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We are proud to be endorsing the Caribean Health Summit 21. With a fantastic line up of speakers. This event runs over 3 days from the 7th-9th October. To find out more join Dr. Tess Lawire, Dr. Naseeba Kathrada and Dr. Jennifer Hibberd live today at 2.30pmGMT.
Register for the CARIBBEAN HEALTH SUMMIT 2021 Here - This summit is aimed at providing you with all updates that you need on the Covid Pandemic. To Register go to

DATES: Oct 7th - Oct 9th
TIMES: 10AM - 2PM AST. (Please go online to check what this time will be locally for you).
Forwarded from BiRD Group Channel (Zoe Strickland)
For those that tuned in for the summit thank you so much for joining us for a spectacular three days! We are feeling happy and positive to see this network grow so quickly. We are gathering resources for you from the summit and will be sharing soon! 🙏🏻
The World Council for Health, a coalition of medical and health advocacy focused organisations around the world, launched in September, with a comprehensive guide to successfully treat Covid-19 at home.

In this inspiring, informative and empowering introductory interview with TrialSite News' Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, World Council for Health steering committee members join TSN to share information with the public on their vision and mission, affiliates, activities the WCH is busy with, and exciting upcoming events.

Find out how to join and support the World Council for Health (WCH), and most importantly, hear a message of truth, trust, health and freedom. For more information, visit
Join us for our first ever live General Assembly Meeting. This is a weekly meeting with our affiliates and guest speakers. Feel free to follow this link to watch and share with your friends and family. We will be going live in 5 minutes.
Are you experiencing adverse reactions to your covid 19 jab? In order to fully understand the safety profile of these jabs we recommend sharing your stories and reporting these adverse effects. To see how check out one of our latest resources!
WCH General Assembly begins at 8 PM BST / 12 PM PST! Remember we will be live so if any of your friends or family want to tune in you can send them this link:
Meeting starts in 5 minutes.
We look forward to meeting again tomorrow at 8pm bst and invite you to tune in on our website! We have some fantastic speakers lined up , including our first ever youth ambassador, an update from India from the incredible Dipali Ohja and much more. See you there!
WCH’s inspiring and driven steering committee member Shabnam Palesa Mohamed has been busy putting together this fantastic event! Register now to join them in discussing a way forward for health and justice in Africa!
We are coming up to two years of being in this pandemic and we are all feeling it one way or another. For advice on how to approach pandemic fatigue check out our latest resource.