries has been redesigned and optimized. Now it works faster than ever.

• Redesigned the Settings page. Sorted by categories, added buttons, etc.

• The popular content analytics code has been rewritten. It will become a little more accurate and faster.

Version 5.2: Unsorted, Bottom menu, Top bar

Unsorted content

Added a separate Unsorted section. Which contains files that did not receive categories from moderators.
Now any user can select categories for such files and receive rewards. To receive a category, three votes from different users are required. The first user receives 2 coins, the next two receive 1 coin. Thus, by selecting categories for several hundred files, you can get Premium.
For detailed conditions, read the Rules section in the voting pop-up window.

Bottom menu

The bottom menu has been rethought. It has new functions.

• Double clicking on Explore opens a list of all sections.
• Double clicking on Menu opens a list of the most important sections.
• Double click on User - opens account settings.
Single clicking on these buttons did not change. Now navigating the site has become much easier and faster. Give it a try.

Top bar

Now in Settings you can hide the top menu. The bar is not useful in all cases. If the user wants to save space on their display, the bar can be hidden with one click.

Bottom scroll button

Now on each page of the site there is a "scroll to top" button at the bottom right. In this case, the button performs two functions. A single click raises the window to the very top of the page, a double click hides the bottom menu. This way, you can remove everything on the screen to see more content on the page.
Double-clicking again returns the bottom menu. It's simple.
But we couldn’t just leave this button in one place, so in the settings you can choose where this button will be located (right, left), and you can also hide it completely if it bothers you.

30,000 users

Yesterday the number of accounts reached 30,000. We express our deep gratitude to all new users!

Version 5.3: Previews & searching results


We worked towards this for quite some time and it happened. We scanned all the files we store, which allowed us to give users a choice of previews.

Now users have access to 3 types of previews:
• Picture
• Slideshow
• Video

Some users have long experienced problems with previews, especially on older and weaker devices. The problem was that loading videos multiple times on the same tab was causing any video to stop loading.
The most common problem was when users selected Animated Preview and the videos did not play in browsers such as Safari. Now for such cases there is a slideshow that inserts pictures instead of heavy videos.

Opening files

Opening files is another way to solve problems for users who have encountered problems watching videos.

Now the settings provide 3 options:
• Popup - the usual opening of a file in a pop-up window.
• New window - all files open in a new window. When you click on X, the window closes.
• Smart - videos heavier than 8 megabytes open in a new window, other files in a pop-up window.
Use Smart if your device is old or weak.

Preview size

The size of the preview icons was always the same. However, we have added the ability for users to determine the sizes themselves.


The reaction icon on the search results page can now be hidden. They are not always useful for all users, which is why this setting was added.
All of the above innovations are available on the Settings page.


For security purposes, a captcha has been added when registering and logging into your account. The number of users is growing, among which there are not very good people or even bots. The captcha is made in the style of our site's identity. We are sure you will like it.

40,000 users

On December 18, the number of users reached 40 thousand. Thank you!

Version 5.4: Notifications, search results


Previously, we used email only as a way to restore access to an account. The following important notifications will now be sent to your email:
• Login
• Purchase Premium
• Replenishing your balance
• Incoming and outgoing payments
• New private messages
• New invoices
• Password recovery
• Other important information

Later we will add the ability to turn off notifications by category.

Telegram notifications

Now users can add notifications via Telegram. The text of notifications is the same as for email, only in this case they are sent to a special bot in the Telegram messenger. It is very easy to connect in your account settings.

If the user has notifications enabled via Telegram, then the URL to restore access to the account will be sent through messages in the Telegram bot.

Search results

We have added a "..." button to each file. When you click on it, the following is currently available:
• Open in Popup
• Report
• Vote for deletion
• Share
New icons in search results

Instead of texting the date added and the number of views, we decided to expand the data. Now showing:

🗓 Calendar - Shows when the file was added as a number and a symbol, where the symbol is the first letter in English. 1D - 1 day, 2W - two weeks, 6M - six months, 2Y - 2 years. This method saves space and users do not get confused.
👁 Views - number of file views.
👍 Reactions - most popular reaction and total number of user reactions.
💬 Comments - number of comments. The button is clickable (read below).


The window for file comments has been redesigned. Now the user can open comments without going into the video player, which will allow them to immediately read the comments and respond to another user. We added avatars, usernames are clickable, a convenient window for sending messages with a button for deleting text, the number of characters entered, the text input field increases as you enter a comment.

Vote for deletion

We've received complaints about some files that users don't like for a variety of reasons. For example, a large number of watermarks, the video is too dark, it is unclear what is happening in the frame, there is no sound, etc.
To resolve this issue, we are now allowing users to vote for content removal. A submitted vote does not mean the file will be deleted immediately. This file will be sent for additional verification by moderators to ensure it meets our requirements. If the file verification fails, the file will be deleted as we only store the best content. If you are not satisfied with the file, vote! Please do not confuse this with the Report button, which you can use to report a violation.

"Report" button

The Report button has been redesigned. Added the item "the current file category does not correspond to the real one." You can also now complain without going into the video player.

File views

The file view counter was not clear to many users and we did not explain how it works, as this is due to a complex technical feature. Previously, any file opening (even an accidental click or from an anonymous person) was counted. Next, all these views were sent to a queue for processing, which took several hours. This way we got packs of 1000 and 5000 views. Many people didn’t like it, and we didn’t either. The viewing conditions have now changed. They have become more transparent and understandable.
Together with the new method of counting views, we recalculated all views that:
• Random clicks
• From accounts that we suspect are not real people.
• Unregistered users

• A nice little detail - the e-mail input window has been redesigned. Now, when you enter a username in the E-mail field, the site will offer to add a domain from the list of popular email services.
• The waiting time for payment has been increased to 20 minutes, instead of 15.

70,000 users

On January 6, 2024, we had 50k registered users, on January 19 - 60k, on February 9 - 70k. Thanks! All newcomers are welcome!

Notes from admins

This year we are going to significantly increase the amount of new content, so the service will incur additional costs, which will result in a change in the cost of all Premium periods by several dollars. Along with this, several more benefits are being prepared for Premium users. They will be free for everyone who has already purchased.
We consider it fair to notify about this. So if you have not yet purchased Premium for a long period, but wanted to do so, we recommend doing so within a few weeks.

Happy Birthday! 100к users! Version 5.5

Video player

Added new features for the video player:
• "Start video" — each video opens from a time stamp that the user specifies. Available from 0% to 40%.
• "Default zoom" - each file will be opened with the selected zoom.
• Rewind - with one or two clicks/touches.
• The rewind time period for single and double clicks can be adjusted.
• The transparency of video player icons can be changed.
All of the above innovations are available on the Settings page.
The Zoom button has been improved. Now it doesn’t just zoom in, but gives the user a choice of how much to zoom in.

Hiding files

Now users can hide files they don't like. These files will not appear in search results for a comfortable time.
Applies to the entire Explore section.
If a user does not log in to his account for a long time, the viewed files are deleted.
To do this, click "..." (three dots) and select "Hide".

Hiding watched files

Users can hide viewed files from search results. For all users - viewed files for the last few days are hidden, for premium users - without time restrictions.
If a user does not log in to his account for a long time, the viewed files are deleted.
Applies to the entire Explore section.
To hide viewed files, click the eye symbol in the search menu.

Dark theme

The code for changing themes has been completely rewritten. The dark theme has been improved - the color changes without reloading the page, and all pop-up windows in the dark theme have been adapted and will not cause discomfort to the eyes. Changes to the code will allow for a variety of color schemes to be added in the future.
Birthday - 7 years

On March 15, the site turned 7 years old. Thanks for support!


• Premium users have the ability to hide their selected content in an unlimited amount.
• Premium users have the opportunity to hide viewed content in an unlimited amount.
Those who have already purchased Premium will receive all new features for free.
Last month, we notified users of Premium pricing changes and asked users to purchase a long-term subscription. Prices have been changed, periods remain the same.

100,000 users

On February 24, 80k users registered with us, on March 10 - 90k. Today - 100k users. Thank you! All newcomers are welcome!


• After purchasing Premium, the user sees a more colorful purchase status.
• The "Doc" category has been renamed to "Doctor".
• When assigning categories to unsorted files, the user sees expanded category names.
• Added category "Gang bang". But it will appear in the list of categories a little later.
• Changing file descriptions is temporarily hidden due to a large number of abuses from bad users. By the next update we will improve this system and restore everything. Don't worry.
• Many small and serious bugs have been fixed.
The service will operate in beta mode for the next few days, so please report any errors you encounter.

Version 6.0

Today's update is focused more on the internal workings of the site, which is not noticeable to users, but we have prepared several pleasant innovations:


A lot of internal code has been rewritten, now the service has become even more stable and faster.
The JavaScript code on the client side was optimized, which also affected the speed of the application on user devices.

Explore section

Added 2 new tabs:
• Favorites — A list of users' favorite files is now available on the Explore page. The service has accumulated a large number of favorites folders and can now show them as collections. Previously, this page was in the ↯ section. Now all content has been moved to the Explore section.
• Groups — Folders with files that were combined by moderators based on some criteria. For example, in meaning, similarity, authorship, etc.

List button (≡)

The button ≡ has been added to the Explore section, showing all tabs in a list. The button is useful for desktop devices that do not have convenient horizontal scrolling.

Latest activity and security

The decision was made to hide recent user activity due to security reasons.
At the initial stage of development of the service and with a small number of users, this was appropriate, but the site has recently gained traffic and many do not want to advertise their actions.


• Many minor bugs have been fixed.
• Added payment via Solana USDT and USDC.
• The icon for loading content from a duck to a planet has been replaced.