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Angela Pitt cited a need to refocus her efforts to serve her constituents on issues like Airdrie’s “inadequate urgent care facility and the EMS crisis” which “must be resolved and I am working hard to do that.” #abpoli
RT @elie_mcn: Jean Charest says Canadians should not worry about the WEF, but rather the state of their country. “That’s where the real issue is, it’s not the WEF, it’s about Canada.” He also said he would allow his cabinet to attend the WEF in Davos. @TrueNorthCentre
RT @AndrewLawton: " with current variants." Nothing to say the next variant won't trigger a lockdown, return of vaccine passports, etc.
RT @GadSaad: As I've previously explained, this decision is ultimately not in my hands but I'll be sure to insist.
RT @Emmanuel_Rach: Alberta Chief Firearms Officer Teri Bryant says the Trudeau government's ban on importing legal handguns will impact people who are the "most law-abiding, and that can’t possibly have any effect on people who are criminally misusing firearms."
RT @cosminDZS: Canadian federal public servants were given a mental health toolkit on how to cope with the easing of COVID restrictions. Yes, really. Links include courses on "leading with courage through challenging times" and "communicating with emotional employees."