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*We have no GS classes today ( will cover today's class on Friday).*
Today's Class Schedule :-

Subject:- Economy

Faculty:- Siti Sir (IRS)

Timing:- @ 6.15 PM.

For demo:- WhatsApp : 82608 72482
[Economy] Eight Core Industries of India, their Weightage and IIP

The eight core sectors/industries of India are :- Coal weight: 10.33% Crude Oil weight: 8.98% Natural Gas weight: 6.88% Refinery Products weight: 28.04% Fertilizers weight: 2.63% Steel weight: 17.92% Cement…
[Agriculture] Can Agroforestry Save us ?

Introduction Agroforestry is an intentional integration of trees on farmland. (more…)
[Agriculture] Independent India @ 75: It has taken a lot to be food-secure

  From Begging bowl to Food Security Norman Borlaug and MS Swaminathan in a wheat field in north India in March 1964 (more…)
[Economy] Missing “Middle” Of Indian Entrepreneurship

The Story Consider this hypothetical situation: Rajalakshmi, from a remote Karnataka village spots a business opportunity.She knows that flowers, discarded in the thousands by temples can be handcrafted into incense…