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Grassroots Coalition Groups in Virginia. Strategies and Tools to Address The Issues and Support Candidates that Desire to Serve the People in their District. Taking Back the House of Delegate seats for Republicans is our Primary Goal in 2021.
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Forwarded from Leon Benjamin
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims in Texas shooting, Buffalo, NY & California…

$40B sent to Ukraine! What about our Children here in the USA? Time to protect our children…Mental illness among youth is increasing! The last 2 shootings were from 18 year olds with mental issues. High drug overdoses, suicide, etc... No one is talking about how God is not on the hearts and minds of our youth... your thoughts...

Forwarded from Leon Benjamin
#ICYMI: To the Texas and Buffalo Shooting Incidents…Prayers and much forgiveness is still available. We must bring “God” back into our Schools so that prayers and forgiveness are balanced with Pro-Active Prayers as to prayers after the incidents. #keepfaithalive
VFAF has a new director, Bill Hawkins, who is building on the organization Joshua Pratt built. There is a lot to organize and we need help from across the commonwealth to preserve our God given liberties and Constitution. If you can help, or if you just want to know more, send a message to or reply in this thread.
Forwarded from Leon Benjamin YouTube took this down on my page. You need to know what General Flynn said on this broadcast!
It’s Election Day and polls are open for today's Primary Election. If you live in #VA02, #VA03, #VA06, or #VA07 get out and vote!

Find your district & where to vote:

- Glenn Youngkin