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We encountered a slight issue with the app update and unfortunately, It will have to be delayed
We have solved this issue and rolled out a release so several alpha testers. The app will be thoroughly tested and then rolled out to beta ;)
Beta update should be coming later today ;) Support for spanish, dutch, and german will be added
I don't usually share stats, but many of my users (and android users in general) don't update apps to their latest version. With that being said, it already has 652 users of the latest release and this number will only grow.

There have been many features and I'm working on adding more
(The app was only released to a segment of the current users)
We will be migrating email platforms later this month. If you have any support issue, feel free to tweet or DM us.
My popular unit conversion app is now on sale for $0.99 for a limited time.

Get it before it goes back up in price.

I cannot include a currency conversion in this app, because the app adheres to a strict zero permission policy to benefit your privacy (no internet to get updated prices).

With that being said, here are the top features and units supported. Thank you to those that help support indie developers like myself, I love hearing feedback and feature requests.

unitMeasure is an intuitive and ad-free unit converter app.

The app contains more than 100 measurements spread over 16 categories. In addition, it works online and without permissions. Buy it once and get all the features and updates.


* No Ads
* No Tracking
* No Permissions


* Change precision of values
* Swap Tap and Long Hold Actions
* Set default tip percent and number of people
* Set decimal and group separator
* Show/Hide Borders
* Show/Hide UK Measurements
* Disable Animations
* Change Themes

4 Languages

* English
* German
* Dutch
* Spanish

4 Different Themes

* Night
* Dark
* Light
* Day

16 Different Categories and over a hundred units are available at your fingertips...

* Length: Inches, Centimeters, Feet, Yards, Meters, Miles, Kilometers, Picometers, Millimeters, Light-years

* Volume: Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Cups, Fluid Ounces, Pints, Quarts, Gallons, Cubic Centimeters, Cubic Feet, Milliliters, Liters, (US & UK Values Included)

* Energy: Joules, Kilojoules, Calories, Kilocalories, Inch-Pounds, Foot-Pounds, Megawatt-Hours, Kilowatt-Hours, Electron Volts, BTUs, Barrels of Oil, Horsepower US & Metric

* Time: Milliseconds, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Fortnights, Months, Years, Decades, Centuries

* Digital Storage: Storage: bits, Bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, Kilobits, Megabits, Gigabits

* Mass/Weight: Ounces, Grams, Kilograms, Pounds, Stones, Metric Tons, Tons US, Slugs

* Temperature: Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, Rankine, Réaumur

* Area: Square Kilometers, Square Meters, Square Miles, Square Yards, Square Feet, Square Inches, Hectares, Acres

* Pressure: Pascals, Megapascals, Kilopascals, PSI, PSF, Atmospheres, Bars, mmHg, inHg

* Angle: Circles, Degrees, Gradians, Minutes, Mils, Quadrants, Radians, Revolutions, Seconds

* Torque: Pound-Feet, Pound-Inches, Newton-Meters, Kilogram-Meters, Dyne-Centimeters

* Speed: Kilometers per Hour, Miles per Hour, Meters per Second, Feet per Second, Knots, Mach

* Fuel Efficiency: Miles Per Gallon US, Miles per Gallon UK, Kilometers per Liter, Liters per 100 Kilometers, Gallons per 100 Miles US, Miles per Liter UK

# Bonus Calculations - These are unique to unitMeasure (don't exist in most other unit converters)

* Programmer: Binary, Decimal, Octal, Hexadecimal

* Date/Time Difference & Duration Calculation (Great for finding out someone's age or tracking periods of time and running countdowns, also for tracking how many hours you slept)

* Tip Calculator/Bill Splitter: Calculate how much to tip from the percent or cash value and get the results back instantly

#####unitMeasure - Google Play Link
I had to take a hiatus, but now am back to working on the app
Hit us up for a free code of our app. Also paging anyone who can write a pitch deck for us ;)
Would you guys be interested in a category that's a bit different (telephone country codes) ?
After going back and forth... I've chosen an icon for the Metric Prefix Unit. Comment if you get the joke
Price dropped to $1.39 for a limited time... And I'm finishing an update which will allow you to save your position in the units.
New update in the works...

Addition of new unit and negative numbers in temperature
210 KB
Working on some major new features

Stay tuned... should we do an early beta release?