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~ A simple and fast file uploader that uses Telegram network as file storage.

Announcements channel.
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To avoid getting banned on Uploadgram, please don't use any download accelerators or parallel downloads in general. These will send a bunch of requests to Uploadgram, and the server will ban you, thinking that you are a bot.
Uploadgram tries already to get its users a fast download, and keeping these "download accelerators" away saves bandwidth that can be used to serve other users. So please, don't use any of these.

Your first ban lasts two hours, the second ban lasts four hours, and so on, until your 7th ban, which is permanent.

Summing up: don't use download accelerators, such as "internet download manager", as they will easily get you banned from Uploadgram, and repeating this can lead to a permanent ban (on 7th ban).
Uploadgram has been down for some hours.
We are currently moving servers and uploadgram will be up ASAP. Also, starting from tomorrow, the Uploadgram app will be present on F-Droid as well. I'll post an update here when it happens.
I finally forgot to mention that the app had been updated, and you can find it in pato05/uploadgram-app/releases. Regarding the web-app, it is still unsure when I'll update it, since the major brought features can't be ported there. When I'll have time, I'll find a way to reimplement such changes.

Everything is working again!
I gladly announce that the app has made its way to F-Droid, and you can find it here: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.pato05.uploadgram

Since F-Droid takes up to 3-4 days to update the app, I'll continue pushing it in the GitHub Releases as well, and I'll also make an auto-updater for the non-fdroid app, so that you may stay up-to-date. You will have to decide which way you want to install the app, since the F-Droid apk and the GitHub Releases apk are incompatible with each other.
Thank you all for the 100 subscribers!
Yes, we finally reached this point, also plenty of posts have also reached > 300 views, Uploadgram is growing day by day, this is all thanks to you. Many features are yet to come, and Uploadgram isn't at his final stage.

By the way, many users have been banned "by mistake", so I'll try within today to remove the ban system. Also, I'm cleaning the uploadgram-app's code, and I'll try to make it faster overall. Remember that if you want additional features/find a bug/have a question, I am here to listen to you. Contact me (@Pato05) or make a new issue on uploadgram-app/issues if it is regarding the app
As said the ban system was removed, but you aren't still able to download a same file more than once and you won't be able to download more than two files, or upload more than one at once. Now you can use whatever you like without risking getting banned but also download accelerators won't work. Remember, if you have any problems, I'm here to help you!
We never imagined having these many users, all downloading at the same time. Sadly the Uploadgram infrastructure isn't ready for this yet, so in the next days, we will do a big upgrade to Uploadgram, for managing multiple users downloading at the same time (thus improving speed), no ETA though, just know it is coming.

Also a bug that denied users' downloads has been fixed, sorry for the inconvenience. As always, if you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate contacting me!

Thank you all for reaching the 150 subscribers milestone.
A person told me not too long ago of creating an Uploadgram discussion group, what do you think of it?
Final Results
Yes, do it!
No, I don't think we really need a discussion group.
You decided, the discussion group has been created, join at @uploadgrammegroup!

or Русскоязычный чат: https://t.me/joinchat/KYwmw4LndLo1NWY0
Uploadgram has now got a sponsor!

We're happy to announce we are moving Uploadgram to spacecore.pro servers! We'd like to thank them for providing such an opportunity. Please note that while we're doing so, Uploadgram might be unstable.

Watch the channel, as this message will be edited when we're done and everything is up and running again!

Big kudos to @kerichuu for the picture

Migration completed!
I have noticed how many (mostly russian) websites have decided to talk about Uploadgram, and I wanted to clarify some points, that they all got wrong, and made some users angry at Uploadgram.

1. Uploadgram is NOT a cloud
It was never meant to be, Uploadgram is a file sharing service based on Telegram, as the website's description already says. Uploadgram does store your files indefinitely not because it is a cloud, but just because Telegram allows to. There are other services for this purpose (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA).

2. Uploadgram is NOT based on the application
The application does NOT communicate with Telegram's servers directly, but there is a backend, and this backend will act as a proxy and communicate with Telegram to allow you to easily upload/download files, and store their metadata, so that you only have to care about the link.
Extra: Flutter isn't an engine that allows you to connect to Telegram's servers, it is just a framework to create cross-platform apps.

I hope this kind of irregular post has cleared some of your questions and doubts.

Got any extra questions/doubts?
- Meet me or ask questions in the group (or in this post's comment section), or contact me in private messages.
- Вам комфортнее говорить по-русски? Еще у нас есть русскоязычная группа (возглавляемая не мной), где вы можете задавать вопросы!
Thank you all for 1.000 subscribers.

The Uploadgram app is getting redesigned, in some of its parts, bugs are getting fixed, and one feature you all have been asking for is finally coming. Stay tuned.
Localization is finally coming in the Uploadgram app, along with many new features.

We need your contribution, you can now translate all the Uploadgram strings in your language at https://crowdin.com/project/uploadgram-app. Please be aware that languages with partial translations are likely not going to be used.
You will be able to review the translations, even though a language is already fully translated (eg. if you find any grammar errors in the English translation, you can fix them yourself!)

Thanks for your contribution.
P.S. if a language you want to translate is missing, you may write here in the comment section.
The Uploadgram team wishes you a happy Christmas 🎄
🎂 Today is Uploadgram's second birthday (can you believe it?!)

Thanks to you, Uploadgram has grown a lot in this year (to the point of it even having a sponsor!), something I never imagined happening.

Thank you all for subscribing and staying with us.
🥂 Happy new year from the Uploadgram team!
🎉 Launching Pastegram!
Pastegram is a private paste service based on Uploadgram.

Try it now at paste.uploadgram.me or view its source at https://github.com/Uploadgram/paste, as always any contributions are welcome!

Pastegram is still in an alpha stage: bugs are expected. Don't hesitate to open an issue on the github repo or contacting us in any of our groups.

CLI Tool written in Python: https://github.com/Uploadgram/paste-cli
🎂 Happy Birthday, Uploadgram!

Uploadgram turns three today! Can you believe it?
We've come a long long way thanks to you all. Hopefully, news will be coming this year, and a new project might be born.
🍾 Happy new year from the Uploadgram team!
‼️ Uploadgram is shutting down

We are sorry to announce that our path has ended: after three years of service we can't keep this up anymore, we are forced to shut down uploadgram, thanks to legal problems and, generally, abuse of the service. We will still allow you to download files from Uploadgram starting 3 days from now.

The shutdown will be effective:
Monday January 30 2023 at 15:30 UTC

Thank you all for staying with us until now.
🛑 Uploadgram has officially shut down.

Because of abuse of service, Uploadgram has reached its end of life and you cannot upload nor download files anymore.

It's been a long journey and we thank once again all of you for staying with us. The channel and the groups will be kept as the project itself is not dead, and we will publish the sources soon, so that you may self-host an instance.