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Forwarded from Jay Stankiewicz
As a direct client, I would like to use this opportunity to thank "Victor Services" for providing satisfactionary service for our social media networks: BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Telegram, and Twitter. All the support conducted in an orderly manner is a testimony to their commitment and professionalism. It's a good choice for any project looking for increasing the reach of its Social Media network.

Jarosław Jay Stankiewicz
Operations Manager
Geco One OU
Forwarded from Bassel Moukaddem
We are pleased to collaborate with "Vitor Services" that has resulted in our social community growth on different social media networks such as Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and BitcoinTalk. Thanks to their professionalism in conducting planned activities they successfully kept our community growing and engaged. I would recommend them for any endeavor aiming to increase social media presence, growing communities and expanding the reach of Social Medias.

Bassel Moukaddem
Forwarded from Deleted Account
The collaboration with Vitor Services was good and we gained new community members in our social media platforms - especially on Medium and Reddit. They answered very quick and were open to any request we had.
Enjoyed the work.

Alexander Kapfhammer
Forwarded from Vincent
We are quite happy to work with Vitor Services which is quite professional at community expand and various of social channel growth. That is of great importance for project progress and brand awareness. I would like to recommend them to any project who aims to increase social channel presence,growing communities. May a better future for Vitor Service and Long Last the cooperation between us. Much appreciated!

Overseas Marketing Manager,Cocos-BCX
Forwarded from Bernard
We are happy to work with Vitor Services for the work that they have done for us. They are professional and carry out their assignments in a timely manner. They also give good advice and, for these reasons, I would not hesitate to work with them in the future. I highly recommend their services within the cryptomarket space. Keep up the good work!

Chief Project Manager
Digital Dollar Coin LLC
Forwarded from Kevin Tuncer
Vitor Services work is very reliable. Individual customizations were also no problem, we are very satisfied.

Kevin Tuncer
CEO of SavAct
Forwarded from Andrew
We were very happy to work with Vitor on our project. From starting the discussion, to implementation of our strategy, everything was done on time, on budget, and at a very professional level. I would recommend his services to anyone in the industry who’s looking for some guidance and implementation of their service.

CMO, Gaimin
Forwarded from Deleted Account
It was great to work with Vitor. We had lots of views on our Bitcointalk thread thanks to the consistent efforts made by Vitor to post engaging and informative posts every day. They know exactly what is required and are skillful in the services they offer. Would definitely recommend!

Founder @ HYPE
Forwarded from Eiji Miyakawa
Our team had a series of good service by Vitor team. We experienced good and prompt communication between our project team and Vitor. I plan to have continuous service further and recommend if you are looking for a good partner to maintain your community.

Founder, Digital Wallet Group
Forwarded from Manlai Bat
We’re truly impressed about Vitor service who is one of few marketing teams that keeps their promise proofed by numbers. We will work with them continuously in the future and strongly recommend this service based on our experience worked with 9 other companies.

Manlai Bat-Orshikj
Founder and CEO, Karvuon
Forwarded from Alexander Filkin
We started working with Vitor Services in October 2019. We had a few requests and they satisfied them all and did their best to increase our reach and community involvement. The quality of content and community management is quite high, that’s why we decided to go on cooperating with this agency. All the team is professional and what is more important they are always eager to improve their work, asking what can be done better.

I recommend all the projects that need promotion and want to increase the community to cooperate with Vitor Services. It's the best solution a reasonable price.

Alexander Filkin
Chief Marketing Officer
Forwarded from Vitalii
Vitor Service was advised by my friend, whom I trust and who worked with these guys at that time. He spoke of them highly.
Without hesitation, I wrote to Valery from Vitor Services and the next day we already started working. We cooperate in the direction of SMM. All articles are of high quality and written carefully.
The content plan was developed as soon as possible on my request and after its approval, the first article was quickly written and posted in our social networks. We have been working for the second month now without complaints. I'm satisfied with the cooperation very much.

Vitalii Chebotarov
Forwarded from Alexander
We began to cooperate with Vitor Services not so long ago, but already managed to evaluate the level of services provided. We really like their content marketing and approach to work. Everything was done on time and therefore now, we are cooperating with them on an ongoing basis.

Mamasidikov Alexander
Forwarded from Mark Verdellen
We would like to leave feedback on the work of Vitor Services. We believe that these are cool professionals with whom it is pleasant to work.

Everything was delivered on time, all wishes were taken into account, and all reports were provided daily. If you have any questions or suggestions, everything will be decided on time.

They provide an individual approach to their customers and care about their reputation. This arouses respect for them.
In general, we are very pleased with the quality of the services provided.

Mark Verdellen
Co-owner ImpulsX Crypto Exchange
Forwarded from Yonaka
It was a pleasure to work with VS agency. I appreciated the accuracy and client-oriented approach. All the reviews were delivered on time, as scheduled and the content was made as it was written in the instructions, all the updates, and tiny corrections were made very fast. I had only positive experience working with Valery who gave us reasonable prices and well-delivered work results. Our team will consider taking more of their services in the near future.

PR and Global Community manager in Kick Ecosystem
Forwarded from Rhea
Vitor Services brings a lot of convenience to our work. The communication cost between us is very low because he can respond to us promptly every time. Even if there are different opinions, Vitor has helped us come up with a solution. And we have to say Vitor is very experienced, he can understand our needs in time and give feedback asap.
Although there is still room for improvement in their services, we can feel that they are working hard to improve service levels. Therefore, the cost-effectiveness of this service is acceptable.

Rhea Moore
Marketing Manager at BLOCKSTONE LTD
Forwarded from Bounty Shark
I love working with Vitor services speedy services with high support. Will work with him in the next project. Highly recommend for everyone.

KriptoA Agency
It was great working with Vitor Services this year, they were able to clearly communicate our brand tone and increase our reach and community involvement. I appreciated the speedy responses and look forward to working with the agency again. Abigail, Community Manager, AAX
Forwarded from Martin UK
I have been working with Vitor services for 2 years now on different elements of our developing project, Aloha. They have been and continue to be great to work with, responsive and flexible.
I have no problem recommending Vitor Services to others.
Martin Regan CEO – Aloha
Forwarded from Deleted Account
We’ve been working with Vitor Services for almost a year already and can definitely recommend them to all crypto projects that are seeking an effective and reliable partner in PR&Marketing for their project.

It’s really delightful to see, how they grow and gain new skills, contacts, and weight in the crypto space.
If we needed to characterise Vitor Services with 3 words they would be EFFECTIVE, FAST, PERVASIVE

Andy, Head Of Communications
ZYX Network