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Light At The End Of The Tunnel? Bull Run For Bitcoin And Ethereum On The Horizon

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are looking to pull away from the rest of the pack, with the signs looking positive for the market leaders.

Crypto enthusiasts started the year with a strong belief in a bull run driving BTC above its record $64,000 mark. The dream turned into a nightmare as the market dipped to new lows, leaving experts scratching their heads.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have always been a yardstick for many digital asset holders to determine whether the market is bullish or still in the downturn. However, that may be a wrong analysis because altcoins might be on a solid rally, independent of the large-cap coins.
Observers Suspect an Aggressive Fed Rate Hike Next Month, Analyst Predicts Fed Will Pivot in December

According to recent reports close to central bank officials, the U.S. Federal Reserve will likely deliver another interest rate hike by roughly 75 basis points (bps) next month. Moreover, markets are predicting another rise by three-quarters of a point, and CME’s Fedwatch Tool indicates there’s a near-certain (98%) chance the central bank will choose a 75bps raise. Despite the market expecting an aggressive Fed, an analyst from investors.com believes the Fed will pivot by December depending “on how financial markets act between now and then.”

Philadelphia Fed President: ‘Inflation Is Known to Shoot up Like a Rocket and Then Come Down Like a Feather’It seems pretty certain that the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise the federal funds rate (FFR) by roughly 75bps, according to various reports and CME’s Fedwatch Tool. That’s despite the fact that politicians and a recent United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) report have urged the Fed to slow down. Analysts from the investment bank Barclays explained this week that the central bank may have to slow down or stop monetary tightening by eliminating balance sheet reductions.

CME’s Fedwatch Tool indicates the chance of a 75bps jump is around 98% today and a report from the New York Times (NYT) published on October 18, says “Federal Reserve officials have coalesced around a plan to raise interest rates by three-quarters of a point next month.” The NYT report further explains that the “conversation about whether to scale back is now more likely to happen in December.” Other reports indicate that futures markets investors have fully priced in a number of FFR increases that will reach 5% by May 2023.
Biggest Movers: DOGE Hits 3-Week High on Saturday

Dogecoin surged to a three-week high to start the week, as the token rallied for a second consecutive session. Overall, the meme coin has now traded higher for four of the last five days. Quant was another notable gainer in today’s session, moving to an eight-day peak.

Dogecoin (DOGE)Dogecoin (DOGE) raced to a three-week high to start the weekend, as the meme coin moved to extend recent gains.

Following a low of $0.08695 on Friday, DOGE/USD rallied to an intraday high of $0.09474 on Saturday.
‘Ethereum Killers’ Managed to ‘Kill’ Themselves in 2022 Rather Than Beat the Smart Contract Economy’s Heavyweight Champ

At the end of 2021, a myriad of people thought a handful of smart contract platform tokens, often referred to as ‘Ethereum killers,’ would flip the second-largest crypto asset in terms of market capitalization in 2022. As 2022 comes to an end, statistics show that none of the so-called ‘Ethereum killers’ have surpassed the leading smart contract platform token, and a number of these tokens have lost considerable amounts of value during the crypto winter.

Ethereum Outperformed Its Competitors in terms of Market Cap, Decentralized Finance Action, and Non-Fungible Token Sales
Next Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Change Estimated to Decrease as Block Times Have Lengthened

The last two mining difficulty changes on the Bitcoin network have driven difficulty to an all-time high, causing a decrease in hashrate and block interval speed. Before the latest difficulty retarget increase of 4.68%, block intervals were faster than the 10-minute average, at approximately 8 minutes 54 seconds to 9 minutes 31 seconds. However, since the change, block times have slowed, with statistics showing durations of 10 minutes 44 seconds to 10 minutes 36 seconds.

Slower-Than-Average Block Intervals May Lead to Decrease in Bitcoin Mining Difficulty​​The next mining difficulty change is slated for Feb. 12, 2023. At the time of writing, metrics indicate the difficulty could drop as low as 5.6% below the current rate. The decline in estimated mining difficulty for Bitcoin is due to slower-than-average block intervals. Prior to the last two difficulty increases, block times were faster, leading to the increases. Currently, data shows that block times have slowed since the last difficulty change, with times ranging from 10 minutes 44 seconds to 10 minutes 36 seconds.

Bitcoin’s hashrate has been below average, with an average of 279 exahash per second (EH/s) over the past 2,016 blocks. As of 11:30 a.m. ET on Feb. 4, 2023, statistics show the hashrate at 258 EH/s. On Feb. 1, 2023, the total hashrate dropped to 217 EH/s after reaching a peak of 279 EH/s the previous day. The hashrate then increased, reaching 309 EH/s on Feb. 2, before declining 16.50% to its current level of 258 EH/s.
Woman Loses More than $300K to Crypto Romance Scam

A young woman – who remains anonymous at press time – has come out to discuss her circumstances of falling victim to a crypto romance scam.

How One Woman Lost a Lot of Money to a Crypto ScamHaving finalized her divorce last year, the lady decided to put herself back on the market and try dating apps for the first time. As the mother of a young daughter, she is keeping her identity hidden at this time, but she mentioned she lives near a town called Springfield and she’s in her mid-40s.
Bloxmith Launches Raiders Rumble on the Flow Blockchain To Bring Mainstream Users To Web3

Bloxmith, a player-first Web3 gaming studio, is delighted to announce that the open beta for its game Raiders Rumble is now available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play.
French President Emmanuel Macron on Taiwan: ‘Being an Ally Does Not Mean Being a Vassal’

French president Emmanuel Macron has decided to double down on his strategic autonomy policy thesis, declaring that Europe should not be forced to side with Beijing or Washington on Taiwan. Macron declared that being a U.S. ally ‘does not mean being a vassal’ in a state visit to Amsterdam, propping criticism and praise alike for his position.

Macron Doubles Down on Strategic Autonomy Policy for Europe on Taiwan IssueFrench president Emmanuel Macron has reinforced his stance when it comes to the allegiance of France and Europe in the case of a potential conflict in Taiwan. In a recent state visit to Amsterdam, Macron doubled down on his earlier remarks, stating that Europe should remain neutral, rejecting to be grouped with any sides in a war conflict.
SEC Slams Bitcoin Miner Marathon Digital With Another Subpoena As Firm Shares Its Quarterly Report

Crypto mining firm Marathon Digital Holdings has been served with a second subpoena over potential security law breaches in its Montana data center.Marathon Digital reported a net loss of $7 million in the first quarter which shows an improvement compared to last year’s Q1 losses of $12.9 million. In another development, the firm has rolled out plans to partner with Zero Two to create a high-end BTC mining facility in Abu Dhabi. Digital asset miners have remained under the radar of authorities in recent weeks as both the White House and the SEC launch fresh attacks. 

Marathon Digital, a top Bitcoin (BTC) mining firm, has disclosed in its quarterly report that it received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on April 10 relating to its over 100-megawatt mining plant In Montana. The basis for the subpoena centered on an alleged breach of security laws by the firm during the formation process. 
Hong Kong Launches Digital Currency Pilot With 16 Firms Including HSBC, Bank of China, Alipay

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has announced the commencement of its e-HKD pilot which “will take deep dives into potential use cases in six categories.” The pilot paves the way for “the possible implementation of a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC),” the central banking institution explained.

Pilot Program for e-HKD BeginsThe Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) announced Thursday “the commencement of the e-HKD Pilot Programme.” The central banking institution revealed that 16 firms from the financial, payment, and technology sectors have been selected to participate in the first round of e-HKD pilots for 2023. The HKMA detailed:

The pilots will take deep dives into potential use cases in six categories, including full-fledged payments, programmable payments, offline payments, tokenized deposits, settlement of Web3 transactions, and settlement of tokenized assets.
Fuck memecoins, says PSYCHO. Yep, you heard that right. Here's why it got our attention:

• Provocative? Absolutely, PSYCHO ain't afraid to challenge the status quo.
• Strong community? 100%. Bunch of defiant spirits rallying behind the coin. Our kind of crowd.
Launched? May 29th
• Results so far? 750 holders, $3.5m market cap.
• CEX listing? First listing on MEXC today at 12pm UTC.
• Next CEXs? They are in contact with Bybit, Huobi, OKX
• Tokenomics? Crystal clear. 90% for DEX liquidity, 5% for CEX, 5% for the community. No BS.

DYOR, but from my side, this might be a massive pump. Don't forget to thank me later.

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Satoshi-Era Bitcoin Whale Moves $1.2 Million Worth Of BTC After 13 Years

An ancient Bitcoin investor has made a whopping $1.2 million after moving dormant assets for the first time in 13 years.Experts share their opinions on IT geeks and a few institutional investors who bought assets in the Satoshi era.The falling price of BTC to its three-month low could be seen as a factor that occasioned the sale.This year has marked the resurrection of several Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin whales due to gains recorded in the market after the turmoil of 2022, which saw most assets lose nearly 50% of their value.

A Bitcoin whale has sold 50 BTC, acquired in 2010 after 13 years of inactivity, making $1.2 million at present prices. According to blockchain data, the wallet address 13CFnFFn932HdxjP2sJYdijmcDPVvDVT2i received the coins in June 2010, leaving many digital asset enthusiasts wondering why the decision was made to transfer the assets 13 years later in June.
LBank Labs and Seoul Metropolitan Government to Drive Blockchain Innovation at Seoul Web3 Festival

PRESS RELEASE. LBank Labs is delighted to announce its collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government in hosting the highly anticipated Seoul Web3 Festival 2023 (SWF 2023) in late July. With the participation of prominent figures from the blockchain and Web3 industry, the event promises to be a momentous occasion for numerous Web3 companies to converge, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange, synergy creation, and the exploration of groundbreaking ideas. Notably, the esteemed presence of Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and the Digital Chief further underscores their commitment to supporting the immense potential of the Web3 industry.

Under the auspices of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Seoul Web3 Festival 2023 will feature a diverse range of experiences and opportunities for its participants. The event lineup will encompass an exciting hackathon, a startup demo day, a networking party, an NFT exhibition, and an insightful forum, providing attendees with a holistic and enriching experience.
Bitcoin Cash Analysis: Recovery Could Be Capped Near $210

Bitcoin cash price is struggling below the $210 zone against the US Dollar, similar to Bitcoin. BCH/USD could restart its decline if it fails near $200 or $210.

Bitcoin Cash Price AnalysisBitcoin cash price remained in a bearish zone below the $220 and $210 resistance levels. BCH traded below the $200 support level to move further into a bearish zone.

There was a clear move below the $180 zone. The bears were able to flush the price toward the $165 support. A low is formed near $164 and the price is now correcting losses. There was a move above the $175 and $180 resistance levels.
Aptos (APT) Founder Names Three Things That Could Attract a Billion New Crypto Users

The co-founder of Aptos (APT) is weighing in on what developments in the digital assets space could attract the next wave of mass adoption.

In a new interview with crypto influencer Scott Melker, Aptos CEO and cofounder Mo Shaikh says that three main things could result in a billion new users flooding the space.
Investment Giant BlackRock Registers Ethereum Trust in Delaware As ETH Surpasses $2,000

An investment firm with trillions of dollars worth of assets under its management is registering an Ethereum (ETH) trust in Delaware as the leading altcoin surges over $2,000.

According to new filing documents shared on the social media platform X, BlackRock has registered its iShares Ethereum trust in the state of Delaware, a move similar to one the firm made when initially registering its Bitcoin (BTC) trust.
New EU Sanctions Package Preclude Russians From Owning Crypto Companies

The European Union said Russian nationals from owning or controlling crypto service providers under the bloc’s twelfth package of restrictive measures against the country. According to the EU, diamonds entering its will now have to be traced from “the mine to the finger” and this is set to be done using the blockchain.

New Package Seeks to Combat Sanctions CircumventionThe European Union (EU) announced on Dec. 18 that it had adopted a new package of economic and individual sanctions. The package now bars Russian nationals from owning or controlling crypto service providers. This ban is part of the EU’s attempt to “limit circumvention of the prohibition” on the provision of crypto-related services already imposed.

According to the European Commission (EC), the new sanctions package seeks to fulfil the EU’s key objective of finding “a just and lasting peace, not another frozen conflict.” In the document that answers key questions about the Russian sanctions, the EC insisted that the EU sanctions policy has already had the desired effect on the Russian economy.
Pacific Meta’s Localization Expertise Empowers Oasys’ Expansion Into The Chinese Market

In an announcement this Thursday, Oasys, a blockchain gaming platform, announced its partnership with Pacific Meta, a Japan-based advisory and marketing firm, to extend its reach to Chinese-speaking nations in the Southeast Asia region. The collaboration aims to support blockchain gaming projects on Oasys by leveraging Pacific Meta’s experience in marketing within the region, bringing a host of next-gen Web3 games to Chinese-speaking gamers. 
Find out how to get No Deposit Bonuses at An Online Casino

What is what is a “no deposit bonus”? No deposit bonuses are basically an offer that you are able to utilize to play online casino Plinkos and wager. The only requirement is to make an account with the casino in order to qualify for the offer. You will get real cash credits that can be used to place bets. It may not be applicable to all games, or all slots.

In any case it is recommended for you to fully understand the terms and conditions that come with no deposit bonuses prior to signing up or making deposits at casinos. It is also important to ensure that the casino you choose to play at is licensed and regulated prior to choosing a game or slot to play. In any event it is recommended to confirm all the details prior to placing bets on any money.
Fantom (FTM) Founder Andre Cronje Shows Support for Solana Amid Network Congestion Issues

Fantom (FTM) co-founder Andre Cronje says the Solana (SOL) network is a victim of success as the smart contract platform faces criticisms due to congestion issues.

In a post on social media platform X, Cronje says that Solana’s recent outages are only because of its rising user activity and popularity.