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MINTME: A Blockchain for DApps, Secured via Websites
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1) go to and click on Like (register if necessary, but you could skip it too I guess)
2) go to, scroll down until you find mintme, hover with cursor over mintme so that "Good alternative? Yes / No" will show up, and click YES. If it asks you to leave comment, you can add comment why you think it is best, but you can also skip this step if you don't have anything to say
Remember - to support WEB, start using our exchange :)
We are planning to rebrand Webchain to better show this project main purpose. Once we do the rebranding, it will be called coin. Alternatively you could also call it just mintme coin. Our ticker will be mintme. This way everyone mining or trading mintme coin will know our main idea behind it. To give you other good examples and explain how it works, look at Binance or that created their coins. They also use main project address or name as part of coin name. This improves transparency and shows true purpose of the project.

To remind you - mintme is crowdfunding platform where patrons also earn on their favourite influencer success.

We are now finishing and soon we will begin to test our big mintme update, so we will finish rebranding probably after that, but it will be fluent process that will take some time. While WEB sounds cool, it is actually inpractical to easly find project by ticker in Google. If you search for web in Google, it's unlikely you will find us, but if you search for mintme, we are of course #1. So ticker mintme is actually better than web, even if it doesn't sound so cool. Besides, other than price speculation, project should be main reason why people would like to buy our coin - to use it on our platform, to trade other people tokens with it, to buy exclusive content available in it etc. etc. - so it is only logical to merge those two projects. So people won't be confused what it is about. Current content will be hosted probably at

To make it clear - no, we don't make a new coin. Coin balances and everything stays the same. On the backend side nothing changes. I think once we finish it, it will be much easier to explain to people what this project really is about.
We have good news for all Webchain (soon Coin) holders!
We are planning a series of changes regarding the new MintMe coins, starting with the already announced rebranding of Webchain to Coin.

First of all, we would like to remind you that in accordance with our whitepaper, Coin rewards already go down regularly every era (2-2.5 weeks). Nevertheless, we have decided to do halving! That means mining rewards will drop by 50%, but since we don't want to discourage miners, we will do it gradually over about half a year. It will start around November 8th this year and finish in May 2020 so it coincides with Bitcoin’s halving. As a result, our total supply will go down from our original 1.6 billion to around 1 billion (1 086 000 000 to be exact). This is the equivalent of burning 514 000 000 coins! So if someone has 108 600 WEB which currently represents ~0.006% of the total supply, after planned change it will represent 0.01% of total supply! All of these mean that each Coin will be more scarce than ever!
remember to trade your WEB on, currently it has 20% premium prices for WEB compared to other exchanges and biggest buy orders
Our official bitcointalk announcement is here, show us support on bitcointalk!
We are publishing new article related to mintme every 3 days here for quite some time already. Next one will be published later today. This is content marketing we started doing which is important to build strong position of mintme domain in Google and to explain what our service is about (and what it could be in future). Maybe you will find this content interesting so check there every 3 days to see something new.
There is abundance of WEB available on exchanges. This has bad influence on the price. After being asked by community members to limit supply even more, we have decided to lower emission of Webchain (MintMe Coins). We will remove from emission additional coins, so together with halvening that is already happening, it will represent a total of ~1 billion coins burnt. In May 2020 MintMe Coin reward will drop to the level of Bitcoin reward. In result MintMe Coin will be way way more scarce asset than originally planned. Total number of coins ever in existence will be at ~691 millions. Whole process will end as previously planned in May 2020 to coincide with Bitcoin halving. Together with first services available to purchase for MintMe Coins (creating additional buy pressure), it should have positive influence on the price. We also plan to release our big MintMe update in Q1 2020. This will give reason to purchase MintMe Coins for other purpose than only trading. All MintMe Coins spent on will be frozen for us for 5 years which means that when you spend your coins there, we cannot sell them. So each purchase will create buy pressure too. Later probably in Q2/Q3 2020 we will release additional important changes related to MintMe and we will be ready to finally start paid marketing campaigns in Q3/Q4 of 2020. All this together makes us confident that latest in 2021 we will see some very positive price action.
if you have some "merit" on bitcointalk, please send it to user for example in this thread We need it for better signature. Merit is something you receive from others for free, so it doesn't cost you anything. you can click on Merit in upper right corner of post if you are logged in and you received it from someone in the past. Don't worry, it will not subtract from your current one
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Ready for 2020?
Happy New Year!
Would you like to work with us? We are looking for someone who knows some stuff about crypto world, who knows english well and who has enough time for full-time remote job. Responsibilities in short - help in planning how our service will look and work in future. Your work will consist mainly of talking to me and few other people about our new features and how we would like to add to mintme, then organizing them nicely and putting them into our issue management system for devs, including mockup of how it should look like (mockup could be created with cooperation with our graphic designer) and detailed plan of how it should work. Then adding such issue to our management system, then answering all questions that might show up during implementation of such issue. You need good organization skills, some crypto knowledge as user and good english writing skills and that's it. DM if you are interested. We pay in USD, MintMe Coin could be bonus :)
We have just released a completely new wallet
It doesn't have problems that old one had. It's quick and lightweight. Also we plan to release latest MintMe update next week with lots of new features.
We would like to congratulate first two users that paid in MINTME for their tokens being deployed on the blockchain. Every token deployed is by default shown at the top of trading on, so when you deploy your token, you not only pay for having your token on actual blockchain or allowing everyone to deposit & withdraw it from exchange but also for promoting it on trading page! Also, you remove paid MINTME from circulation because this amount doesn't go to us - it is frozen for 5 years for everyone! It means, each purchase is removing from circulation currently around ~130 000 MINTME. It will also mean that the more people pay for it, the more scarce MINTME becomes. So we encourage everyone to use this feature!