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For 17+ years, professional interpreters and translators, editors and business writers, analysts, graphic, web & UX designers, programmers, and business coaches work together at tackling most ambitious tasks and sharing their knowledge.
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Meet the Team

TranslatiON is a trusted provider of high-quality B2B services:
🔹 professional document translation, including glossary-making, copyediting, proofreading, post-editing and client-suggested adjustments
🔹 drafting and developing corporate information products (printed and digital annual reports, business presentations, analytical reports)
🔹 translation automation technologies (CAT-tools and translation management systems)
🔹 employee training programs for developing skills needed in a digital world

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📣 Sign Up for Online English Pronunciation Workshops!
In June, we are holding a series of masterclasses to help English learners master brilliant pronunciation and learn to speak lucidly, convincingly and gracefully.

Master: Marklen E. Konurbaev, Professor, PhD (Linguistics)
Date & Time: 6 and 7 June 11:00 (Moscow Time) — choose any day
Audience: Russian-speaking English learners

Reach out to ✉️ if the tickets are out of stock or you have problems registering.
On Saturday, we'll hold a postediting workshop for Russian/English translators and editors by Natalia Zolotova, a highly valued editor and translator with a vast experience in postediting.
Natalia will focus on key postediting principles and help participants define and boost their productivity.
🕘 Join us on June 4, 9:30 (CET).
Among other core skills, being a talented interpreter is also the art of speech mastery. Without clear articulation, accent placement, and voice varying, there will be no transparent logical message. And, consequently, no story.

Marklen Konurbaev, Partner at TranslatiON & Founder of the COSINES Pi International Interpreter Contest, announces another series of Brilliant English Pronunciation workshops: ▶️

We offer you a set of 3 masterclasses where you will get:
- an effective toolset for working on articulation, voice and delivery,
- lots of practice and personal recommendations both in class and through your homework,
- personal certificates indicating your skill level.

🗓 1st masterclass starts at 10:00 (CET), July 9. See you online, as usual.

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