Value Education Olympiad -2023
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Dear students,
This year's International Value Education Olympiad -2023 has more specific categories for you. There are more prizes to be won.
A laptop, Kindle and bicycle to be won along with many consolation prizes in each of the four categories.
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Important Dates for International Value Education Olympiad -2023
Check all the dates of registrations, exam, your certificates and prizes.
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Global leaders are inviting everyone to participate in the International Value Education Olympiad -2023 organised by ISKCON in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme , Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (Govt of India) and other esteemed collaborators.

It is open for students of classes 5th-12th worldwide.

Highlights of program
Free Registration
Internationally recognized certificate
Prizes worth 7 lac rupees
More than 100 prizes
Felicitation by the Hon'ble Minister of Environment,(Govt Of India)

Register today before the deadline ends:
"Unlocking Values, Unlocking Prizes! 🏆 Join the Value Education Olympiad and compete for a chance to win exciting rewards while enriching your mind. 📚🌟 #ValueEducationOlympiad #WinWithWisdom #LearnAndEarn"

All the students are requested and invited to follow the above page on Instagram to stay connected and for all updates.💐💐
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🌟 Calling all young minds from 5th to 12th grade! 📚🔬 Unleash your potential and conquer the Olympiad challenge! 🏅🚀 Get ready to showcase your learnings, and win exciting prizes that will leave you amazed! 🎉🏆 Join us on this adventure and turn your knowledge into rewards. 🌍💡 Don’t miss out, register now and let the Olympiad journey begin!
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Join International Value Education Olympiad -2023 to Discover your To Be list.
Registrations are open now but not for long.
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When students admire the learning, teaching becomes profound. Students are finding value in registering for Value Education Olympiad. Hope you have registered .
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Thank you very much for the overwhelming response for International Value Education Olympiad -2023. All the participating students are required to submit their practical assignment latest by 15th Oct. Watch this video for more details or visit
2 days to go before the examination window opens.
All the best to all participants.
Do keep an eye on your registered email IDs / messages on registered mobile numbers.
Our gratitude to all participants for the overwhelming response for IVEO-2023. Your participation and contribution is one step forward towards thriving transformation.
Live felicitation ceremony.
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