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Added currency to meta object inside all fundamental responses.
Currencies updates 💱

1️⃣ New date parameter to take the exchange rate at a specific date-time is available for /exchange_rate and /currency_conversion endpoints.

2️⃣ Conversions might be done for any pair, even if it is not presented in the FX list. For instance, Thai Baht Canadian Dollar (THB/CAD).
mic_code added to response of /stocks and /etf.
Filtering can be performed by the exchange name or mic code using the exchange parameter.
Added validation of decimal places (dp) parameter.
❗️❗️Over the weekends, we will release a fix to a bug in API credits calculation in endpoints where weighting was more than 1 (mainly affecting fundamentals), and those extra credits were not always counted. Ensure that you're on the right plan to have enough quota for all API credits consumed, preventing getting fewer data.
• UNIX timestamp added to the response
• Added indicator of the market state
• New eod parameter to return values of the latest closed day
• Additional 4 new values for extended hours.

Quote for crypto
• Rolling 24h and 7d values added
• Ability to set custom rolling period
mic_code parameter added across primary API endpoints to specify exchange by ISO 10383 standard mic code.
• UNIX timestamp added to /eod response.
/market_movers/mutual_funds bug with incorrect % change calculation is fixed.
Added historical data for mutual funds at 1week and 1month intervals
Great series of tutorials based on our data published by our friends from Timescale

• Getting Started
• Storing candlesticks
• Ingest real-time data
Mutual Funds API rolls out today for everyone!
/ichimoku indicator occasional panic response issue resolved
&page parameter added to /mutual_funds/list
&include_delisted parameter added to /stocks, /etf, /indices endpoints
You can now specify different exchanges for all assets via batch requests.
Issues with the unavailability of recent options quotes and missing quarters for some income statements are now fixed.
New stock exchanges are available with the Enterprise plan!
🇯🇲 Jamaica
🇵🇭 Philippines
🇵🇱 Poland
🇨🇴 Colombia
Official open price is now available within 15 minutes after the market opening.
• Minor issues fixed in /mutual_funds, /market_state.
• New silver pairs XAGg/EUR and XAG/TRY 🔗
Bug with missing current date in /option/expiration fixed.
We've added information about the mutual fund currency to the /mutual_funds/list endpoint.

Coverage of logos is improved across Scandinavian markets.

Also, if the exchange rate is subject to the scale factor, it is returned now in the /currency_conversion endpoint.
Ready for a new quarter? Twelve Data is.

Discover new analysis APIs with estimations, recommendations, price targets, and analyst ratings.
Now symbol_search endpoint also works with instrument names in addition to the symbol ticker.