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Prelims Test 04 (Geography) is Live Now. It is relatively a difficult paper, and the idea is to tilt your preparation according to the demands of the exam, so that you stay updated, and your preparation remains relevant. Make notes of the test as well.
Forwarded from UPSCTREE
Forwarded from UPSCTREE
UPSC is known to ask Cheesy questions. Last yr they asked about toothpaste.

I have been saying this probably for the past 8-9 yrs. Read NCERT and research on things that is written in NCERT. I will show you why NCERT matters. Everybody thinks they have read NCERT...but honestly you have to read NCERT (not some short-cut notes by some XYZ) by deploying the child in you...What I meant to say is to have the same level of curiosity as a child.

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