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Welcome, We all have one goal in this space to hit x’s and the opportunities are endless, don’t be down if you missed something your time will come just be patient and APE wisely, NEVER put in more than you can afford to lose and of course DYOR
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Coming to uniswap soon with a presale on bounce today at 5PM UTC to raise liquidity with a hard cap of 1500eth at a price of $0.4 not a quick flip but a good mid term hold, may be we get a small dump from the buyers on bounce and get a cheaper entry but this is a solid project regardless keep an eye on it

Good Luck
Two Listings to watch out for today, you know the drill with these by now wait for the bots, private unlocks and load on the dip timing it is crucial though and then hodl for some easy swings


Listing at 3PM UTC




Listing at 3PM UTC


Both of them are huge projects definitely ones to watch

Good Luck
Two Mid Term Plays to look out for


Looks to be breaking out of a falling wedge picked some up here



Quite some rumors a binance listing is on the cards loading some in case it happens, regardless it’s still a solid hold

Public Sale on Balancer at 3PM UTC, expecting this to do really well, look for an entry don’t fomo in, there’s definitely a lot of eyes on it though

LBP Starting Price ~ $0.3

Good Luck
Two Listings to keep an eye on today


Listing anytime now, pols IDO and a lot of hype around it wait for an entry as usual

Presale Price ~ $0.005



Listing at 4PM UTC Duckstarter IDO
Presale Price ~ $0.05
Cardstarter ~ Launchpad for Cardano

Listing at 4PM UTC

Presale around $0.10-$0.15 10% unlocked on listing and already been distributed could get a decent entry few minutes after it’s listed

Market Cap on listing ~ 275k

Good Luck

The first bridge between NFT and physical products

Presale I’m looking forward to, max allocation is 1.2eth

It’s not a draw so all you need to do is sign up for the whitelist to be eligible for the public sale at 3PM UTC

Everyone will have the same vesting period, so 20% claimable tokens on uniswap listing and 4% each week after.

Good Luck

Listing soon, been watching this since the early days, listing on Kucoin as well a lot of eyes are on this, I’d suggest you wait for a dip before going in

Private and presale are up abit could get an entry soon, it’s a launchpad so you know how these go

Good Luck
Dropping a mini thread soon on a project that I’ve been following and using the tech of for a while, they dropped some updates recently of what they plan to do going forward and I really like what they are building, quite undervalued imo as of now could see this doing really well mid term

Stay tuned