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"Being on the backstage crew as a makeup artist, I had a view that the audience never saw...Even with the last curtain call, it wasn’t over."

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To all who served this Easter, thank you. You have made an eternal impact
We often overlook Jesus’ life ‘post-Easter.’

But did you know He ministered for nearly 6 weeks after He rose again?

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What stands out the most to you about Jesus' post-Resurrection ministry?
At 39, Tien Corr-na became a single mom. Over a decade later, she shares about her struggles, victories, and what it means to be "fully satisfied" in Christ.

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Did you know that Life Conference 2022 is finally back on-site after three years?

Wisely Ong, a university teaching assistant: "I want to encounter God in a tangible, intimate, and powerful way, so I am attending Life Conference this year!"

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Which plenary session(s) are you looking forward to? Share the Life Conference 2022 program with a family member or friend!
Depressed and bitter. This was Wendy Tan’s life until she accepted Jesus. Now, her life is radically different.

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What areas of your life can the Heavenly Father help you walk in greater freedom? Encounter Him at this Wed's GEM.
What does our Prayer Pastor think future revival will look like? Will God operate as He has in the past?

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God is able to do more than we could imagine. Unite with the global Church to pray June 27-29, 2022.
What are qualities of an intentional dad that we can be grateful for?

Hear from two Trinitarian fathers – Rick Toh and Pastor Chung Kah Fei. Both showcase the power of simple intentionality and how it has transformed their fatherhood journeys.

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To current fathers, father-figures, and fathers to be, thank you for being intentional ♥️ You're God's gift to all of us.
Pastor Dominic names Pastor Gerald as the next Lead Pastor. Find out more on what Pastor Dominic, Pastor Gerald and fellow Trinitarians have to say about succession and the church.

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Join us as Trinity continues to forge forward as a strong church, building up a generation that will impact many other generations!
Mention the phrase “full-time call” and what image instinctively comes to your mind? There is a high chance that you would have pictured a pastoral staff. However, God’s full-time call is not limited only to the role of pastoral staff. In fact, many men and women fulfil this call by serving full-time in corporate positions within the church. They are the ones working behind the scenes, so that our services and church operations proceed smoothly. Read on to get inspired by their stories of faith, purpose and providence!

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Join us at Trinity to discover how you can build God’s kingdom with your talents and gifts, and for some, how you can respond to God’s full-time call!
Before enrolling into Trinity Christian Centre’s Ministry Internship (MI) program, Sister Esther Lau was a Human Resource Executive while Brother Jason Koon was a Creative Manager, designing for company events and weddings. Through their sharing, we see God’s divine leading and providence as He called them into full-time ministry and their journey since.

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Join the team in Trinity to respond to and discover God’s full-time call on your life!
“There can be miracles when you believe” echoes from the soundtrack: When You Believe, from the movie Prince of Egypt, when God delivered His people from slavery. It takes faith to believe, “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). We need faith to build for generations. Take a look back at last month’s Vision Rally and Vision Weekend.

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To be placed on long-term medication would seem like a death sentence to many. Is it possible to be healed from diabetes? Do miracles still happen? Trinitarian Agnes Yeo shares her miracle story of experiencing God’s divine healing.

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Many of us have the misconception that “mature Christians” means believers who are biologically older, have been a Christian for many years, or possess much bible knowledge. This is not entirely true. If we are not nurturing another believer in the faith, we stop maturing. In Trinity, we call this act of discipleship, Spiritual Parenting. Find out 7 reasons to be a Spiritual Parent and hear personally from four of our SPs!

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On October 8th and 9th, 680 children were showered with special door gifts upon their arrival outside the service halls at Trinity@Paya Lebar and Trinity@Bukit Batok. This was the beginning of a day of fun at Trinity’s Children’s Day Special.

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Shirley Chan was devastated when her husband passed away in March 2021. With her siblings unable to host her long term, the 75-year-old widow decided to live on her own.

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The news is out! This year, Trinity kickstarts our Christmas celebrations with cozy and festive parties happening in homes all across Singapore (Dec 1-22)! Need to spice up your parties? 📖Read the article for some ice-breakers and games! Have fun 🎉🎄

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The end of the school year means that it’s time to live it up and enjoy the holidays — that’s exactly what IGNYTE did this Nov! 🎉 Over four weeks, youths came together for a time of food, games, and God encounters to celebrate High-Five November.

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Founded in 1996 by Trinity, Care Community Services Society (CCSS) has been empowering and transforming individuals and families. From Nov 12-13, CCSS organized various activities to spread awareness of how they carry God’s heart for social justice to the community.

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March 12, 2023 marked a new chapter in Trinity Christian Centre’s history as Pastor Dominic Yeo handed over the leadership of the church to Pastor Gerald Tan.

The Change of Command ceremony touched the hearts of many Trinitarians, local Pastors and guests from overseas as it signified new beginnings, building upon a rich legacy of faith, and God's undeniable hand upon our church.

👉 Read on to soak in, relish and savor the goodness of God, the deep sense of honor that was carried through the Ceremony and the envisioning for what’s in store for the church! Watch a special video at the end of the article. 🎉

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Easter at DiscoveryLand was a big splash 🌊 success among the children. The Red Pincer, with its “under the sea” theme 🦀, came complete with breathtaking decoration – from octopuses 🐙🦑🦈🦀 made out of balloons to beautiful rock corals and shiny blue curtains. All that was left was for the children to arrive, and come they did.

👉 Read on to celebrate as we thank God for the 168 lives that came to know Jesus as their Lord and saviour at The Red Pincer!
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