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From the Sansar newsletter:


This October Sansar will be hosting the global phenomenon ADE,
18 - S U N D A Y

Zombies & Monsters Pride Day!

19:00 CEST (10am PDT/SLT)

- Zombies & monsters gathering @ Manifestations Portals Island


- With Vanessa Blaylock & Ze Moo

- Free zombies in your Second Life Inventory: > Library folder > 'Zombie Ian" + "Zombie Sadie"! Or search on

- > Live-stream by Chantal Harvey:

20:00 CEST (11am PDT/SLT) -

- VB Zombie Crawl - Flashmob parade through 20 Secon dLife regions.

- Start:

- Directed by Vanessa Blaylock. - Moderator: P-line.

- > Live-stream by Chantal Harvey:

21:00 CEST (12 noon PDT/SLT) -

- The Lag Rez Monster Party! On squatted SL land. With rez 4 all !

- Hosted by Vanessa Blaylock, Ze Moo & Alchemelic d-oo-b

- With DJ d-oo-b

-> Live-stream by d-oo-b

23:00 CEST (2pm PDT/SLT) Ending? Or party on?

2020 October 17 - 25

Manifestations_NL is one of the virtual locations of the Dutch Design Week, the largest RL event of its kind in Northern Europe. -

- This year the Manifestations theme is 'Monsters'. - Several 3D artists are involved: Such as Bryn Oh, Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, DFM RTV INT, FOCUS@Coppelia, t r y p t v c r y p t, Fau Ferdinand, Patrick Moya, Nebulosus Severine, Vanessa Blaylock, Meta Lord, Caro Fayray, d-oo-b, SaveMe Oh and others.

They can be found through the special temporary Manifestations land in SL. On this island you will find portals to the various artworks, the Zombie Crawl, Monster Truck Race, experimental live performances, dance parties and more.

Of course you can also encounter the artists themselves. Daily live streams of art tours and live events are happening on the web. Discover all our destinations? We're open 24/7 for only 9 days, teleport now:



Discord: https://CHAT.LIVE.NU