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What was special about Family Communion?

“I found the on-site atmosphere nostalgically familiar. Yet there were distinct differences….”

While the pandemic has changed how Family Communion is conducted, hundreds of individuals and families eagerly came to remember Christ's faithfulness.

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On New Year’s Eve, Trinitarians made their way to the Sanctuary with excitement, eager to cross over into 2022 with God and His people.

Relive favorite moments, with three powerful Watchnight testimony videos linked. 📹

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What area of your life are you trusting God for biblical restoration in 2022?
On January 7, Trinitarians were undeterred by the inclement weather as they gathered to dedicate the new year unto God.

Sharing from Genesis 32:24-30, Pastor Dom zeroed in on the life of Jacob. Jacob was alone during one of the darkest seasons of his life when he met God face to face.

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What do you need to 'declutter' in order to press-in for a full restoration in God?
Eugene Phua from Area Five did not believe God could heal him after 20 years of extreme back pain. Today, he has a brand new back and heart.

“I picked up the phone, called my doctor, and canceled the surgery….it was worth it.”

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Crossing Over (过去。未来) is a realistic look into a turbulent marriage in need of restoration and unconditional love.

The moving short-film was written by Trinitarians and features local actors Peter Yu and Evelyn Tan.

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📽 Crossing Over 《过去·未来》 will be available to watch tomorrow, 5pm onwards on!
Christ came to the world so that we might be overcomers in Him. But how does that happen, especially when we are feeling so weary, burdened, or distraught?

These 3️⃣ Biblical mindsets shared by Pastor Danny Leong will shift your perspective in the right direction for the new year.

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💭Which Biblical mindset can you put into practice this week to be #MoreThanAConqueror?
What comes to your mind when you hear the word “single”?

Is it miserable, lonely, or discontented? Or do you think adventurous, confident, and thriving?

Meet four Trinitarians who answer 7 honest questions and show us how singlehood is worth celebrating.

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Do you have single friends you’d like to appreciate? Love them in tangible ways like this.
Seven years after getting married in 2011, the Felixes wanted to part ways.

What would it take for their marriage to be restored?

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What are the beautiful things you can celebrate about your marriage this season?
We are the 11th hour church. The news on the headlines has already been foretold in the Bible.

Jesus can return at any moment. Yes, there is great darkness. But there are also many new opportunities that have opened up to share Jesus’ love with a dying world.

Are you ready?

🗯 More from Pastor Dom: Trinitarian.Online (3-min)

🇺🇦 Let's stand and pray for Ukraine. May the churches and missionaries there arise and shine as they display the hope of Christ.
Can good come out of evil situations? Yet only God could use COVID-19 to be a force for good. For the first time, red light districts shut down.

“COVID-19 is the single greatest ministry opportunity I’ve seen in my entire life,” said Pastor Rajnesh.

🚨 See how Trinity has partnered with Project Rescue in this “God moment:" Trinitarian.Online (4-min)

🙏 Partner in Prayer with us: 1) New homes to house the many women and children that are rescued, [see more...]
Testimonies 👇👇👇

My mother-in-law survived a ruptured aneurysm...

I received an employment contract with an even better deal...

My student’s attitude changed tremendously...

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“Let’s go to the highways and byways, to seize every opportunity to share the goodness of God. That’s what missions in the last days means to me…" said Cherie Ong about last Friday's Missions Rally.

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Go! Be an impact now by signing up for eMITs (Missions Impact Teams)
A conversation in the car and a quiet prompting in the heart...

...these little yet powerful moments rallied a Connect Group to spread God’s love to the nations together.

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Serving with others (CG, family and friends) can foster deep, meaningful relationships. How can you rally those around you to serve in missions too?
Bill: When I started on my Christian journey at 18, there were only three believers in my family. Today, more than half my family are saved!

How did so many members of Bill’s family get saved?

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How can you strengthen your community as Singapore reopens to allow more physical gatherings?
Restrictions to on-site church services were first imposed in Singapore on March 26, 2020.

…105 weeks later, all of Trinity’s weekend services resumed to pre-pandemic timings.

🥳God's restoring the joy of being together in His House! Trinitarian.Online (4-min)

Come back on-site!
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16 Easters ago, Ke-Yue and Shirley Jiang did not know if their son Joel would see the light of day.

How did the cross make all the difference?

🎉 Read about Joel’s victory, here: Trinitarian.Online (5-min)

Blessed Easter Sunday Because He Lives, we always have hope. Share this with someone by forwarding Joel’s story!
"Being on the backstage crew as a makeup artist, I had a view that the audience never saw...Even with the last curtain call, it wasn’t over."

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To all who served this Easter, thank you. You have made an eternal impact
We often overlook Jesus’ life ‘post-Easter.’

But did you know He ministered for nearly 6 weeks after He rose again?

👉 Read on (4-min):

What stands out the most to you about Jesus' post-Resurrection ministry?
At 39, Tien Corr-na became a single mom. Over a decade later, she shares about her struggles, victories, and what it means to be "fully satisfied" in Christ.

💭Read her story (6-min):

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Did you know that Life Conference 2022 is finally back on-site after three years?

Wisely Ong, a university teaching assistant: "I want to encounter God in a tangible, intimate, and powerful way, so I am attending Life Conference this year!"

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Which plenary session(s) are you looking forward to? Share the Life Conference 2022 program with a family member or friend!