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A population that can not feed itself is not free. We can not be cows waiting for the farmer to feed us. We must be the farmer.
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As the Evil Empire makes plans for your life, remember that their system is an opt-in system. They are just making offers. We do not need to accept. They offer to take care of our health, manage our food supply, educate our children, define our science, engineer our culture and manage our economy. It would be so easy and convenient to let them do that for us. The road to slavery is paved by convenience.
Travel the inconvenient road of rebellion with me. Take responsibility for your own needs.

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Lets see where Twitter is headed. πŸ€”
Cultural engineering is mind control. Those who are not educated in mind control are probably victims of it.

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Many years ago there was a profound cultural acceptance of mysterious black boxes that "count" votes. Only cultural engineering and mind control would convince people to accept such nonsense.
Do you have one of these mysterious boxes on your desk right now?
Learn LinuxπŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ–₯

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Scythe Peening Roll Guide

I was today years old when I found out what this thing is for.


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Once a corporation has been taken over by the Cult of Self-Annihilation, it is best to stay away from the scene of their demise.


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Teachers are just gears in a giant bureaucratic machine. Like within any group of humans, you will find good and bad. The real culprit in this tragedy is the parents who sent their kids to this bureaucratic institution. Whoever educates the children, owns the future. It has to be us. There is no other way.

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This is a great Tim Pool about Gen Z Being Completely Incompetent

Who was supposed to teach Gen Z?


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Got my first scything blister. It is not really that hard, just a new effect on the hands. As my skill grows, I can harvest a huge amount of vegetation in short order. I will post some videos once I feel functional with the scythe.

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GRAZON, the Garden Killer

An herbicide that persists through the cow and will kill your garden for years.


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I like to see kids learning thrust vector dynamics at an early age.🀣
Within many religions, too much shame is associated with sex. This is why children are ashamed to report pedophilia. We should instill wisdom instead of shame. Parents can educate their children with facts and logic about making a productive family, how to do it right and what happens when it goes wrong. As soon as possible, children should have a functioning understanding of what pedophiles are and how to tell everybody if they come in to contact with one. In my opinion, many religions raise children to be perfect pedophile victims. The shame tree is bearing bad fruit. Due to that shame, kids learn more about sex from their friends (and many worse sources) than their parents.


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Linux Mint installed on an iMac 17.
All vendor lock-in demons have been exorcised and now free and open source software reside here.
One of our community members have switched over to Linux and donated this machine to another member. My part was to put Linux Mint on it. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

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