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It is time to indict the criminals responsible for the creation of the bio weapon virus for Crimes Against Humanity!
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Go to our 10letters Letters of Indictment Campaign website and make your voice heard NOW!!!
Dr Richard M. Fleming on the ineffectiveness of vaccines and what you can do to fight back! By the Chicago Morning Answer. This interview has placed Illinois firmly in the lead as the state with the most letters of indictments sent to AG’s! Well done Illinois!!! 👍🏼
We have just launched our Crimes Against Humanity Tour fundraiser campaign with GiveSendGo!

Donate easily using debit or credit cards from anywhere in the world in any currency! Or simply send us a prayer!
Please feel free to join me in Florida as I present this week.
I will be joining Dr Richard Fleming in Clearwater Florida on Sept 9-10. Excited to hear more details on

Now is the time, you can stand for freedom 🇱🇷 or sit down as a puppet😯. I choose to stand for my freedom as a patriot🇺🇸
Today in Orlando presenting at ASNC.
I am presenting treatments for Covid at the ASNC meeting today and tomorrow at the VCICI meeting in Clearwater, FL. Along with evidence that a treatment for SARS was known about in 1985. A treatment that would have made the vaccines impossible under EUAs.
ASNC 2022
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Hold them accountable! Have you sent in your letter yet? Elections are coming soon! Let your voice be heard! Keep the letters coming & be sure to share it with others.