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Get a first glimpse at the in-app $WSG treasure chest feature 👀

Announcement: https://twitter.com/WSGToken/status/1774120010824200352

Simple, addicting & fun 🎮
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We're thrilled to introduce our new Governance Platform, designed to empower YOU, our dedicated token holders.

Announcement: https://twitter.com/WSGToken/status/1775478411189760404

Governance platform: https://vote.wallstreetgames.net/#/

Here's what's in store:

• Introducing time-weighted voting!
Long term $WSG token stakers now have more governance weight. The longer you've been with us, the stronger your voice.

• xWSG - your governance token!
By staking your $WSG, you'll earn xWSG, increasing your influence over the protocol's future. Remember, xWSG is non-transferable and its power decays as the lockup period shortens.

• Propose, discuss, and vote on changes to the WSG protocol through our Community Forum. Whether it's a "Core" proposal from the WSG Foundation or an "Other" proposal from our vibrant community, your voice matters.

• Minimum vote requirements
Both Core and Other proposals need 4,000,000 xWSG to pass. It's time to rally and make your votes count!

• Transparent voting process
Submit non binding proposals, drive discussions, and move to formal voting on Snapshot. Remember, voting power is determined at the proposal's blocktime.

• Voting periods
Get involved with proposals having voting windows from 24 to 120 hours. Let's make $WSG stronger together.

Join us in shaping the future of $WSG. Your vote, your voice, your protocol!
The $WSG NFT claim is here!

Announcement: https://twitter.com/WSGToken/status/1776218488467489078

Connect to the platform, go under "Inventory" and click on "Claim" or go directly to https://wsg.gg/claim to claim your old NFTs from BNBChain.

Can you guess what is coming next??
Take a look at the $WSG p2e system while we're preparing for the lift-off!

Announcement: https://twitter.com/WSGToken/status/1778015103519998404

Get all the important details on https://docs.wallstreetgames.net/platform/meta to get to know the ecosystem, use cases for the NFTs, and so much more!

One of our main goals is to introduce crypto to newcomers through fun & addicting hypercasual minigames which is the most popular mobile game genre in terms of downloads!

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements!
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Our team is thrilled to announce that we'll be attending the @token2049 crypto event!

Announcement: https://twitter.com/WSGToken/status/1779844673780986316

We're looking forward to meeting with innovators and leaders in the industry, exploring potential partnerships, and discussing the future of blockchain.
We've had a blast at the Token2049 Dubai event!

Announcement: https://x.com/wsgtoken/status/1781579843861090409?s=46

We've connected & explored partnership opportunities, listened in on great speeches from market leaders, and met some of the most amazing people in the industry!
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We're thrilled to announce the launch of the $WSG Marketplace. The $WSG Marketplace is poised to become a pivotal player in the $WSG chain ecosystem, offering unparalleled opportunities for users and partners alike.

Direct link: https://marketplace.wallstreetgames.net/

Announcement: https://twitter.com/WSGToken/status/1783111472144384150

Features at a glance

• User profile: A comprehensive dashboard showcasing your NFT collection, marketplace listings, activity log, and ETH balances. Seamlessly list your NFTs for sale and manage your profile using Orbis on the Ceramic decentralized network, ensuring your data remains secure and portable.

• Explore page: Our intuitive filtering and search capabilities allow you to easily find NFTs based on group types like soldier or general, or search directly by NFT names.

• NFT page: Buy one or multiple NFTs directly, view listing activities, and as an owner, have the flexibility to remove your listings at any time.

• Marketplace activity: Stay informed with a comprehensive feed of all marketplace transactions, including buys and sells across all listings.

• Main page: Get quick access to the latest 10 listings and discover top sellers who have earned the most in ETH, highlighting the most active participants in our marketplace.

Technical Innovations

Our marketplace's front-end architecture is built for adaptability. By leveraging The Graph protocol, we're able to efficiently query blockchain data. Initially supporting ERC1155 & ERC721 compatible NFTs, we're committed to expanding our capabilities to include a wider range of NFT standards.
The $WSG Gaming Inventory is now live! Check your balance of rank NFTs today.

Announcement: https://twitter.com/WSGToken/status/1783820841974649331

Link: https://wsg.gg/inventory

Coming soon: browse your album NFTs and get ready for our exciting $WSG Monthly NFT Album Raffles!

Stay tuned! 🎮
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Get ready for the long-awaited game update!

Announcement: x.com/wsgtoken/status/1785640433780936786?s=46

We're thrilled to announce that we'll be releasing the updated $WSG mobile application on both GPlay and App Store next week, accompanied by the release of our play to earn system and the first monthly album collection.

We’re also glad to inform you that our developers are actively working on the WSG chain testnet!

More updates are coming soon, game on!
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We are glad to inform you that we’re partnering with ResistorAI

Announcement: x.com/wsgtoken/status/1787097521472331888?s=46

Resistor AI is a company that builds AI agents and services on its own Layer 2 blockchain. They offer decentralized AI usage and are leading the way in AI innovation with their custom agents. Additionally, Resistor AI fosters a community of developers, enabling them to monetize their AI models through it's marketplace. 🤖

$WSG will be using their services in the form of their groundbreaking self-learning AI agent. WSG is thrilled to install their agent in our community socials, paving the way for an even better community experience. 🔥

In addition, $WSG will be integrating Nara, their charming AI Voice Agent, to our Telegram!
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We're excited to announce a major update to the $WSG mobile application, now available for download on both Google Play and the App Store. In addition, the first collection of the first $WSG album is live!

Announcement: x.com/wsgtoken/status/1787453012840988927?s=46

This update brings a host of new features and improvements to enhance your gaming experience:

New design
We've overhauled the UX and UI for a smoother, more intuitive navigation experience across the entire application.

Treasure chests
Open treasure chests within the app to earn gold or even gold and album collection NFTs as rewards.

Gold economy
Dive into our newly introduced gold economy system. For details on how gold can be used within the app, visit Gold Economy Info (https://docs.wallstreetgames.net/platform/meta/gold).

Heart purchases
Run out of game tries? Now you can buy hearts directly in-game to continue playing, with up to three tries. Learn more at Hearts Info (https://docs.wallstreetgames.net/platform/meta/hearts).

In-app minigame purchases

Acquire games directly through the app using gold, adding a new layer of convenience and accessibility.

Login update
We've removed Twitter login to comply with store policies, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

What's coming next?

Multiplayer Lobbies
Soon, you'll be able to create lobbies for multiplayer games, set wagers, and enjoy private games with friends.

Game Subscription System
Choose from Bi-Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Half-Yearly, or Lifetime Passes to access games and earn keys.

New Minigames
Stay tuned for a variety of new minigames coming your way, adding more diversity and excitement to your gaming experience.

This update not only enhances the current features but also introduces new ways to engage with the app and community. Download the updated WSG mobile application today and dive into a world of enhanced gaming and community interaction. Stay tuned for more updates and happy gaming!
The $WSG album raffle submission page is live! Our gamers can now submit the album NFTs collectibles and get a chance at winning the monthly album rewards!

Announcement: https://twitter.com/WSGToken/status/1788549502208450626

Link: https://wsg.gg/album-raffle

Several raffle participants will be chosen for the monthly album rewards. Each participant can include multiple entries!

More information: https://docs.wallstreetgames.net/platform/meta
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Play and participate in the album raffle at the end of each month to have a shot at being one of five monthly winners to get $500 in $WSG!

Announcement: https://twitter.com/WSGToken/status/1790337639691800998

More information: https://docs.wallstreetgames.net/platform/meta

The old NFT rank pool locked tokens have been migrated and the vesting has started today and the ending being on September 20th, 2024!

Vesting link: https://app.team.finance/token-vesting
$WSG gamers can now swap NFTs for keys to open more treasure chests!

Announcement: https://twitter.com/WSGToken/status/1791076411081384062

Simply connect & swap on https://wsg.gg/keys 🗝
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Supercharge Incoming!

Four incredible marketing and strategy advisors have just joined our team, and they're ready to take our presence in the crypto space to the next level!

@DarkLordoftheMarket, @Polatmania, @Cryptovich111, and @SelcukYZ will be leading the charge on:

* KOL Management: Building strong relationships with existing key influencers and adding fresh new ones in our team
* $WSG Growth: Expanding our reach within the crypto space and growing our revenue
* Strategic Partnerships: Forging powerful collaborations to unlock new opportunities
* Marketing Domination: Increasing our visibility and brand awareness across the cryptosphere

Get ready for exciting announcements, and a whole lot of growth. Let's welcome them to the team!
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The 2nd round of $WSG liquidity mining is now live on https://wsg.gg/stake

Announcement: https://x.com/WSGToken/status/1793612864856674432

The in-game multiplayer is approaching fast, are you ready to challenge & be challenged in a golden hypercasual gaming experience?
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The in-game $WSG mobile app multiplayer is just around the corner!

Announcement: x.com/wsgtoken/status/1794337662700323010?s=46

Take a sneak peek at the simple & straightforward user flow 👀