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2 nice events happening today
un.core.bar is looking for video footage you have taken around our fuckparade truck!
if you could share them with us that would be great.
we would like to create a clip to remember this beautiful day..
u can send a mail to un.core.bar@proton.me
or telegram @marc0re
Time to celebrate our annual Sound System event, this time with Maquis Son Sistèm from Toulouse. Not only, they will bring their beautiful stack of speakers all the way from Toulouse, but we will also have them perform a great live set and DJ Jan Loup as an operating and traveling comrade, to make sure you get the most eclectic fresh realeases in bass music entering your acoustic system.

To round things up and for your listening pleasure, we have Ossia live accompanied by Ojoo, one of the freshest djs in town.

Making it cosy and comfy local hosts DJ Junktion and Cate Hops in a b2b with Stinky Mate will get you just in the right mood in and out of the night.

As not to forget, we have the great support of Seismik printing for extra entertainment and your personal screen printed gift of the night.

Get into your comfort zone of low frequencies and fiddly sounds from tapes, delays & reverbs, a tiny pinch of distortion and other analog gear.


Cate Hops b2b Stinky Mate
Maquis Son Sistèm (live)
Ossia (live)
Jan Loup
Live screen printing throughout the night with SEISMIK

Doors: 22.00
3 nice events 2day ;)