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The Mercado Biologico de Natal has opened this morning at 10h. You can find delicious organic produce from our quinta, enjoy a coffee or gluwein. See you soon!!!
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Just a small tour for those of you who could not make it today. It was great fun 😁
Opening of our Mercado Biológico de Natal with delicious produce and lovely visitors.
With great care, lots of joy and celebration we planted trees and bushes around the Camping Park. We planted stone pine, European nettle tree, laurel, myrtle and medronho. A great activity to do for this Winter Solstice. May all trees grow prosperous and may all beings be in Peace.
Bom Ano Novo, Happy New Year and best wishes for 2023. We hope you all started the new year with positivity, prosperity and lots of fun. This morning we woke up in a winter wonderland on the top of the valley. A beautiful landscape covered by a white blanket. Have a blissful day 🙏