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Black Gunshot Victims Up 89% During Racial Reckoning

A lot of important people have a lot of blood on their hands from promoting Black Lives Murdered. - @Steve_Sailer

It's time for state action on the border.

"Abbott must force this issue with state resources to safeguard the border—as he has done somewhat with the Texas Department of Public safety, which apparently intervened in the situation at Del Rio."

Senate Democrats tried the same trick and wanted to smuggle in a massive immigration amnesty under the latest "infrastructure" bill. MacDonough ruled against it. It may be no exaggeration that she has just saved America, what's left of it. - @VDAREJamesK

f World War III breaks out between China and the U.S., it is likely to be over islands of Asia claimed by China, with the U.S. fighting not for its own territory but for the island territory of allies, probably islands in no way vital to the security of the United States.

Which is how world powers often end their days as world powers, fighting unnecessary wars on behalf of other nations.

'He fired the Supreme Court for saying he couldn’t run for re-election and hired himself a new Supreme Court who said early this month, now that they had a chance to think it over, that he could.' - @Steve_Sailer

Overall, the rally had its moments. I support Look Ahead America’s efforts to bring national awareness to the suffering of January 6th arrestees rotting away in solitary confinement as they await court dates now scheduled for 2022...
English Canada, like the historic American nation, needs a champion. They need to stop being the political equivalent of farm animals that are docile even as they are led to political slaughter. Instead, they must become politically dangerous, like the French have done. Will one emerge? Time is running out, but the opportunity is there for even one ambitious man.

WaPo: "Homeland security officials will investigate after images show agents on horseback grabbing migrants, Mayorkas says"
How dare law enforcement try to grab migrants! Don’t they know migrants are who we are (except that they are also better than us)?
Most whites and the entire GOP play roles that have been assigned by Regime propaganda. You can be either Bob Ewell or Atticus Finch. The GOP chooses Atticus Finch every time. I wonder if they practice in front of the mirror? Their speeches sound like it. (Other permitted roles for white people are Blonde White Supremacist Nazi Death Camp Commandant and Goober Pyle.)

Yes, the DOJ operates for the best of genocidal reasons, just like the banner fluttering from the World Bank. This is why it is keeping the J6 prisoners in jail without bail when there no real charges—the real charge is they are white people who want their country back.

In a war, you are at a fatal disadvantage when your enemy hates you as a group and wants you dead and you agree not to even mention the group you belong to defend yourself. But this never dawns on Conservatism Inc., for whom the best way to fight the tyranny of Cultural Marxism is to agree to its terms, internalize its ideology, give it more power, and grovel before its false gods.

We also know that COVID poses virtually no risk to young people. We knew this early on, and for some reason ignored it, but by now the evidence is overwhelming.

Since COVID landed on our shores, 95% of dead the U.S. have been 50 or older. Nearly 80% of the dead were 65 or older—and not only are they heavily vaccinated, but they make up only 16% of the population. The 64.5% of the population under age 50—in its entirety—has a 5% chance of dying from COVID.

Combine the minimal risk of death to young people—less than the flu during a normal flu season—with what we now know about the strong immunity from prior COVID infection, and, throughout 2020, we should have been putting little kids into giant, Japanese-size classrooms and encouraging young people to blow beer foam in one another’s faces, get drunk and make out with strangers. Our entire under-30 population would be immune.

Every September the President sets a ceiling (a cap!) for how many refugees could be admitted to the U.S. in the coming fiscal year which begins on October 1st.

As he threatened, Biden is setting that cap at 125,000.

In nearly 30 years of covering America's corrupted immigration and entrance policies, I can tell you definitively that every "border crisis" is a manufactured crisis. Caravans of Latin American illegal immigrants don't just form out of nowhere. Throngs of Middle Eastern refugees don't just amass spontaneously. Boatloads of Haitians don't just wash up on our shores by random circumstance. - Michelle Malkin

A problem facing the Chinese Communist Party is the question: What is Communism good for?

Increasingly, Xi Jinping’s answer appears to be that Communism is good for keeping the foreign devils from degenerating our culture.

Feminism has thus contributed to the fostering of replacement-level immigration to Western countries by outsiders who may themselves be extremely hostile both to Europeans generally and to unpatriarchal women in particular.

When Angela Merkel (who is childless) opened Germany’s borders in 2015, it was women who showed up at entry-points with “Refugees Welcome” signs.