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«Refusing to make hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people illegal means clearing the way for violence against queer and trans people, abandoning the community with no governmental support.

If Meloni were to win, it would mean that queer and trans couples will continue in not having the right to adopt a child and build their own family. According to the Brothers of Italy, a child should ‘have the right to a father and a mother’, ergo by their view, letting queer as well as gender diverse people adopt would subject the child to a lesser quality of life.»

Good news and bad news from the battle of the public opinion on transgender people in the US.

64% of Americans thinks that transgender people should be protected against discrimination in jobs, housing and public spaces. Only 10% oppose this.
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Despite the war, Ukrainian queer activists marched through Kharkiv’s underground system “to declare that LGBTQI+ people are a full-fledged part of Ukrainian society”.
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Thousands of students carried Pride flags and held signs supporting trans students in a coordinated effort to stop the government from targeting trans students. Students across Virginia walk out of school to protest anti-trans policies
Data from the Times article estimates there were 203 gender-affirming surgeries performed on minors in the year, at only eleven different clinics. In contrast, 3,200 girls ages 13 to 19 received cosmetic breast implants in 2020. Another 4,700 had breast reductions. More Teens Get Breast Implants Than Trans Top Surgery
For weeks, Libs of TikTok has been targeting hospitals nationwide that provide gender-affirming care and inspiring attacks on the facilities. For example, in Boston, a right-wing extremist was arrested for calling in a hoax bomb threat to Boston Children's Hospital after Raichik targeted the facility online.
“You will find many trans women who are dancers and makeup artists,” she tells LGBTQ Nation. “I realized there were hardly any trans women who were tattoo artists in India. During that course of time, I would always think, would anyone want to get a tattoo from a trans woman? But now I have realized that most people look at the art and not at the person.”
The movement for acceptance and inclusion has undoubtedly made significant strides in the last 20 years, with 71 percent of Americans supporting marriage equality, according to a recent Gallup poll.
«Anti-trans campaigners often argue that allowing trans women to use women’s toilets and changing rooms will increase sexual assaults. In fact, research has shown the opposite.»
«The study shows how retransition is far less frequent than what it was once believed to be. Although it is still crucial for clinicians and families to understand retransition, to help make them as smooth as possible if they do occur.»
Google Maps has taken down a map that documented the locations of thousands of trans healthcare providers and other LGBTQ+ resources. The map, which was created by the so-called Gender Mapping Project, sparked fears that it could be used to target providers and patients, especially now that such threats of violence have escalated in recent months.
Robina Asti was a World War II Navy pilot and the oldest working flight instructor on record. As a 92-year-old transgender woman, she won the legal right to receive her late husband’s Social Security benefits — a right previously afforded only to cisgender widows and widowers.
Norway’s parliament outlawed hate speech against transgender people back in 2020, expanding a law that had protected gay and lesbian people since 1981. Now the Norwegian Supreme Court has confirmed that it takes this part of the law seriously.

The hate crime law now also covers “trans persons and others who have a gender identity or a gender expression that contradicts the expectations found in their environment.”

A 53 year old man from the Bergen region in Norway had been given a prison sentence and a fine for transphobic hate speech, a verdict that made its way up to the Supreme Court.