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today nice party by autonoma industriale
follow their channel ;)
today party at kili: FUK THE WAR
tomorrow at KVU
today at lauschangriff
Forwarded from re:focus @ Lauschangriff
After a bit of a summer break, we are back with re:focus this week, as always on the first Thursday of the month with your hosts Lynxy and CF plus guests! See you there! As always at Lauschangriff, Rigaer Str. 103, 10247 Berlin. Doors open 8.30, music starts at 9pm. Until 2am+
wednesday 5. oktober:

"We invite you once again to the loft at AL Berlin for a drone night. Seven artists, three live acts and a DJ set, will ensure a contemplative and immersive evening. We have some pillows on site but encourage you to bring a mat, en extra pillow and whatever else you may need to be comfortable for the journey.

Running order:

(o)dim (DJ set on the ground floor)

20:00 FISK & Rhythmic Figures (live film score, electronics)

21:00 Henri Falk & Sidhartta Talukdar (field recordings, synthesizer)

22:00 WeiKang Beh & Samin Son (computer, electronics)

#drone #ambient #performance #music"