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Module with sections

In version 1.2.1 the following changes:
- Added navigation module with different sections.
- Returned the "Categories" section.
- Returned the "Popular" section.
- Added section "Random".
- Added "Now Watching" section.
- Fixed minor bugs.

We received a lot of messages with positive comments on the last site update, as well as suggestions on how to make the service better. We thank you very much. As far as possible we will implement your suggestions.

Please report bugs to us. We will fix it quickly.

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We have received several complaints about the site not working. To avoid the error - reset the cookie for the site.

To make sure that this is the cause. Open the site in a different browser and you won't have any problems.
Thanks to your prompt reports, we have fixed the bug 😘

Please continue to notify us of bugs.

P.S. We have also allowed comments in our Telegram channel. You can write here any questions, suggestions, complaints, reports, etc.
Content update. Check it out

P.S. Some users experience problems when going from page 1 to page 2, etc. To solve the problem, delete all cookies by clicking several times on the place shown in the image.
There will be a content update today.

Also, some users are asking where the Victim section has disappeared to. It will be back a little later in 2023. Now we are working on a big update of the search engine.

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New search (beta)

The biggest update of all time. In version 1.3 we have prepared the following:
— The search engine has been redesigned. More content will now be produced for queries. Recognition of different word forms has been added. Added spell checker.
— The search has become more rigorous. For example, if you type in two words, the user will get the content with only these two words.
— Searching for anything forbidden (CP) will show a window with the appropriate information about inadmissibility.
— The results in the Categories section have been redesigned and more content is now displayed.
— Search tooltips have been updated. They are now more accurate and appear much faster.
— Recommended search terms are displayed in the search results.
— If there are no or few search results, the service will pick up other search tags and show them to the user.
— Fixed minor bugs.
In the future, we plan to focus on the socialization of the site. So that users could interact with each other. For this we are preparing the ground. In this regard, the following changes:
— One-click registration. Don't waste your time filling out forms.
— Authorization via username and email.
— Added deletable sessions.
— Ability to assign a user name and change it at any time.

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Please let us know if you find bugs. We tried very hard to make everything perfect, but we realize that we might have made mistakes somewhere.

Thank you ❤️
🎉 🎉 🎉

Biggest New Year's content update.
+5000 videos and photos.

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Search Results

Update 1.4 focuses on search results.

— Search History. Your 10 most recent searches are now available, allowing you to navigate between web pages faster and more actively.
— Favorite searches. Add your searches to favorites so you can quickly find content the next time you visit. You can add a maximum of 10 search terms.
— Added Notifications. Now you will be notified about certain events through this section.
— Search results and categories work differently from now on. Content in Categories is manually sorted, content in search results is rendered if the title, tags or description contain that query, but this does not guarantee that the content rendered matches the search query.
— Cosmetic changes and traditional bug fixes.
— Loading now shows a duck instead of a kunguru.

We're still open to suggestions, comments and anything else you want to let us know. Thanks to you, we have a big list of features to add and we're not going to stop.

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Also +3500 videos and photos!

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🔧 There will be technical work today. Something may not work. It won't be for long.
🔧 The technical work is finished. Please let us know if you find an error.
XEXLE: manual selected pórn
🔧 The technical work is finished. Please let us know if you find an error.
If you still see the error message, delete the DNS Cache on your device. Or wait until the cache deletes itself.
+2000 videos and photos. Check it out
Update 1.5

Xexle continues to actively develop and today we have the following innovations:
— Adding content every day. Content is now added automatically every day, instead of once or twice a week.
— Collections are displayed in an internal popup window without exiting the video player.
— A button with recommended content has been added to the video player, based on what the user is watching now.
— Added the Settings button to the video player.
— Added "Swap hands" feature that allows you to swap left and right buttons in the video player. Viewing content through your smartphone will be even more convenient. Do what you like with the hand you're used to.
— Added Speed function to the video player.
— Added to the video player functions, which interact with the image: Brightness, Contrast, Invert. But remember that these functions consume a lot of CPU and RAM resources. Therefore, on smartphones may not work stably.
— The Rotate function has been added to the video player. You can now rotate the image 360 degrees, allowing you to view the content the way you want. It also gives a new interaction with the content.
— Added a Report button to the video player.
— Removed the top menu for smartphones in the horizontal position.
— Improved site performance by reworking the JavaScript code.
— Small bugs fixed, as well as minor cosmetic improvements.

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Update 1.6

Xexle continues to actively develop and today we have the following innovations:
Emotion. React to the content with the appropriate emotion. The most popular emotion will be displayed at the bottom left of the preview.
— New languages added: Korean, Turkish, Hindi.
Passcode. If the user assigns a 4-digit numeric code and has been idle for 15 minutes, a window will appear asking for that code or the user will not be able to use the site from that browser. This is especially important if the device is used by more than one person. However, we note that this minimum security does not guarantee complete and serious protection.
— Added settings for animated previews. Some devices with weak CPU and RAM have problems with auto-playback. Static previews are now automatically set, but the user can change this.
— Bug fixes and other site improvements.

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Update 1.7

The update focuses on searches, sections, new features and small changes that improve the interaction with the service.


— Added "New" section.
— Added "Collections" section. See below.
— Added "Little Viewed" section. Sometimes it happens that users' attention is passed by some content, and it doesn't deserve it. Perhaps you'll find a diamond.
— The "Popular" section has been renamed "Most Viewed".
— Under "Most Viewed" you can see popular content for different periods - today, 3 days, a week and a month.
— The "Categories" section shows hints on what content is displayed in the selected category.


Introducing a new section for content search. Users are presented with several collections that have something in common or are in a certain mood. This is especially relevant if the user does not know exactly what he wants to see. At the moment, six collections are available. This number will increase regularly.


— The search works even faster.
— An "HQ" filter has been added to the search, which will return content with a quality higher than 1280x720.
— Filter of video duration (0-3 minutes, 3-10 m, 10-30 m, 30-60 and more than 60 minutes) was added to the search.
— A horizontal and vertical video orientation filter has been added to the search.
— Added "Reset filters" button.


— The "Victim" section is back. It is disabled by default for everyone. To enable it, you must change the "Educational and Medical Contet" item in the settings.


— The most popular video moments in the video player are now displayed for videos from 10 seconds, and not from 60, as it was before.
— A content view counter is available in the video player.
— For mobile devices, the preview size is now the full screen width regardless of the content orientation. For Desktop - no change.
— The search menu for desktop devices is now full screen width.
— Small bugs and errors traditionally fixed.

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This is a beta version. Please report bugs to us.