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💥Here you will find all the information about the World Wide Demonstration in Colorado💥

Sunday, Sept. 18th, 2021
Denver- West Lawn of State Capitol Building, 2-6pm

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🌍🇩🇪 Victory!!!
April 7th, 2022 at 13 : 45 hrs CET

Vaxx mandate in Germany, the center of the pandemic where all the testing came from, failed!!

A reason to celebrate, to be happy and to be proud. For all of us who are friends of freedom, peace, human rights and constitutionality! 🕊❤️

If we can make it there, we'll make it everywhere!

🗽 The world of the future WILL be a free world!! 🗽

#NoVaxxMandate #NoGreenPass #NoNWO

Warm greetings,
Alexander Ehrlich
Forwarded from Inessa S (I)
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"We have little faith in God - and less so in Satan; the enemy of humankind....."🧐
Remember General Kvachkov?
Back in early 2020 - way before anyone had a chance to understand what in the world is going on - former Colonel of the Russian Military Intelligence Service said that the pandemic served four main purposes:
1) A depopulation initiative
2) Control over who is left
3) Deflation of the current financial bubble
4) Liquidation of geoeconomic competition.
Two years on... was he wrong?
The guy should just off himself if he’s so concerned about the future of humanity!
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WOW! How's this for disgusting? This video is so disturbing and UNNECESSARY that you would not believe it's an actual commercial done by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. Pass this on to every single person you know! @projectmatilda
Forwarded from @NewParadigmAstrology
Great...unbelievable... 🙄
To me, this is the main goal of the mass COVID vaccination program: long term fertility decline and population control

By way of background, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg & I filed a detailed petition with the European Medicines Agency on Dec 1, 2020. In it, we warned about a range of safety concerns which we expected to see if EMA prematurely gave Emergency Use Authorisation to these gene-based “vaccines”.
One related to reproductive health harms.
Several others have been confirmed or suspected.

Recently, a paper was published demonstrating EXACTLY the concern we’d written about.
A team undertook a study of the Pfizer vaccine in a small number of women, measuring antibodies to spike protein & to syncytin-1. The results are shocking. From the earliest time after the injection, all women had measurable levels of antibodies against the placental protein, syncytial-1, even before antibodies to spike protein increased.
Worse, the authors proceeded to cover up & lie about their results.


They misleadingly state more than once that no increase was observed. They claimed this by placing a wholly arbitrary threshold on the graph, them stating “our results are all below this”.

I had read a leaked report, conducted for Pfizer in relation to their regulatory submission in Japan. This was a study of distribution of the vaccine “envelope” after injection into rats. This showed very unusual tissue distribution. There was 10X more in ovaries & spleen than in most other tissues. Then a real shocker. I came across a paper from 2012, stating that these lipid nanoparticle formulations ALL accumulated in ovaries of several species.


I find the concatenation of evidence, all pointing to a risk for reproductive health harms

Best wishes

Dr Mike Yeadon
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Solari Report: Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of June 13, 2022: Undoctored

For Let’s Go to the Movies this week, watch Undoctored, the eye-opening story of how the American Medical Association (AMA) actively plotted against chiropractic, labeling the practice “quackery” and attempting to destroy a whole profession…

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Forwarded from Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
They think you are stupid.

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