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Ingressive4Good is announcing the 2022 edition of the 1000 Women In Design
scholarship in partnership with Geneza Training as our contribution towards
#BreakingtheBias. Learn how to design and build a career in design FOR FREE. The
best part is, you might end up with a Job or/and laptop powered by @Ingressive4Good + @genezatraining
Register - https://bit.ly/I4Gwomen
Closes - March 18, 2022
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Link: https://ingressive.org/women-in-design-scholarship/
In the spirit of international womens day, here’s a post from 2019 celebration
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An HR Specialist is a professional responsible for monitoring all Human Resource functions. They prepare compensation and benefits packages, set up company policies, maintain updated employee records and ensure a healthy workplace by providing HR procedures.
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Mitchelle is a multifaceted professional currently working as a Product
designer at Wise @wise. She began her career as a make-up artist
and then pivoted to design. She is also an author and product creator.
Mitch started in design as an intern at Flutterwave @theflutterwave
working there for almost four years. She had no prior knowledge of
design but worked her way up to become mobile design lead.
Mitchelle, popularly called Designer Babe uses her Instagram page
(@_designerbabe) to help newbies switching to a design career, She uses her platform to teach thousands of aspiring designers to create
lovable products and level up their careers. In 2020, she wrote her first
book, Clueless to Designer. The success of Clueless to Designer also
inspired Mitch to create a design journal titled Dear Designer, Write,
which was released in 2021. She’s also one of First check Africa’s rising Stars: African Women In Tech Leaders
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Abel is an International Conference Speaker, spoken in some of the most prominent conferences around the 🌎 world, he is currently the Chief Innovation Officer of a Global Conglomerate called Softdroom, the Parent company of many subsidiaries across the world including VersusPay, where he is also heading the company as the Chief Executive Officer.

Abel is highly invested in Business development, Tech community advocacy, and building innovative solutions around the world to solve problems on a global scale.

Tenacity, Curiosity, Creativity, and Collaboration has been his major pillar & pivot to success.

Talk about a world class FOODIE, talk Abel 🤭

Listen on http://podcast.uplift.ng
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