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We know and we are proud

— Anonymous
Not all heroes wear capes, just like U

— Anonymous
Thanks for saving people’s lives y’all are true heroes and heroines

— Anonymous
We can do it!

— Anonymous
Hi I am Sandra, you guys are really inspiring me to help others in the other way. Stay safe❤️

— Sandra
Keep Going ! We stay with You!

— Anonymous
It’s been an extremely tough 1+ years for you and the rakyat, please hang in there, we can do it as a nation!

— Anonymous
You are loved and appreciated

— a fellow Malaysian
We are with you!

— Anonymous
We can’t be brave without you!

— Anonymous
Dear our Shield, please do not give up.. Dont turn away from the storm, because after storm there will be a golden sky.. Hold your head up high and dont be afraid.. Walk on through the rain n hold ur dream up high.. May God bless you and all of your affairs…

— Love, Luqman & Aqma’s Family
Thank you for your sacrifices for the rakyat. I am praying for you daily. May you be kept safe and your family members be protected from this nasty virus.

— Shirlyn
You have the Heart of Gold, and we will always be by your side fighting this war with you.

A big thank you with deep gratitude for your hard work & sacrifices made to help others. May your kindness be blessed with good health, joy & happiness in your life.

— Best regards from Thistle
Thanks for the hard work and endless day and nights of keeping our healthcare system in place

— Anonymous
Thank you for standing strong in the front line fighting this battle for us. You are our heros!! #kipidap!

— With love and gratitude, Chayenne Tan
We know that it is tough being you. But you still persevere because you are our hero. Thank you so much for you care and effort. We love you❤️❤️

— Anonymous
Stay strong! We love you!

— Anonymous
Thank you! 😊

— Anonymous
We ♥️ You, our Medical Officers, our Heroes! No words can be said enough t show my gratitude for you sacrifices.

— Adriana Ang