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We have some new arrivals and restocks. The new cubes are MoYu Weipo WR, Giiker Supercube i2, Giiker Supercube i3se, YuXin Little Magic 7x7x7 and a few Mofangjiaoshi Meilong cubes.

See the products at: https://wizzon.com/product-tag/magic-cube/
We have been carrying smart cubes in store and the latest additions are the Giiker Supercube i2 and i3se.

The fun of the Giiker Supercubes is when they are connected to the Supercube app. The app helps anyone to solve a cube by following the on screen animated guide. In addition, the Supercube app provides tutorial, lessons, timer and mini games to help anyone to speedcube. The app records the statistics of your progress as the user progress from beginner to pro.

Perhaps the most exciting part is the community using the Supercube giving the opportunity to interact and have friendly match.

Besides the Giiker Supercube, we also have in stock the premium smart cube from GAN, the GAN356i. GAN has its own app that offers similar features as that of Supercube.

Smart cubes provide easy and fun ways to learn speedcubing. Check out the smart cubes in our online store.

Blog: https://wizzon.com/smart-cube-is-an-easy-and-fun-way-to-learn-speedcubing/
Products: https://wizzon.com/product-tag/smart-cube/
We are having a FLASH SALES of the MAKEBLOCK educational robots in the shop on the last three days of this month.

The MAKEBLOCK educational products are receiving increasing interest worldwide due being probably the best offer on the market in view of quality and price point. Their mTiny Coding Kit has recently been positively reviewed by the engadget. The mTiny is a innovative educational toy that promotes logical thinking and coding fundamentals screen free.

Our STEM products are currently available in the shop until the end of the month. They will continue to be available in our online store after end of this month.

Blog: https://wizzon.com/flash-sales-of-makeblock-products/
Products: https://wizzon.com/product-tag/makeblock/
The QiYi Wu-family had been non 3x3x3. It had from WuXia 2x2x2 upto the WuJi 7x7x7, missing the 3x3x3 member. With the 3x3x3 WuWei, translated to Fearless from Chinese, the Wu-family is now complete from 2x2x2 to 7x7x7.
We have updated our stocks with a few new cubes and restocked the popular out of stock products. Check them out in our online store at wizzon.com.
As a heads up, the MGC and Valk3 Elite are on their way to Brunei.
Products: https://wizzon.com/product-tag/magic-cube/
We have added many new Magicyoyo to our yo-yo selection including the K1, K2, K9, K10, N8, N9, N11, N12 as well as diabolo. Check them out in our online store at wizzon.com.
Products: https://wizzon.com/product-tag/yoyo/
Our playing cards stock is growing. We have added many beautiful cards and a few limited edition cards in stock.
We now have in stock a wide selection of Bicycle playing cards with different artworks, the TCC Sword T, Tally-Ho, NOC, mini poker cards and many more. Check them out in our online store at wizzon.com.
Products: https://wizzon.com/product-tag/playing-card/
Playing boardgames is not only intellectually stimulating, but also a good way to spend quality time with friends, family and our loved ones.
We have been busy expanding our boardgames selection to cater for groups at different ages and interest. We have games suitable for young children, as well as for the matured minds. We have genuine products, as well as budget option for the popular boardgames. .
Check out our boardgames selection in our online store at wizzon.com.
Products: https://wizzon.com/product-category/toys-and-games/board-games/
Catering for the tech wiz, we continue to bring in more STEM products. We have in stock products and kits based on the most popular electronic brains - Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the BBC microbit.
Check them out in our online store at wizzon.com.
Products: https://wizzon.com/product-tag/stem/
Wishing all wiz a happy new year! May this year be filled with wisdoms and wellness.
Valk3 Elite M, GAN 356RS, Volt2 Sq-1, GAN Robot and a few new cubes and puzzles have been added in our store.

Products: https://wizzon.com/product-tag/new-arrival/
We have some new arrivals and restock!

New cubes include YuXin Little Magic 2×2 M, YXLM 6×6 M, YXLM 8×8, YXLM 9×9, YuXin Black Kirin 4×4 V2, YJ YuHu M Megaminx, QiYi MS series, QiYi tiled spinner cube, GAN356X V2, GAN356M, GAN354M V2, GAN330 keychain, DaYan TengYun V2M, DaYan GuHong V3M, YJ competition timers and YJ pocket timers. Popular cubes have been restocked.

Check them out at https://wizzon.com/product-tag/magic-cube/.

Or see all new arrivals at https://wizzon.com/product-tag/new-arrival/.
We have some new arrivals and restock!

New games include UNO Harry Potter, One Night Ultimate Super Villains, Pick Your Poison, 7 Wonders Duel, Ticket to Ride, UNO waterproof, Bears vs Babies NSFW expansion pack, Unstable Unicorns Black NSFW, Unstable Unicorns 2nd edition, Trash Pandas, Sleeping Queens, SuperHero Matching, PJ Masks Matching, Guess in 10, Dungeon Mayhem Battle of Baidur’s Gate expansion pack, The Ultimate Game for Couples, Werewolf for Devious People, 7 Wonders, Splendor, Splendor Cities of Splendor expansion, Splendor game mat, Catan Seafarers expansion, Catan Seafarers 5-6 players extension, Twilight Struggle, Saboteur and On a Scale of One to T-Rex. Popular games have been restocked.

Check them out at https://wizzon.com/product-category/toys-and-games/board-games/.

Or, see all new arrivals at https://wizzon.com/product-tag/new-arrival/.
We have seen there are more and more cubers in Brunei. And, we are happy to know more and more sub-10 speedcubers in the country.

Interactions between like minded is the most enjoyable thing to do, that’s the fun part of the hobby. Brunei cubers require peers to learn from each others, exchange ideas, mutually push their PBs or to just chit chat.

We have tried connecting a few individuals, however that didn’t work well as to some it could be uncomfortable to have private chat with strangers at the beginning, and it’s not easy to handle such matter for us. Different circles of friends have created their own chat group only known to their own circle.

It will be a lot more fun to have a public space to just check in and chit chat whenever we are in the mood, and just leave when the mood is not there. You know, like a pub or a cafe – come and go as we wish.

We have created two Telegram public groups to hopefully provide a place for the wiz to hangout.
The public groups allow anyone to just check in and check out anytime s/he wish. The conversations stay and so you can just pass time reading past conversations.

The @wizzonpub intends to be a hang out place for international wiz. But we have not gathered many international audiences.

The @wizzoncafe intends to be the hang out place for Brunei wiz. Hopefully Brunei cubers and wiz can use this space to chit chat and mutually help each others to become better in their hobby. It is a quiet place at the moment. If there is enough crowd in here, we may have some random activities or may be random goodies.
Besides the two Telegram groups, we have an announcement channel, where we post updates and info similar to what we post on Instagram, Facebook and the Twitter.

The @wizzonnews is the Telegram announcement channel of WizZon. Besides offering a mean to share our news with those who don’t like social media platforms, we feel the Telegram channel is more useful than IG. Links are clickable, so it is convenient to check out the links in the post, unlike in IG and FB where web links are not much useful. In Telegram channel, we can easily share third party content such as YouTube videos, which we can’t share on IG. For those who prefer not to been seen on social media, you will be happy to know that no one (apart from WizZon) will know you have joined (aka follow in social media) the channel. Subscribers to the channel don’t see each other.

So, check in our Telegram news channel, pub and cafe. Hope these venues will be more effective for us to share information to the wiz and for the wiz to hangout.

Full blog: https://wizzon.com/wizzon-telegram-news-channel-pub-and-cafe/
Some of our fidgets have been restocked. Check them out on our website!

More Pop It!
Wishing all wiz another year filled with health, happiness and wisdom! May the new year be full of inspirations, inventions and achievements!

Happy New year 2022!
Some new cubes arrival, check them out at