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⭐️HB516 State Land Purchase, Rep Pierucci. This is an important state sovereignty bill.
This bill prevents the following entities from obtaining an interest in land in the state by the government of China, Iran,
North Korea, or Russia.....
This bill passed out of the senate committee today. 👍

Session Update for Feb 28th!

Rep Mike Petersen just called me and asked if we can get people to text their senators about HB269 Ten Commandments and Magna Carta bill. This bill includes them in the documents that can be covered in public schools. I just sent this to my senator:

Sen Weiler,
Please support Mike Petersen's Bill HB269 about the Ten Commandments and the Magna Carta.
Doug Brunnette Spotlight!
Doug is on the Executive Board and the Impact Board.

Our family moved to Kaysville in 1978.  I am originally from Minnesota where I was born and raised.  After my freshman year of college at St. John’s University I transferred to BYU where I received a bachelors degree in political science and international relations followed by a masters of public administration.

My wife, Cynthia and I have four children and 17 grandchildren all within an easy driving distance from each other.  This year will mark our 50th wedding anniversary.  Cynthia received her bachelors degree and teaching certificate from Utah State University. 

Something that most people don’t know about me is that I was the regional manager for temporal affairs for my Church assigned to the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific.

A favorite hobby of mine and Cynthia is snow shoeing by our recreational property in Island Park, Idaho.  And I do enjoy a round of golf when I can squeeze it in.  We also enjoy walking daily on trails year round when the weather permits.  When the weather is unfavorable, we dance and speed walk to music in our home!

I have traveled to many places throughout the world.  One of my favorites was a journey by car from Mendoza, Argentina to Santiago, Chile.  We went through a mountain pass in the Andes Mountains which was spectacular.

The Impact Councils can have a major impact on the governing process in the State of Utah.  While attending the open house at our state’s capitol last Monday I recall the comment of one of the legislators who was in attendance.  He recalled sending out numerous messages regarding a meeting he was having with his local constituents.  Thousands of  persons were invited to attend and make their voices heard.  Only 7 actually attended.  Members of Impact Councils can have a major “impact’ on our elected representatives and senators and other governmental leaders simply by communicating their concerns on an ongoing basis.  We will have an impact.  Most of these leaders know who we are and value our input.

My most recent communication to my legislator, Representative Barlow, was regarding the tax burdens that middle class senior citizens have in our State.  In other “red” states, social security is not taxed by the State.  In Utah, it is taxed unless you are basically living in poverty.

We all can make a difference through our united effort to make sure our governing bodies recognize the importance of the issues we raise.   Whether it is a concern of too much federal intrusion, what children are being taught in our schools, the election process, or other vital issues we must be sure our voices are heard!
The situation with the gold bill has been an emotional roller coaster. I have felt the importance of this bill. Last night I received a text from Rep Ivory saying the gold bill didn't get funded. The fiscal not is a one-time amount for 50,000 dollars. I felt so discouraged for a moment that I sat down on the couch and cried. Shortly after this, I read a text saying that Speaker Schultz told Rep Ivory that he will get it funded. Sure enough, it was funded later that night. That was very good, but it still hadn't passed the senate. I put out a call-to-action to text your senator to support the gold bill. I texted my senator who is Senator Todd Weiler. Late this afternoon it passed through the senate. I was very grateful. I truly feel it will at least help insulate Utahns from the foreboding economic situation at the federal level. Thank you to everyone who helped with it. There are several bills that have passed that are positive for state sovereignty. I will be going over all of them at the next Zoom call on March 4th at 9:00 pm.
⭐️ HB471 Public Lands Posessions Amendments, Rep Phil Lyman.

This bill asserts ownership and exclusive jurisdiction of roads included on a county travel plan and requires due process before the federal government may close a road.

This bill is being run in response to another proposed rule change by the BLM that would allow them to close land without even having to post it in the register. It is a bold usurpation of power. Truly the federal government seeks to systematically dismantle the separation of powers within our Constitutional Republic. I hope this bill has time to move through. It hasn't even had its first committee meeting yet.

The update on this bill is it has passed through the house and is moving to the senate. Even though this bill started so late, it seems like leadership wants this bill passed. Hopefully that is the case.🤞🙏
SB61 - 3rd Subsitute, Electronic Cigarette Amendments!!
Flavored vape products like Candy Co., Juice Box and Pink Sticks are enticing to kids and pose a grave threat to the health and well-being of our youth. These products lead to a lifetime of nicotine addiction, harm developing brains, and increase the likelihood of experimentation with other harmful substances. 

This bill has passed both the senate and the house! 👍 That is a win for protecting the youth in Utah.
HB290 Ranked Choice Voting Amendments is now on the floor of the senate. This bill stops a pilot program that allows rank choice voting in the cities and counties. Rep Katy Hall ran this bill last year and was not able to get it out of committee. I am hopeful it will pass this year. Here is an article that talks about the concerns with RCV.
HB409 Presumption of State Jurisdiction sponsored by Rep Ivory failed on the floor of the house. This was one of our top priorities, but unfortunately it didn't make it through. So often a bill may not pass the first year, but will the next session. We will work with the legislators that voted no and educate them about the importance of guarding the Constitutional line.
Our very own Seth Poulsen was on the floor of the house today with Rep Paul Cutler. Seth is on the Executive Board and the Impact Board.
Seth is a wonderful asset to our organization. 💕
Session Update for February 29th! We made it through February, spring is just around the corner. 🌸
HB 405 Sub 1 Public Health Amendments, Rep Birkeland. This is a very important bill and it passed! 👍
This bill modifies when the Department of Health and Human Services and a local health department may invoke an order of restriction; and
repeals an exception for medical students related to vaccination and face covering...

Now medical students can be protected from having to get the covid shot. This bill also repeals a section of code that is detrimental to the liberty of the citizens. This was repealed:

"If an individual refuses to take action as required by the department or the local health department to prevent the spread of a communicable disease, infectious agent, or contamination, the department or the local health department may order involuntary examination, treatment, quarantine, or isolation of the individual and may petition the court to order involuntary examination, treatment, quarantine, or isolation..."

It is so scary that Utah had a law that allowed that to happen. We must jealously guard our liberties.
HB261 Equal Opportunity Initiatives, Rep Katy Hall.
This bill prohibits Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ( DEI) from being used in the public education system, higher education, and by governmental employers. This bill has passed! 👍
DEI is nothing more than racism. It must be rooted out of society. This is a good article about it:

Unfortunately HB290 Ranked Choice Voting Amendments, Rep Katy Hall, failed on the floor of the senate. There is talk that the senate sponsor may try to bring it back. The rule with that is you have 24 hours to bring back a bill for another vote. It was very close, 12 yes to 15 no. Here is an article about RCV. One person, one vote, is how the elections need to be held in order to make verification and audits feasible.

Tomorrow is the last day of the session. I am going up to the Capitol in the afternoon. I will find out the latest information and post it on Telegram. 🩷
⭐️I am at the Capitol right now. Please text your House member in favor of SB73 The Food Bill. This bill protects locally grown food from federal interference. This is one of our priority state sovereignty bills.
The session is over! Thank you everyone for all your hard work.
This is Jennie Earl. She is the vice-chair of the Utah State Board of Education. Utah is lucky to have her.
This is Rep Ivory. Our Zoom call is this Monday, March 4th at 9:00 pm. I will be doing a big session overview. Don't miss it!